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[Hero Techniques] Harley 101, Guides to the Mage Genius

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Custom Mage Emblem

︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾

Harley Guide

︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽

So, first things first. Let's start off with some background about me. I'm still learning Harley (about 1000+ games across 4 accounts) [I don't feel like you ever completely master a Hero, you just become more experienced], but I feel like I've had enough games under my belt to finally help some people out with some guides on my main.

First off, I've tried many builds and experimented a lot. I've looked at top builds, tried them, disliked them, and moved on. I've tried unconventional builds, disliked them, and moved on. So I'ma give you a few builds you can either try, dislike them, or move on. Reason why I say this is because Harley is a rather flexible mage that can work in any build you decide to build him on. The build you choose will suit your style, more or less, and you can morph it into whatever you want to better suit you.

First build is what I call the “No One Can Beat me build”. This is the default build I use in most matches, and rarely change for something else. This build is made up of :

Magic Shoes
Concentrated Energy
Glowing Wand
Lightning Truncheon
Holy Crystal

Cooldown Reduction and Magic Penetration are the ones that I maxed out and I run retribution, flicker, and/or aegis as my battle spells.
Retribution Flicker Aegis

I run Custom Mage Emblems with the gold Talent.

Custom Mage Emblem

The idea of the build is to strike fast and in a hurry with “bulk” in Immortality for mid-late. Magic Shoes being for faster cooldowns and Concentrated Energy coming for the early sustain. The point being; able to sustain off of wave clears and jungle creeps = able to keep from recalling to remain, or lead in gold/items. The sooner you get items on Harley the better. You can become a real nuisance, not having to recall and constantly harassing the enemy carry/tanks. Glowing Wand comes before Lightning Truncheon (at least in this build) because it helps with clearing jungle creeps. And helps dealing with the tank, while your ganking, more than Lightning Truncheon would because of the HP percentage damage+the way it stacks with his first skill. Lighting Truncheon comes after since I think glowing wand and lightning truncheon go hand and hand since it benefits scaling+it does real well at clearing waves. Immortality comes before Holy Crystal because you really want to make sure that if you die you're at least a distraction or you can escape because at this point in the game (5th slot) you need to wrapping the game up and the extra life/distraction could mean the game.
The next build I have is:

Arcane Boots
Lightning Truncheon
Concentrated Energy
Glowing Wand
Holy Crystal
Devils Tears

I don't want to get to much into it because its a build thats really niche. I typically only use it when there is a lot of bulk on the enemy team (2 tanks, 1 off tank, and 2 mages as an example) It really helps actually do damage against the tanks, but it's like I said really niche and if you know what the items do you know their purpose in the build.
The last 2 builds are:

First Build Second Build
Clock Of Destiny Clock Of Destiny
Rapid Boots Swift Boots
Lightning Truncheon Concentrated Energy
Holy Crystal Glowing Wand
Immortality Feather Of Heaven
Blood Wings Necklace of Durance

The objective of the first build is to make Harley a bit bulkier with a bit more potential for late game. The latter build is used when you want Harley to be in a supportive because there are a lot of farmers. Like the other build, these 2 are rather niche, especially the build with Necklace of Durance, because of the nature of playing Harley.

Now to address combos. I think the most basic is to use 2 - 3 - 1 - 2.

Meaning, You pop close to the enemy carry, ult, then throw your cards; having your hat as an escape if things get hairy. There are variations of combos that fit Harley for Calamity Reaper(2-3-Basic Attack/1-2), which is totally fine, but with the builds I mentioned, this combo tends to work better, at least in my experience.

If you have any questions let me know, I'll try to get to them as soon as I can, and if I can I'll try to address them or include them in an “advanced guide”.

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Post time 2018-6-13 11:04 AM | Show all posts

Wow, nice guide mate and man I be loving those animations lel.....

Idk why no one comment about this, I'm not a Harley user but this is informative and short and sweet for me lol.....

Will definitely pin this up so that I can get back and forth to refer to this! Thanks mate!
Post time 2018-6-14 11:19 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Drollers at 2018-6-14 11:21 PM

Amazing build, just what I was looking for thank you! Do more builds XD
Post time 2018-7-20 01:16 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the build and tips! I am looking forward for the advanced guide. Can I ask, when is it gonna be posted?
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