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[Hero Techniques] [HG] Ruby Hero Guide (OS)

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Edited by DevAqua at 2018-7-6 07:45 PM

Ruby Complete Hero Guide
updated 7/6/18, update notes down below)

What am I doing here T^T
Anyway, so to start, this is the current original version thread and the new items are in!

There are 3 Ruby Skins as of now btw.
Hidden Orchid Butterfly, Cat Girl and the default Little Red Hood.
(and a possible new skin?)


So, to start it off, let's put the icing on the cake shall we?

_Skill Set_
Ruby is highly dependent on her skills, so to say, Ruby without mana or on a skill cooldown will most likely flee/retreat or run around.

Passive (Let's Dance)
Ruby's passive increases her Life Steal by 125% upon using skills and she also has a 5% Life Steal on her own.
Which is to say, she doesn't gain anything from her Basic.
Another of her passive is that after a skill is casted, she can jump to a distance, this applies to all skills she use.
after so, she gains a physical and magical defense for 2s

1st Skill (Be Good!) - Cooldown (6)
Slashes in a direction and releases a secondary shockwave dealing the same amount of damage.
Also a 2 sec movement reduction to enemies.
75(+75% Total Physical ATK)

2nd Skill (Don't Run Wolf King!) - Cooldown (7)
Spins the Scythe around twice pulling the target and stunning them for half a second.
A great Crowd Control for enemies that are within melee range, associated with the passive making it much easier to escape.
It deals an additonal 30% to players near the skill range.
40(+50% Total Physical ATK)

Ultimate Skill (I'm Offended!) - Cooldown (22)
Uses the Scythe to pull enemies in a wide frontal range and stuns them for half a second.
205(+180% Total Physical ATK)
Like the hook of Franco but instead of a long straight area, Ruby's skill is a wider frontal area pulling all enemies within range.

After that, we're basically familar of her Skill Set, now to make sure you know what you're doing and how you're doing it.

_Skill Advantages_
I mixed in the passive as it applies to all of her skills in general.

Passive + 1st Skill
Takes effect on the fact that she gains 125% Life Steal and Jumps out of the way while receiving a physical and magical defense for 2s making up for both AOE and Escape as it also reduces enemy movement speed by the same amount of time.
The effect of passive makes Ruby at Full (Life Steal) Build able to gain nearly almost all of her health back by just clearing a wave of minions.

Passive + 2nd Skill
Great, now, the 2nd Skill Pulls in and Stuns enemies within Ruby's Range, while having a 30% increased damage to those "near" the range or so to say, outside the skill range. This applies to all enemies both in and out of her range. The stun lasts for 0.5s which is enough to fling her out of the enemy's melee range at such occasions, this is also great in combination with her Utimate and on Team Fights, where she can basically suck in all of her health back.

Passive + Ultimate
Ruby, as said earlier, has the same "pull effect" as Franco, although much shorter in length, it has a wider radius and can pull all enemies at once which is a major advantage, in combination with the 2nd, the stun lasts for more or less than 1s which is enough time to fling her in and out with the aide of the Passive and slowing them down by the use of the 1st skill and Life Steal.

Third Thing's Third, the Build.

_Item Builds_
I'm not going to generally recommend a full item build, just the essential items and an image of my build sets.
It's not a given that you should buy them (aside from Haas's Claws) the build depends on your play style after all.

Although I said that it depends on your play style, it's advisable to prioritize Cooldown Reduction.

(under replacement)
On my original custom build - I use Haas, Endless, Bloodlust, Rapid, Rose Gold/Despair and Wings/Immortality

Haas's Claws (1st Item)
+70 Physical ATK
(Unique : +20% Lifesteal, Unique Passive : When under 40% HP, Life Steal increases by another 10%)
Generally the first Item ever that you should buy, it has both an LS increase and DMG increase which compliments her itself, being that she killed Haas after all.

Endless Battle (2nd Item)
+65 Physical ATK, +25 Mana Regen, +250 HP, +10% CD Reduction, +5% Movement Speed, +15% Life Steal
(After using skill, next basic attack will deal 85% of Physical ATK as True Damage, 1.5s cooldown, 15% increased movement speed)
Anyway, to explain, EB gives you Mana, Life Steal and Movement Speed all at once, it also deals true damage for after-skill basics where it will increase her movement speed.

Rapid Boots (Boots in General) (3rd item)
It's likely that you're going to retreat as soon as your skills are on cooldown, you may use any boots in general, but I do prefer the Rapid Boots.
The new rapid boots give you +100 movement speed when neutral and decreased to 50 once attacked.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen (4th/5th item)
+15 Physical ATK, +1000 HP, +10% CD Reduction
(Unique Passive : Reduces Damage Taken by 50% under 40% HP and Lifesteal Increase by 30% which lasts 5 seconds / 50sec CD)
Compliments the Haas's Claws but now that the Unique Passive has turned into a 5s/55s use, it'll be advisable to replace this item as soon as you enter late game.

Sky Guardian Helmet (4th/5th item)
+1550 HP, 100 HP Regen
(Unique Passive : Regens 1.5% of Total HP, eliminations give +0.4% and assists give +0.2% up to 3.5% which wears off after 5 secs of receiving dmg)
This, along with your Rapid Boots will make way for easier HP gains after CD Retreat, another item to take note of if you're a safe player.

Oracle (4th/5th item)
+850 HP, +36 Magic RES, +10% CD Reduction
(Unique Passive : Raises Shield Absorption and HP Regeneration by 25%)
It'll be much easier to gain health from life steal, considering the fact that it has no cooldown, it will be a good change for Apoc. Queen in Late Game

6th Item
It depends on your play style, but I suggest using :
Blade of Despair, Bloodlust Axe or Immortality

After the build, what comes next? of course the Battle Spells and Emblem Sets.

_Battle Spells and Emblems_
It depends highly on your play style but I suggest never to use Inspire, it's basically useless for Skill-Dependent Heroes.


Even tho Ruby is basically an opponent that leaves the battlefield wounded just to come back again without scratches, it's still pretty effective to use conventional escape methods, making it much easier to come back from near-death to rebirth.

What happens when the Crowd Controller gets Crowd Controlled?

At maximum, you could stun the enemies for 1s using 2 skills, having to deal with that, you could also do an additional stun to max it out to 2s making it effect for Team Fights as you could gather all heroes, stun them.. and prolong their stay as they await their death with your allies bombarding them with skills. Wipe Out.

Emblem Set (Fighter / Physical)
I don't need to explain much other than the fact that the given set is most effective for their given heroes.

Emblem Set (Tank / Support)
Since Ruby can basically replace Tigreal in many aspects while maintaining a good amount of health, both Tank and Support Emblems could do, this depends on your play style as this Sets are mostly used for Hybrid Damages after all.

You're browsing this guide so you could at least get better with Ruby after all, why not we tell you some of our.. precious trades.

_Strategies / Skill Combinations / Gamplay Tips_
It's a given that you need to be wary of what's Ruby's Pros and Cons as this will be the main basis of whether or not you could turn the tides of battle or end up losing yet another star.

an example of having good teammates and hero lineup, idk why I bought Blade Armor tho- almost all of them are mages >~<

Ruby's Advantages
- Her Skill Set could easily fill her health bar, making it so that it's not necessary to return to the fountain every now and then.
- Crowd Controls are the best counter to most Damage Dealer Heroes
- A pretty tanky character herself as she could easily gain health back and Initiate the battles.
- Like Kagura, she can flee from battle easily given that her skills are basically self-denfensive and aggressive both in a manner.
- Can pass through walls with the use of Passive Jump.

Ruby's Disadvantages
- Highly Dependent on Skills, basically with skills on cooldown and mana exhausted, she's as vulnerable as with half health.
- Does not gain Life Steal with Basics and Spell Vamp induced LS Effects.
- Extremely Vulnerable during Early Game ; the deciding factor of the Late Game.

Skill Combination (Team Fights)
It's pretty much a norm that she's going to use Ultimate first to gather all enemies to range then use 2nd Skill to stun them for a few seconds before leaping to a safe distance and while doing that, she's going to use her 1st Skill to reduce their movement speed all the while gaining back her health. As said earlier, the Petrify can also be used to prolong the enemy stun rate just about enough for your allies to feast on them.
Given that the Support Emblem's 1st Emblem Tree increases hybrid damage on enemies by 6% for allies, this is also effective.

Skill Combination (Tower Hugging)
When inside an allied tower, you may use Ultimate to drag inside the enemies outside range and stun them, following a 2nd Skill to prolong their suffering and essentially using 1st Skill to back away and slow them, making it harder for them to move away, by this time, your 2nd Skill will be ready for yet another strike, holding them inside longer.

Although a good tactic, be wary that the Tower aims for one enemy at once, so to say, Tower Hugging 5 People is like potentially sacrificing the tower and yourself, as they may counter you and dive you in.

It's only effective for 1-2 enemies, considering that the minions lanes are clear.

Skill Combination (Retreat)
Given a situation where all your team has been wounded and you're holding them back, you can't last long.
It's either you use both Ultimate and Second before fling yourself back and using First Skill to reduce their movement speed or you only use the 2nd Skill for enemies that are within your range before flinging yourself back and using First Skill. Any works fine, also keeping in mind that you can jump through walls after using a skill, this gives you a much better survival rate.

With Battle Spells, let's say you have Flicker or Purify, you may hold on longer with the help of Purify as most of the enemies are going to use Crowd Control against you.
The risky thing is using Flicker, you can't just Flicker your way out of the battle, even if you use Ultimate and 2nd next, you're most likely to put yourself as a disadvantage (unless of course you're near the allied towers)
never use flicker before using your skills, keep in mind that flicker does not give you an skill advantage as you could use your Passive First for both gaining health, stunning and fleeing as it will fling Ruby out of range ensuring you a better spot, make sure you're on a favorable terrain or a safe distance before using flicker.

"Zero Deaths" - Pewdiepie

- Ruby, as mentioned earlier, is highly dependent on Skills same as mage heroes like Kagura.
- Ruby does not gain LS from Basic and Spell Vamp LS
- Cooldown Reduction is a must
- Never attempt to Initiate in Early Game
- Be Lowkey in Early Game where Ruby is most vulnerable
- The more the enemies, the higher the chances of gaining Life Steal (including minions and jungle)
- If you want to use Retribution and Jungle, you could, but be aware that she's can farm faster on clearing lanes.
- It's best to build on with advantages to Ruby's Life Steal rather than Tank.

_Counter Heroes / Support Heroes / Prey Heroes_
I'm not going to list all of the heroes, only the ones that are mostly affected with Ruby Gameplays.

Heroes you should be wary of, be wise when using your skills and item builds.

Easily Dodges Ruby's 2nd Skill and Ultimate.
Timing it right, you may put yourself at an advantage but always be wary.
Generally, Nana is not your opponent- Molina is, which is a threat for a short distance CC like Ruby.
Given that Lancelot has better Life Steal Effects, a 1v1 game will be decided on who gains first and who has better cooldown.
They are the King and Queen of Life Steal as they say after all.
Your 2nd and Ultimate won't work on the Spinning Panda.

Heroes that are on neutral grounds with Ruby, can be both effective against each other.

Angela / Rafaela
Angela and Ruby can already be the same as having an Angela on a Johnson while Rafaela can Damage, Stun and Heal on the process.
While Ruby can easily stop Odette from using her Ultimate, Ruby can also help her on using it.
With both of their Ultimate Skills in Tandem and with the help of Ruby's impending Second, it can easily be a bloodfest specially for squishy mm's
Like Odette, It's like herding sheeps into the fence while working out on both DPS and CC for a long period.
Not to mention that both of them are Escape Artists.

Mostly Marksmen and Assassin Heroes, still depends on your play style as they can still kill you after all.

One of the greatests threats for Fanny Heroes' dream to fly.
Really Squishy and easy to stun, you can stop her from dealing you damage easily.

You can waste his Ultimate by stopping him more than once or twice, on a 1v1 it's still risky but Ruby is clearly at an Advantage.
If it's hard to say which is the real sun, why not kill them all at once?


Guide Creator's Words
I'm not the Best Ruby Player nor do I say I'm a Pro Ruby Player, but at best, I can tell you which and what you can do to improve your sluggish gameplay.*y aren't we? Well, this guide is actually just for you to at least be informed of the possible reasons of why you're reading this guide, the Builds/Items/Gameplay Tips are observations on my Ruby Gameplays that may help you increase your Winrate, so long as you know
the key points of playing Ruby.

< Updates >
Item Builds (added Oracle and Sky Guardian Helmet, Modified Apoc. Queen and added item information)
Skill Combinations (Considered your Suggestions)

I'm planning on making a guide for Chang'e :3

I hope you a nice morning/day/evening/night.
We need to have that new Ruby skin Fast T^T
I'm still a Kagura Main btw >:3

I accept gifts
Post time 2018-7-10 03:13 AM | Show all posts
Yea, the new update with all the items has made me test out all sorts of new combinations as well.
My current setup actually gets rid of Haas Claws for Endless Battle first. Her ability to kill increases, but her lifesteal takes an obvious drop, so you gotta play more defensive at the start (but the true damage helps a lot).

1. Endless Battle
2. Any Boot (i usually go warrior or tough pending enemy composition, but rapid is also great).
3. Wings of Apocalypse Queen (extra tankiness, CDR, and extra lifesteal in a pinch).
4. Oracle (boost that CDR and lifesteal).
5. Sky Guardian Helmet. You'll just always be full HP so long as enemy doesn't kill you lol. At this point you don't need anymore CDR, so I didn't include Dominance Ice, but you could get Dominance Ice for the passive slow and armor (but you waste the 15% CDR). Can also go Haas Claws if you want more dmg and lifesteal
6. Blade of Despair or Immortality are my suggestions pending if you want an offensive or defensive build. Could also go Athena Shield (boosted with Oracle) as well if you need more magic res.

Surprisingly, with the defensive build of this, I still get a lot of kills (probably more than my old offensive Ruby build... as endless battle early game is a major help).
Post time 2018-7-7 11:15 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for the guide. I'm now trying to master her too since she pretty fun to play + non-meta hero, meaning I can use her freely :)
I agree she's better with life steal build than tank build.
Now, I'm learning to flickr  hook since it kinda hard for me, need more practice.
Post time 2018-6-27 12:29 AM | Show all posts
Nice guide. A small suggestion for Ruby is to look to get her CDR to at least 30-35% as soon as possible. Haas Claws should be built first (and hopefully you have an emblem to make up the 10% CDR at start), but after that, getting CDR up is cruicial. As stated, she is dependent on her skills and lifesteal. For Ruby, every second counts on CDR. At a full 40%, she can spam her 1st two skills every 4 seconds and her ultimate every 16 seconds.

Her biggest enemy is anyone who builds necklace of durance or deadly blade. These two things will cripple a Ruby (but new Oracle should be able to subside this once it comes out). Also, heavy CC hero's will cripple her. The CC queen doesn't do to well when being CC'd herself.

And some a random tips.
-If you see a Gord using ultimate, don't hook him (unless it's away from teammates). It sadly doesn't cancel his ult and if he's already aimed at your direction, you basically pull him in just to blast you in the face.
- Ignore a combo'ing Martis. His stupid invincibility during his combo will go right through all your CC skills. No hook saving teammates, no stopping him in his tracks. You gotta hit him before or after.
- Learn to flicker hook. It'll get you a great many kills/assists early game. But be aware not to flicker hook close combat enemies right next to your squishies (i've done this a few times sadly...).
- You can hook a spinning panda, but be aware, you will fly off the second you hook him. However, the 1 second opening could save your teammates from being trapped on a wall (but could also get you trapped on a wall).
- 2nd skill = cancel Fanny cabling away. Hook = fanny cable still flying her away even though you successfully grab and pull her (she just comes to you then continues flying off)
- If you see ! above your head, 2nd skill. You'll very likely catch a wild Natalia.
Post time 2018-6-28 03:34 PM | Show all posts
Edited by HikariEX at 2018-6-28 03:35 PM

First of all thanks for her guide, can see your effort is putted in the guide. Let me be frank, isn't Ruby more advantage near mobs & tower? she shine the best when there are many enemy mobs (for lifesteal). I always stick her near mob so I can effectively use her lifesteal passive. As for tower... its a good place to hug enemy tightly (her ulti stun + 2nd skill stun + with petrify=poof).  
Post time 2018-6-29 04:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hoping to see an update to this guide (if there will be any). I also main Ruby but now I'm stumped on how I should build her after the changes to most of the equips (ie they added cooldown on the ApocaQueen Wings). :(
 Author| Post time 2018-6-30 03:26 PM | Show all posts
I'll be updating this sooner or later as there is the new build items that greatly enhance her play
Also, thanks for the additional informations!
 Author| Post time 2018-7-6 08:03 PM | Show all posts
Edited by DevAqua at 2018-7-6 08:31 PM
Malicewolf replied at 2018-6-27 12:29 AM
Nice guide. A small suggestion for Ruby is to look to get her CDR to at least 30-35% as soon as poss ...

Thanks for the tips! I've inserted some of it on the updated guide since there's also some changes to the heroes you've mentioned - I've heard news of Martis losing his stun, making it easier to move away from his skill combinations. (possibly the AS Version?)

I've also added some of the new CDR Items and the build itself is mostly both Lifesteal and Cooldown, and that they're mostly tank items too, making her much more tanky for a fighter.

And indeed, she doesn't do well with being Crowd Controlled.

HikariEx replied at 2018-6-28 3:34 AM
First of all thanks for her guide, can see your effort is putted in the guide. Let me be frank, isn't Ruby more advantage near mobs & tower? she shine the best when there are many enemy mobs (for lifesteal). I always stick her near mob so I can effectively use her lifesteal passive. As for tower... its a good place to hug enemy tightly (her ulti stun + 2nd skill stun + with petrify=poof).  

Yes, I've added your skill combinations since I've tested it, I also modified some of the skill advantages. However, the Tower Hugging is not advisable if you're up against many as it will only do singular damage, it's best that you're with your team if you're going to hug them. This is observable during Brawl battles.
Post time 2018-7-9 12:36 PM | Show all posts
ahh.. it been so long since i see ruby,  she is too underated like nana. nice guide btw. keep the guide updated <3
 Author| Post time 2018-7-10 04:28 PM | Show all posts
Endless Battle is one of the most OP items tbh, it has almost every buff >~<

I still use Haas Claws as my first because I'm a really risky player >:3
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