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[Complaint] Realize Moonton. You make too much mistake at all. 200 million download, WTF.

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Post time 2018-6-9 12:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by FatalXBullet at 2018-6-9 12:33 AM
Honestly, don't too much greedy with money. I saw too much player become rage with your update, more useless new heroes coming and heroes that already balance rework become worse than old one.

Your had too much mistake at all. Here your mistake I found in this game.

1. Revamp heroes become more worse than before. I think don't revamp balancing heroes that already good in current meta like Hayabusa.

2. This game just reach 200 million player. So, I think this game will have more nubs, toxic and AFK in this game especially kid.

3. Don't make new content, like bla bla bla system that make this game more laggy. Result on laggy in this game will increase innocent player that must AFK because high ping.

4. Quite greedy, sorry if I am too offense. When you game reach 200 millions player, you only give only Roger to us and even worse we must complete that event to get him. Unlike other MOBA game, they give more heroes freely no need do much some event to get it.

5. Create useless new heroes, make player more disappointed when they come to original server. In first place, they are quite useful but when nerf come, they totally useless in original server. I still forgive if some heroes are late game heroes.

There are sometime I want complaint to some toxic (unstatisfy player) ML community too.

1. Don't try to measure some new or revamp hero theoritically (easy talk). Try to use them first in advance server. You will rate how good or bad his gameplay.

2. For some player do not statisfy with OP hero, try to learn how to counter that hero and analyse your team composition. E.g. your team only have late damage team with no CC hero but opponent have balance team (2 CC, 1 2 early damage and 1 late damage heroes). So, good composition team must be opponents team. I learn a lot this thing from pro player video. Hmmm... nubs kid.

3. Blame you if you lose Solo Q rank. Hmmm... I will said match making system impossible to fix and always broken, so just play duo, trio and full house to play rank mode.

4. If you want to compaint, please compaint wisely, okay. Don't be like me.

Moonton, you must realise this. You make this game become worse and worse then die. I know you adding more system to look game better but some this matter give burdensome to some player too. Lastly, for unstatisfy player, don't thinking like a kid at all.

I just give an advice and make ML community realize with this matter. Anyways, good luck with your gameplay and continue play this ML game. Don't ban me, I just make people realize with this matter only. Tq.

Comments if you want to say something about this thread.
Post time 2018-6-9 12:47 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hal yang paling kubenci adalah ketika PING tinggi itu sangat mengangu tim ku dan malah menjadi afk itu sangat mengesalkan dan juga banyak orang yang kecewa karena 200 juta pemain yang bermain ml dan hanya mendapatkan Hero Roger ini sangat tidak adil
Post time 2018-6-9 03:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
200 milion download and just get Hero Roger?????!! C'mon moonton, seriously???????
Post time 2018-6-9 04:22 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2018-6-9 05:31 AM | Show all posts
1. We cant say much of the revamp hero if we cant play them well. But if we all saying that its not good. Then it's ok.
2. It seems you are not happy with 200 million downloads. Hmmm.....
3. New content is good for ganes longevity. But also need to take care of other issues raises with it.
4. If you check, from ladt year we are getting lots of free godies in game. And thats a good sign. We need to complete an event to get it? Ok no problem. Need to deal with itm 5. About new heroes. It totally depends on top players. They used few heroes and so does we. They need to use varieties of heroes so that it can promote the heroes. And most of the heroes need time and patience in order to get good grip on that hero. Take hylos for example.
Post time 2018-6-9 05:40 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rɪəlʒað at 2018-6-9 05:41 AM

Just enjoy your game. Don't care too much with moonton making money matter. All game might be like this, have up and down. Other game make better service than this because they want attract more people player their game but in reality, they still same like moonton. Just ignore this and keep enjoying playing this game until die. Tq
Post time 2018-6-9 08:35 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well i dont have roger, so i wont complain hahahaha
Post time 2018-6-9 09:13 AM | Show all posts
WTF, complaining about more players, elitism detected
Post time 2018-6-9 02:43 PM | Show all posts
I'm a player since season 4, I think this game has improved a lot with its services, well yeah a lot of improvements are still needed but IMHO I can't relate to most points you wrote there, it's just way too bitter lol

but anyway I don't have perm Roger too so yeah, won't be complaining about it.
Post time 2018-6-9 03:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well, i might be thinking about that like you: Moonton is greedy, Revamp hero and new useless hero, and blablabla But i just enjoy the game. Even They nerf Lesley at first i'm a little mad but i enjoyed using her like nothing happens at all.
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