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[Mood] Toxic Teammates

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Edited by Sakura95 at 2018-7-8 11:35 PM

This is a rant about toxicity in MLBB. Lately, I've been encountering toxic and negative teammates - using namely a few words like "bab1, anjeng, k0nt0l, goblok."

So here's the scenario for today's game. As usual, I picked Layla as MM and used a "Flicker" spell. I got flamed all a sudden by my team's Angela saying that I was a n00b and retard for picking a dumb spell. That happened BEFORE THE GAME itself started. Wow, I was like "???" all this negativity... So I kindly told her that Layla is very easy to kill so that spell is useful for me to escape. Cue flaming continues and guess what, the Angela user herself was using the same spell. My other team mate, Alpha started flaming me as well saying I was g0bl0k, b0d0h and other negative words, etc. Frankly, I was irritated and I told them if you're this negative before the game begins we might as well lose. And Alpha was like "bodoh, this is a rank game we can't lose" DUHHHHHH Muted both of them afterwards to focus on the game.

Throughout the entire match, Angela and Alpha avoided me and never assisted me at all. I was doing okay and managed to take down several turrets going solo. So at the end,  my team mates were dead (yes Angela & Alpha the "pros" after another team fight without waiting for the rest of us...) At this point I was level 14 and the rest were level 11 so I managed to kill some enemies and just shot outside the turret until the minions arrived. Needless to say we won the match. Was really tempted to write "who's the n00b now?
Reported both of them for being negative players but it seems like no action is taken except for sending them a warning which is useless. Imagine new players encountering these type of toxic people Even I feel attacked that moment they started flaming me all a sudden when the game hasn't even started. Blacklisted them too but MLBB's system won't prevent them from being in the same matchup team again after this :/

Post time 2018-7-8 11:39 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ErnestBOIcj at 2018-7-8 11:55 PM

yea...i've experience getting bashed around by indonesian teammate saying goblok,n00b or whatever indonesian people insult each other, just because their rank is a little bit higher than me and just because i have cool skin in low rank tier....edit: i just realized that the word n00b turned into awesome so i change the o to 0

Post time 2018-7-9 12:51 AM | Show all posts
Sorry to hear that you are facing toxicity

Personally my advices are:
- mute toxic people
-try ignoring them don’t react and usually they get bored of flaming for nothing (sometimes people are so bad that this does not help)
- report them after the match, i actually managed to get one validated before
Post time 2018-7-9 09:30 AM | Show all posts
Yeah, and when people don't like the hero selection or draft pick they say they'll go afk..
Sooner or later, they start pushing .-.

Also, It's nice that I can't understand their words.

Either way, just report- chances are that they'll either get validated or no sheer luck at all.
Don't stress it out with other players, mute them and play wisely as much as you can.
Post time 2018-7-9 09:58 AM | Show all posts
Toxicity is always a problem, muting chat will not help as it affected the whole gameplay too. Not helping each other, staying at base, ignoring teamfights etc etc. I really hope someday devs and the team will do something about it instead of just saying "you can't avoid that, even in real life we meet those kind of peoples".
Post time 2018-7-9 10:56 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I sometimes get toxic team, the always say no saber n no saber. Then i say i top local 1 and global saber. Still toxic. But after make first blood, the say this is what top local should be. I got praise, mvp legendary. The points, show your skill the they Will shut their mount.
Post time 2018-7-9 11:01 AM | Show all posts
Well... it's more like a reality you see.... ppl starting to think like... there are so many good hero to pick so why you had to choose this? Layla, Miya, Zilong and other free heroes was labeled as average hero u see... they are strong only if you know how to buff them up.... in one of my matches... my team had lesley, ruby, jawhead, Layla, Cyclops and everyone was like "we need tank" but no one changes so we were fighting a team of Martis, Johnson, Karina, Harley, Fanny.... at the starting of game... Lesley was like gg.... then start with some indo insult... but in the end we won... so yeah... I do agree with toxic player and I can assure you... it wont gone... these toxic will remain.... the punishment is just too light u see... What you need is a good team to help out. I've given up on this game... Best of luck to u~
Post time 2018-7-9 11:56 AM | Show all posts
Happened to me too bro, Im Indonesian but I hate when they toxicity out the team right before the game started. They saying our team awesome for no reason. Just like wtf, are you pro?
Now I mute the chat so I can focus on game.
Im solo player which stuck in GM1 to Epic V... :(
Playing from 62% WR drop to 57, 44% because all my friends quit and play other games.
Post time 2018-7-9 03:23 PM | Show all posts
Lol, one thing you should bear in mind that a lot of toxic players get triggered whenever they see someone use a marksman. Because marksman are really weak during early game and they see that as a handicap. When they die or * up, they will blame you and start spreading toxic like no tomorrow.

I really wish Moonton can remove that do 300k damage with marksman task, it is too bad for my heart.

They just like to call people n00bs to show their superiority, usually I just tell them to surrender or shut up and play
Post time 2018-7-9 06:34 PM | Show all posts ... id=59921&extra=

Please see this one. I'm talking about the timeout penalty to players who are spoiling the game. I hope you might like it
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