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[Request] Review of tanks.

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Post time 2018-6-18 10:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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As you know, new defensive items are coming, and some of them will change. Lets check them, and how will it affect on the game.

WOTAQ-apo wings: the basic defensive item of fighters. This item has a special job. Whit a good lifesteal, a fighter can endure in a battle for a while. Good passive, if you need defense against both tipe of mages.

Oracle: the hp regen of tanks. Why tanks are so tanky? Most of tgem cuz lf their resistances,  while some of them cuz of their hp. Doesnt mind what one you build, oracle is necessary!

Ghostatue: the strenght of Grock. Dat really fast mounain-siding castle needs hp regen and resistance too. Cause of that, ghostatue is a good choice, to be able to take part in every battles.

Boots of tranquillity: most of the tanks has not enough mana regen. They need it, to have mana in fight.

Some of the tanks are underused (well, most of the tanks are underused, but some of them are in a really special  state.

Tigreal: since hes passive gives him good defenses, only one problem left: the too much true damage, penetration, and the high delay of ult. He gets stunned, before he stuns.

Balmend: totally useless passive. Can be helpful only in early game. Useless tank too.

Franco: useless passive, again.

Lolita: ult became useless, cuz of the mobility of current meta.

New oracle's passive: 25% of extra healing effects. What is it up for? Useful for Uranus only. Uranus has a good shield from hes second skill, and a good passive hp regen.
I dont know other heroes that can use it well.

Sky guardian helmet: since it doesnt regenerate hp in battle, its useless. So, thats all.
What do you think about the future of tanks?   Please lemme know! Tank items should not be changed!

Post time 2018-6-19 05:34 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-6-19 06:22 AM

these are your 2 main concern items
Sky Guardian Helmet  

Cost 2400
+1550 HP
+100 HP regen
Passive: Recover - Regenerates 1.5% of hero's total HP. Eliminating enemy heroes raises regeneration rate by 0.4% while assists only raises the rate by 0.2% (includes eliminations and Assists prior to purchase), up to 3.5%. This effect wears off after 5 seconds of the hero taking damage.

As you can see here it does 100 point of continuous regen.This item has a better passive then Bloodthirsty King
as you can see the effect is there 5sec AFTER "taking damage". which mean if you not getting hit in combat the effect can pop back on.
so if you take a decent amount of damage and escape from the fight you then can re enter the fight after a few sec. escaping and re entering battle is something that tank players do all the time
Oracle(35 regen), Thunter Belt(15regen),Courage Bulwark(45regen) Twilight Armor(35regen) got the regen removed and placed into SGH.

Cost 2110
+850 HP
+36 Magic Resistance
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Passive: Bless - Raised shield absorption and HP regeneration effects.

Here are the tank skills that Oracle's passive synergize with.
Lolita's Passive + Skill3 - Noumenon Energy Core, Noumenon Blast
Akai's Passive- Tai Chi
Uranus Passive + Skill2 - Radiance, Transcendent Ward
Hilda's Passive - Blassing of Wilderness
Grock's Passive - Ancestral Gift
Johnson's Passive - Electo Airbag
Minotaur's Skill2 - Motivation Roar
Franco's Passive - Wasteland Force
Kaja's Skill 2 - Gale Force

Because of "wording"  these skills are Questionable

Gatotkaca's Passive - Steel Bones
Hylos Skill3 - Glorious Pathway
Balmond's Passive - Bloodthirst


Tigreal's passive - Fearless (works with all Physical And Magical Defense Items stats so Oracle benifit him as well)

P.S Lolita's Noumenon Blast is not useless... It game changing. If you want to learn how to use it properly you can check out my Lolita Guide.If you can master Lolita Noumenon Blast  then you master Tigreal Implosion.
and I agree with Balmond's and Franco's passive being Bad.

Post time 2018-6-18 11:21 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for these reviews of the recent updates. You should also do some reviews soon for the mage item update ;v
 Author| Post time 2018-6-18 11:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Lol man its about how dev team makes tanks useless. U r not a tank player, right?
 Author| Post time 2018-6-18 11:24 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Btw u inspired me. By that lifesteal of neclace of endurance, most of mages will buy it, makes the tanks and fighters job more impossible.
Post time 2018-6-18 11:47 PM | Show all posts
I don't know. Maybe they want to get rid current meta tank. For me old Oracle and Sky Guardian Helmet might useful for Regen because tank player too much use CC tank compared to regen Tank. You think too much theoritically and not try use practically. I like watching Hororo Chan channel because he do more informative with item practically compared to talk theoretically. Then, are you already use it in advance server?
Post time 2018-6-19 01:45 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Understanding is beyond using it.
Post time 2018-6-19 01:47 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This is not tank meta.
Post time 2018-6-19 07:16 AM | Show all posts
New items seem fine, but the main problem with tanks right now is mana consumption. I hate recalling because of mana. 50% of the time, I have to recall because of mana except on Johnson and Hilda. I wish they add more defense items with mana. Even mana boots and dominance of ice aren't enough right now.
Post time 2018-6-19 07:59 AM | Show all posts
Dehaka replied at 2018-6-18 11:24 PM
Btw u inspired me. By that lifesteal of neclace of endurance, most of mages will buy it, makes the t ...

Necklace of Durance cannot counter Sky Guardian Helmet at all. Sky Guardian Helmet must be hit to stop regen and this side effect last 5 seconds. However, Necklace of Durance not give permanent effect when hit enemy using skill but this effect only last in 3 second. THIS EFFECT ONLY LAST IN 3 SECONDS OKAY. No big deal at all. So, Necklace of Durance 100% cannot counter Sky Guardian Helmet at all. Just pretty useless and waste your money buy Necklace of Durance, yay. Pretty useless and only nubs that think they are really clever will do this.
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