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[Share] What're y'all favorite heroes to play?

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Just wanted to take a second and find out what Y'all favorie heroes are.
Mine are

Kagura - Umbrella that kills people??? How does that work? btw she took me so long to master
Oddett - alalallaal I'm a mermaid princess and I wasted so much money on this skin ;(
Pharsa - The pea* is a freakin machine of war
Alice - Have you heard of a man named Jack? WHOSE JACK I DONT UNDERSTAND
Chang'e - I got a bunny that gives me blessings when I hurt people! YAY! Also if the bunny was on my side why doesnt it just give me infinite blessings ;(
Vexana - DIE FOR MEEEE. Allow me to grope you with my hands and make you feel so good you spin circles as I unleash death upon you and create puppets from your bodies! I also work as a puppeteer as a hobby.
Natalia - I give people heart attacks when the exclamation mark shows up. THEN I MAUL THEM and show em my cool vape tricks YUHHHHh.
Harley - I literally dont understand how poker cards can kill people but okay. btw I found out pro harley users use damage builds not cooldown builds to do that insane damage. So Now I'm doing the same thing
Hayabusa - I am the shadows! I AM INSIDE YOU! I BE TELEPORTIN. YOU BE DEAD
Lancelot - I walk on high heels and kill people AWWHHHHH SO CUTE. NOW DIE

Notice how almost all my favorite heroes are female? Because when I started I decided that I wanted to main female characters because I'm a crazy feminist that wants to kill people. jkjk. This is just the way I am

Post time 2018-6-8 02:49 PM | Show all posts
martis was best for me before nerf .
Post time 2018-6-8 02:23 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-6-7 11:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Wîszt at 2018-6-8 12:06 AM

My favourite heroes right now is;

Hylos - I played him for 458 matches already because how enjoying he is in early game and mid game.
Uranus - I'm picking him in ranked game right now which is really a bad choice but he's still OP and can sustain very well in the frontline. With a reason of becoming local 1
Tigreal - Although he's weak in the meta but I always pick him even if my teammates tell me not to but he's very OP trust me his ult combining with other heroes ult. He was my tank from season 2, man the good ol days.
Johnson - The best hero to win in ranked games and I love to ram kids hehehe (Cyclops, Harley, Nana & Chang'Ayy lol)
Akai - I use him occasionally if my tanks are taken but he deals a lot of damage too also his crowd control is very overpowered :0
Gatotkaca - always use him if opponent team has 4 physical damage heroes because of his durable passive and ult.
Yeah I know my favourite heroes are boring I get it.
Post time 2018-6-8 12:17 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rɪəlʒað at 2018-6-8 05:36 AM

For me, mostly I like use loli heroes and some certain hero.

Zhask (Mage)- I only want win quickly using him. He still ugly hero.
Akai (Tank)- Cute Panda. Just kidding. He good as damage dealer counter as CC hero.
Angela (Support)- I try to main her in first place. She really cute girl.
Lolita (Tank/Support)- I want main her too. Famous as projectile counter.
Chang'e (Mage)- Late game monster but she quite less effective in early game.
Hayabusa (Assassin)- Late game carry assassin. I still try to learn use him effectively.
Alpha (Fighter)- He quite EZ to use and very OP monster in this new meta right now. I planning to buy him in future.
Ruby: Quite CC heroes. She really good as tanker too.

I tried to learn carry hero because I not too late yet to reach Draft Pick rank. Now, I still in GM rank.
Post time 2018-6-8 12:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well, I’m still relatively new to ML and MOBA game world so I still can’t use that much hero as of now. Just started playing 5 months ago. My favorites are only Ruby, Cyclops, Angela, and YSS. I really like Hylos too but I just really suck as a Tank so I kinda stopped using him because I get depressed everytime I make stupid moves as a Tank.
Post time 2018-6-8 12:46 AM | Show all posts
Hmmm..u play 11 girls and only 3 boys
Post time 2018-6-8 01:05 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Glad to be like you.. since so many players use helcurt... he's not my fav anymore. Now, my fav bae is Hanabi.
Post time 2018-6-8 01:29 AM | Show all posts
Edited by dadadaa at 2018-6-8 01:31 AM

Moskov, alucard, zilung, balmond, estes ...

But moskov and alucard are my favorite since i joy to play them, i like their skills and design. They are fast heroes good for split push, poke and team fights.
Post time 2018-6-8 01:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Number 1 is definitely Gussion while he's not my main, i like his playstyle, especially when I'm low on health and i just throw my skill 1 and run away it just like "please sir don't kill me I'm just joking :(" and when they are far i just surprise them by activating skill 1 and skill 2 again" number 2 is Alucard because.. Well i don't know if it just me but when I'm using Alu with my friend using akai or Johnson i would usually dominate the match just by circling the map looking for kills with a car XD. Number 3 is probably Hayabusa because.. Well i just like to troll my opponent by teleporting
Post time 2018-6-8 04:57 AM | Show all posts
1° Natalia: I love seeing people go panic when they see exclamation mark above their heads (!). Also, I love her quotes: "Truly wise man won't tell you the truth.", "Serving the light while working in the dark.". But mainly, I love killing key targets and get out untouched ("one life is just enough." LOL).
2° Harley: This guy is so annoying coming from nowhere, bursting people down and get out, leaving their teammates confuse. He can somewhat play like a MM, kiting people to death.
3° Lolita: I love suddenly jumping on people disabling them with her. I can also play somewhat recklessly cos she is pretty durable because of her 2nd skill. Again, I love people going panic and running when I ult in a bush XD. Also, she is a loli. (xD)
4° Lesley: She has cool quotes and tilt enemy killing they in 2 hit. (xD)
Honorable Mention - Freya: She was my main before her visual her rework, because I loved that design and her quotes, even if she isn't a meta hero.
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