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Post time 2018-6-8 09:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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After watching the New Skills of Hayabusa on youtube, there are things that came to my mind, it's either the developers are idiot or stupid. I dont need to explain why. Hayabusa users surely will get it.

Post time 2018-6-9 12:54 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Tbh wont the rework make hayabusa become too op because now its energy instead offmana and its regen is damn fast at the same timethe dmg nvr rlly decrease ??ĺpls explain idg u because i nvr play haya?
Post time 2018-6-9 04:41 AM | Show all posts
Edited by maistral at 2018-6-9 05:35 AM

My opinion may be very unpopular, but this is a well-deserved nerf.

He is too fast at clearing minions. He is the only hero that can actually oneshot the powered-up lord minion waves using his ultimate. Balance-wise mages are supposed to be the fastest waveclearers, but not even Vexana, Valir, or even Fasha who holds the highest DPS in the game could match Hayabusa's waveclear speed.
Further, If you've seen people who know how to use him, you have fast/safe wave clear and assassination on top of that. While the ultimate is easily countered by grouping together, the minion clearing wave is too fast giving him a massive difference in gold and exp against other teams.

And frankly I used him before and I don't find anything difficult in using Hayabusa. It's like shadow in, ultimate, shuriken, shadow out. You just have to make sure that the shadow hits for bonus damage. Totally safe hero, low risk high rewards; once you master the keystrokes. His 'safeness' level could actually compete with Lancelot's safeness level. Unlike Fanny or Gossen where you have to make sure you angle everything correctly; one mistake and you're screewed. Hell, even Natalia is more difficult to use than this hero. He a totally safe hero; even if you lose the game, if you played Hayabusa correctly you could still end up with zero deaths.

To be honest he is an 'OP' hero but is just overshadowed by the retarded assassin trinity and the flying roach. All in all, this is like Fanny's energy nerf. Even then, this degree of rewarding to Hayabusa currently is more deserved by more difficult assassins like Fanny. Stop complaining.

EDIT: Before people complain and say that I only say these things for crap, I'm posting my smurf Haya account. Anyway, for people asking how I managed to do that, always solo lane, fast farm. Avoid CC-heavy heroes especially if they know what they're doing. Map awareness is key. Once the gold gap and exp gap is too large, begin raping enemies.



Post time 2018-6-8 11:10 PM | Show all posts
another fact is that they don't even check these forums lmao
Post time 2018-6-8 11:07 PM | Show all posts
well said buddy , moontoon's rework team is in fact extremely retarded.
Post time 2018-6-8 09:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please no rework/revamp hayabusa. every old hayabusa skill is good and nice, so please do not in rework / revamp, because many do not agree if hayabusa in rework / revamp
Post time 2018-6-9 12:03 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
LeeyangLight replied at 2018-6-8 09:44 PM
Please no rework/revamp hayabusa. every old hayabusa skill is good and nice, so please do not in rew ...

Please cancelled the revamp for hayabusa
Post time 2018-6-9 12:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Welp, time to use Gussion and Lancelot as my main assassin again then, good job Moonton really good job.
Post time 2018-6-9 12:41 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Revert Hayabusa revamp. Mods and developers you are so sick I think or too drunk to revamp a good balanced hero in the game.
Post time 2018-6-9 12:53 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-6-9 01:04 AM | Show all posts
Can we make a vote? like the one we did with chou?
I really Dont Like the new Hayabusa and i feel like that a nerf not a rework......
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