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[Complaint] How is this fair?

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Post time 2018-6-8 04:36 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Soooo had a game today and mind you not the first game i lost today I keep winning and losing.I'll admit im at gm 1 rank and climbing to epic and honestly its a bit unfair when you get mtached up to players who are in mythical glory rank like wtf how is that a fair match at all?


The best player on our team was legend 3 rank hayabusa(this was that persons highest achieved rank btw) his squad mate was johnson who is only epic 4,  the kagura was epic 5, the alpha is gm 2 and the other team is helcurt epic1, lesley gm 1, odette epic 5 and natalia and  hylos are mythical glory rank.

You can call me a newbie all you want but i know this isnt a fair game at all. How can you allow this is beyond me because this just send the mythical glory winrate up and mine goes down and that was an easy win for them. mythical glory players always have really good winrates but now im wondering how many time did the matchup system benefit them and match them againt lower skilled players?

I dont complain that much about match up on here but now i have to say something because this is happening more often where i get team mates who are under my rank and go against people who are higher than my rank . ( this happened in another match where my team was master and gm and we were quickly wiped out by the other team who had legends wtf)

It was in classic solo q and even with a teammate who is only epic 5 this happens its really unfair because classic also affects your winrate and brings your stats down when you lose. You can say you have to play with friends but i dont ahve mythical glory friends to play with my friends and I only just started the game and we're at gm and epic no one really tries to grind stars.

I think its unfair that my winrate suffers because the system is so faulty and its not just a problem with the afk or feeders but with actually matching players with players of similar skill against players with similar skills.

Post time 2018-6-8 07:41 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Always happens to me too in classic, I’m only in Epic III btw. But I understand when it happens in Classic mode. I could only advise you to play rank to avoid getting matched with Mythic players so your winrated wouldn’t suffer so much,
Post time 2018-6-8 10:35 AM | Show all posts

There's been a lot of cases of Legend/Mythic players intentionally pairing up with lower rank players in order to have an easy fight and farm win rates.....It's been known for a long time that some people purposely abuse this to easily farm their win rates...

However, sometimes the matchmaking is really screwed up. They can slot in a wild Mythic player into the match. I've notice that this seems to happen more recently and previously before (like in 2017), this doesn't happen much.

So, how to know if you got a case of pure bad luck or you got sandwiched into premade duos/trios that wants easy win rate?

Basically, if your team and enemy team has equal number of legends/mythics, then you've met those players that are looking for an easy time to farm win rates.

If you stumbled across enemy legend/mythic but your team doesn't have any, then you got a case of really bad luck matchmaking.

In conclusion, I highly suggest that you make a report to the in-game CS about this, because like I said, it's not 100% all the time that you encounter players who purposely teamed up with lower ranks, but it's possibly a case of bad algorithm too. Let's get this to their attention so that this weird recent matchmaking can be fixed asap.
Post time 2018-6-8 11:16 AM | Show all posts
I am in Mythic and usually play in classic since i am always solo queue for fun.
however i always match up with gm and epic tier without reason.
this is very bad matchmaking because enemy side have few mythic play style but my teammate always separate and stay alone due to their low tier gameplay style.
after they dead few times due to enemy gank, they decide to stay at base and wait for surrender..
Post time 2018-6-8 11:16 AM | Show all posts
Classic matchmaking is sometimes really hard.
i hate those who specially play classic to increase winrate of his/her favorite hero
Also the matchmaking is not good. as i am mythical glory, i often got matched up with gm players.
I think matchmaking of classic needs some renovation.
Post time 2018-6-8 12:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Mobile Legends hack.. my data unlimited and my line is 4g ,but still lag all my team mates was lagging too.. well done ML.. you made me Proud of You.... who owner this game? i want to talk.... Now...!!!!
Post time 2018-6-8 01:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
And seriously.. i seriously hate those assassins wannabe in classics while they maybe already had a hard time using eudora.. insta lock assassins and feeding all the way till the game ends.. ofc ppl want to test heroes in classic, where we are matched against real player, but its just too much if classic matches may affect our winrate.. other modes are not fun.. vs ai and custom (fun if we have like 9 more ppl to play with) i mean.. and there are many times that i was just using tank and still score more kills than those brainless assassins.. they just farm, acting like someone from global assassins, when actually hitting tanks and get killed by enemies hitter.. ive even met those assassins that cant solo mage or mm 1 by 1 lots of time.. geezz.. i hope they got some sort of enlightment that they are not meant to become an assassin user
Post time 2018-6-8 01:44 PM | Show all posts
there doesn't seem to be any plans in improving the matchmaking in classic or brawl modes... it should be a basic algorithm that mythics cannot be matched against epics... that's just lazy programming to allow any rank player to play against each other... I mean, if an epic player intentionally wanted to play against a mythic, they could do that in custom... but the matchmaking system should at least already have that basic rule in it... sadly it's not the case...
Post time 2018-6-8 02:20 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I'm a mythic player that sometimes duos w a elite Smurf, who is actually mythic, just to train new heroes I bought.
Post time 2018-6-8 03:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I'm GM too and when matching, my team is Epic, and Legend too. I don't know for enemy but one of them add me and he is Elite and i was like: 'wut' .-.
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