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[Forum Original Content] Hero Discovery: Kaja

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Kaja is a mid to late game support/tank hero that excells heavily in teamfights making him more valuable pick thanks to his kit as well as priority lock down on valued targets.

Kaja is not your avarage tank or support hero in which he has a rating of fair to high mobility as well as fair damage output. He can also be considered to be a player friendly hero meaning if your looking to learn or change your play style to a tank role then he is a must pick.

Hero Builds:

Emblem & Talent Build:

Since Kaja is a support/tank based hero it is highly recommended that he goes for the support emblem as this further boost his utility to the team

Tier 1: Agility- As a Kaja you'd most often than not get the other needed stats from your item builds which are health and cool down but you won't get much movement speed hence this particular talent would help you get that needed movement speed stat especially since you're more of in your face tank and zoning tank/support.

Tier 2: Rupture-Hybrid penetration is specifically better compared to Recovery & Gift because you'd most often than not be constantly casting your spells and using your basic attacks which the hybrid penetration can boost that damage output by a slight margin. Although its given Kaja doesnt do or give any heals if you purchase concentrated energy as your item you're spell vamp would be stronger by a margin.

Tier 3: Focusing Mark- This particular talent is more focused for teamfights wherein you'd greatly benefit more if from this if you're fighting along side a teammate since you're basically marking enemies to deal 6% more damage.

Item Build:

With the changes to oracle item, it is now harder for tanks to have a sustain during team fights without having to rely on a healer in the team. thus an alternative for Kaja is to go off tank and always pick up concentrated energy but if you find that you can survive without having to rely on concentrated energy then that would be better. Also since you'd most of the time be roaming or being the initiator of the team it is essential to buy the gold boots as this would give you extra income and help you get your items much quicker.

Battle Spell:
As Kaja, the most viable and effective spell would be flicker as this lets you pull of initiations from unimaginable angles. This also adds up to the mobility that Kaja currently has making him one of the few tanks that are very agile.

Tips & Tricks
1)As Kaja yu would always want to get up close and personal against your opponents to help you do that, maximize your 2nd skill by always dashing towards and ally first before dashing towards your enemy as this gives you an extra dash as well as shield to negate initial damage comming from enemies giving you an edge if you are going to trade off with your enemies.



2)Try to constantly keep a distance between your enemies and allies as being close to an ally makes kaja more powerful and gets more benefit from his 2nd skill. While your 1st skill not only damages your enemies at a medium distance but slows them as well. So make sure to balance your positioning and practice your positioning as it is a key element when playing Kaja.

3)When using your ultimate you can easily pull in your enemies on a greater distance when you do the ultimate + flicker combo(as you can see in the gif below) Followed by your 2nd skill but be sure to be quick as you will only have a few seconds to pull off this combo. Basically your combo would go ultimate>flicker>2nd skill>1st skill. By doing this combo you're locking down your enemies within your tower range.


4)On the other hand if you fail to do the combo or having difficulties doing the combo you can practice with this other combo ultimate+ 2nd skill + 1st skill as your basic bread and butter combo and practice.

5)Lastly as Kaja it is important to note that you can both easily be an initiator or defender in whichever is more important during the situation so keep in mind that your ultimate can easily be a game changing factor simply by locking down important targets so try to coordinate with your teammates as well.

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I realy like kaja
My build: mana boots, sky guardian helmet, courage bulwark, immortality, ice dominance, athene shield
Used the same emblem configuration as you.
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Neclace of endurance is a good choice too. Less durability, but not only for you
 Author| Post time 2018-7-5 01:38 AM | Show all posts
Dehaka replied at 2018-7-5 12:20 AM
Neclace of endurance is a good choice too. Less durability, but not only for you

Yep its actually a good utility item for kaja but you'll be trading it of for some tankiness. Which is honestly fine if the situation needs it.
Post time 2018-7-5 06:04 AM | Show all posts
WtripleO replied at 2018-7-5 01:38 AM
Yep its actually a good utility item for kaja but you'll be trading it of for some tankiness. Whic ...

uhh can i ask, from what anime did u get that? its looks cool
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