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[Hero Techniques] Lolita Guide

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Edited by Crixce at 2018-10-2 05:40 AM

Special Thanks to Modukes for providing the Icons

 Author| Post time 2018-6-28 06:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-6-29 01:37 AM
HikariEX replied at 2018-6-28 03:48 PM
To be honest... after reading most of this forum guide, your lolita guide is seriously top notch and ...

Thank you,
The gear choice you have is good vs team that are heavy magic. I don’t see anything wrong with the build. Since tanks have to gear for the match/ situation, it difficult to suggest which gear to choose.  This is my premade gear set up. I don’t follow the gear set up during a match. I just use it as a base. Depending on the enemy team set up, I choose Between the 3 premade build to begin with. I normally build the first 2 items before gearing somthing different.Around about the 5-6 min mark. You’ll start noticing who is playing well, So that when I start adjusting my build.

I do recommend making 3 premade builds  one that heavily focused on magic resistance, one that heavily focused on armor and a mixed one.doing this will cover every enemy team comp, after draft in the set up phase you can select the closes build to start with.

I’m writing this at the time of the gear update, my premade build is going to get changed.

PS I also Sell off my boots after completing my build for some other item.
im going to add this  into my guide, since i didnt talk about it.

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Edited by 191740976 at 2018-6-14 05:47 PM

Another guide for me to look at when I am lost, but here are some corrections for Guardian's Bulwark

Akai - Blender Skill 2 (must block before the skill lands)
Alucard - Can block Fission Wave during his Ult
Aurora - Frost Shock Skill 1 Same way to block as Akai's skill 2
Eudora - Does not block skill 1 (Forked Lightning)
Helcurt - Deadly Poisoned Stinger (can only be blocked outside melee range)
Hylos - Law And Order (can only be blocked outside melee range)
Lesley - Does not block shots done using Master of Camouflage Skill 1, Ultimate Snipe can be fully blocked until the shield ends
Moskov - Does not block Skill 2 (Spear Of Death)
Irithel - Heavy Crossbow (Must only hit Lolita to block)
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this guide is awesome , thanks


thank you  Post time 2018-6-15 10:01 AM
Post time 2018-6-13 04:49 PM | Show all posts
This is well detailed guide.

I am a Lolita user, I reach Legend level through her
my build for her as tank: Magic Shoes,Oracle,Dominace Ice,Blood thirsty king,Immortality,Anthena's Shield.
Matches 681 : win rate: 51.7%


Thank you  Post time 2018-6-14 09:07 AM
Post time 2018-6-8 12:17 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing this awesome guide of Lolita's tho I haven't used her lately. Sadly, you could try asking one of our mods whose good in html codes to further make other missing stuffs here function well ;u


Good to hear! ;)  Post time 2018-6-9 12:16 AM
IZxCOLD been helping me with my problems. =)  Post time 2018-6-8 02:20 PM
Post time 2018-6-7 10:53 PM | Show all posts
Cool guide :)!


thank you, I put in a lot of effort in it =)  Post time 2018-6-8 11:03 AM
Post time 2018-6-15 05:50 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide for Lolita users.


Thank you  Post time 2018-6-16 03:30 AM
Post time 2018-6-25 10:13 AM | Show all posts
Awesome guide. Especially on Zoning part. It's like a new thing for me at ML world. It can be used by other tanks as well. I've watch millions videos (not really) about how to tanking. But this is the very best. Thank you very much.


thank you.  Post time 2018-6-26 05:46 AM
Post time 2018-6-28 03:48 PM | Show all posts
To be honest... after reading most of this forum guide, your lolita guide is seriously top notch and for that, thank you for your effort in sharing these tips & trick. Lolita is my no 1 favorite heroes and I'm very eager to know more technique of using her. For me who only play assist, I always start with oracle so that she can stand longer against enemy at the beginning (regenerate her hp slowly & trying to help teammate to get first blood) then assist boot for more income followed by athena shield for extra def then Courage Bulwark for party buff followed by Dominance Ice for cool down & slow down enemy and finally immortality. If the game still goes on and I have extra money, i'll sell of the assist boot and go for cursed helmet. This is my build, do enlighten me if there is some unnecessary equipment build of mine thanks!
Post time 2018-6-8 03:57 PM | Show all posts
This guide is very comprehensive and deserves more credibility, it doesn't only describe how should one play Lolita, and also generally how all the tanks should be playing, great job!!


Thank you,I’m confident the credit will come in due time.  Post time 2018-6-10 08:14 AM
 Author| Post time 2018-6-7 07:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-6-7 07:10 PM

why isnt it showing the videos..... ill fix that later
+ the gear icon disappeared....
Post time 2018-6-7 10:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i'm impressed with this guide,at least make realize there was more way to do combo with her.btw i'm main on her and actually i used "unbending will" talent :/ it's not realy bad since my whole damage can be increased by 10% at max.since i already fully build mine with tank item.i guess it'll be good if i had some damage supplier as well,so that's why i choose it.and i'm not really sure about the other talent from fighter emblem but imo,"steady like a rock" talent i guess it's not really suit with my playstyle since usually i get cc-ed at the worse condition and even if that reduced,i'll still get cc-ed and it's hard to disengage from enemy.for "disabling strike",it's actually usefull but her skill was mostly cosist of stun cc,calculate with the cc duration and additional slow given,i guess the rest duration of slow gonna be wasted.but it can be usefull if you can use skill 2 well so enemy will get slowed more,or when you not fully charged your ultimate at least you can slow enemy so your teamate can chase prefer was between "unbending will" and "disabling strike",but i found the first one more helpfull so i choose's a good guide overall anyway :) thank you
Post time 2018-6-8 01:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Awesome guide! Just earlier I was using Lolita and I really had difficulty using her because for me, she’s hard to master (and I just really suck as a tank) but still, I want to practice her coz I’ve met some pro Lolita players in Classic and they’re annoying af! Very strong when used right.I really want to master her and make her one of my main. Thanks for this guide!


I'm glad my guide could help you, I tried to be as detailed as possible, feel free to ask Question if you run into any Problems  Post time 2018-6-8 11:07 AM
 Author| Post time 2018-6-8 11:02 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-6-8 11:18 AM
Timonthy replied at 2018-6-7 10:40 PM
i'm impressed with this guide,at least make realize there was more way to do combo with her.btw i'm  ...

Thank you. I was trying to be as detailed a possible, Since a lot of Player don't understand her capability, and tanking as a whole. I decided to put in the effort.

Unbending Will is a good talent, since it help with damage output But if your Support emblems are any high Consider Focusing Mark as it will not only increase your damage output but your allies. the 4% trade off is well worth it especially in team fights. +6% from you +6% from each one of your allies makes it's capability alot better.

Steady Like a Rock is a vary good talent. For Lolita player to consider it,would be if the enemy team runs a High CC team like 3 or more CC heroes. If you add Tough Boots along with that talent. it will be 50% + 25% Crowd Control reductions.

Disabling Strike helps a lot with the accuracy when trying to land  Noumenon Blast. the 75% MSR from ult + 20% from DS + 5% from Dominance Ice and whatever other movement speed reduction your team is running. makes it capable of creating big plays. For Charge it will be used more for chasing and peeling purposes 20% from Charge + 20% from DS + 5% Dominance Ice +Thunder Belt passive+ (35% chance of Corrosion Scythe) if you build it.
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