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Post time 2018-7-9 12:07 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-7-9 12:28 PM

Fanny Problem.jpg
(Typo: Not, Fanny Happy... Fanny Hater...)

Always every month I will see FANNY. The major problem there are FANNY hater and FANNY lover in this forum. I cannot said mostly hate FANNY because I am also seen lot of player are Fanny lover too.
There are some ISSUE about FANNY around this year.

First FANNY Issues: "Please Nerf Fanny"
Just usual, every month we always seen Fanny Hater complaint about FANNY. Just usual, argument pro Fanny with Fanny Hater. If FANNY nerf, confirm pro Fanny quit game. If you started to play ML last year, you will see Fanny is not meta heroes after get HUGE NERF. They need to adapted back with new Fanny about few month. You didn't how much difficult to use Fanny. I ever try once in COSTUM, really hard if I didn't take blue buff. If you hate Fanny, just ban her in Rank.

Second Fanny Issues: Fanny new skin
You already know Fanny get new epic skin soon.I seem people complaint Fanny skin are limited event skin. I cannot say anything about this but I will said think first before complaint.

Third FANNY issues: Fanny Hidden Nerf "WOW"
Hidden nerf? It only bug, they already fix this. Be cool. Dev hate Fanny, no no no no... They only careless with fixing heroes. I feel it really difficult to fix heroes to nerf and to buff them. Bug is hidden nerf and buff. Why they hide a nerf and a buff, ML is their game at all. Nothing to hide.

Last FANNY issue: Newbie Fanny player
Just play COSTUM and A.I. first before testing Fanny in Classic. Fanny require to much time to handle her skill proficiently. If she already learn Fanny in A.I and Costum but still didn't play yet in Classic, don't blame her and support her in match.

Are you Fanny Hater or Fanny Lover. Please, I want some feedback about Fanny. You can confess anything about Fanny, up to you hate Fanny or love her. That all from me, thank you.

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Post time 2018-7-9 12:17 PM | Show all posts
hii @Ar3neKn1ght yes fanny has been always a problem and i cannot understand most of the people hate her so much she is a good hero hard to master hard to control. thus like every month once somebody would complain to nerf her. i dont get it if you cant counter than he/she will complain that she is op and blah blah blah. go get a life fanny haters.
no offence its just my opinion.

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Post time 2018-7-9 12:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I hate Fanny when other People Pick her :> . Also shes bad in late game everyone can kill her in late game

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Post time 2018-7-9 12:48 PM | Show all posts
There will be always issues with Fanny especially those people who kept on ranting about how OP she is. I mean, she is indeed op in early games, but when the game reaches late game phase, she'll no longer be that op. It's just that players don't know how to counter a Fanny. Fanny is squishy enough to be killed. What people need is a revamp of their minds that Fanny is easy to kill if you pick the right heroes for her.

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Post time 2018-7-9 02:30 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time 2018-7-9 02:53 PM | Show all posts
pretty sure that everyone knows shes in this meh spot right now. here in EU people counter her no matter what basically if you don't last pick fanny everyone says gg because shes so stupidly relaying on no helcurt in the enemy team nor martis...talking about counters ive been rekt by a martis just yesterday i went basically 0/7 in matter of minutes so yeah...fanny isn't so OP as people think she is

the epic skin is alright, i wouldn't have made it luckybox, the effects aren't worthy especially when the cables don't have any effects at all, considering that cyclops has this 899 diamonds skin which is an absolutley amazing skin with no luckybox makes fanny's skin really look bad in my opinion..i hope they rework it soon or later a little.

fanny is also really bugged, apperantly she causes lag for some people and she seems to go invisible again when using multi cables so that should be fixed.


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Post time 2018-7-9 03:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
As support main, i love awesome fanny and hate pro fanny (°w° )

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Post time 2018-7-9 03:11 PM | Show all posts
As someone who likes to sit down and spectate the match from a 3rd person view, I like pro fanny and hate fanny darat

It takes dedication to use such a difficult hero who can only be OP if you are OP

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Post time 2018-7-9 03:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Fanny is OP in early game. Very situational hero. My team and I got plastered to the floor by a pro fanny. We were down to only 1 turret and still won once my vexana got her items lol. She's useless late game imo

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Post time 2018-7-9 04:46 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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