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[Hero Balance] Nerf Fanny. This hero is so unbalance. (Mystic review)

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Edited by Sariko at 2018-6-7 03:03 AM

Admin, This game fanny is too unbalance, almost not all hero can kill this hero (Fanny).

Cyclops/Aurora ulti on Fanny, Fanny still can move using steel cable and run away when he is stun/freeze.

Fighter class lose to fanny. Even I use alpha with my brother (Angela) ulti on me and fight Fanny. Still will lose to fanny. He only have 5 items and I already full 6 items against him. So unfair, 1v2 with full items still can lose to him.

This is just suggestion, it is up to the developer.


1. Reduce Energy gained from dealing damage to multiple enemy heroes. from 10 to 7

2. Reduce Steel Cable damage. (So Fanny have to buy more Attack, not Defense)



1. Reduce Tornado Strike energy cost from 25 to 20

2. Increase Tornado Strike Base Damage from 260-460 to 280-505

3. Reduce Cut Throat energy cost from 30 to 25

Fix Fanny steel cable bug. When enemy Stun/Freeze Fanny, she still can move away with Ice or Freeze.

Post time 2018-6-5 09:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BlueZero at 2018-6-5 09:30 PM

You're literally, one of the dumbest thread-authors I have ever seen in here.
Do you even have any idea how hard it is to play Fanny?
Because I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows that - maybe excluding you since you're so dumb.

Listen up, kid. Fanny is a unique hero, but she's very squishy. If you know how to play, you'll understand that there are a lot of heroes that can counter her.

Cyclops/Aurora ulti on Fanny, Fanny still can move using steel cable and run away when he is stun/freeze.

Don't expect that a mage can defeat an assassin. They could, but they can't at some point. Fanny originally doesn't get debuffed immediately.

Frankly, I'm not a good Fanny player, but I do have a lot of matches (400+) with her, and she really isn't that hard to counter.

Maybe you're wondering, "Oh, why is she so strong?" or "How can she 1v5 like every single time?"
Obviously some of your teammates fed hard, that's all there is to the story.


1. Remove Energy gained from dealing damage to multiple enemy heroes.

2. Remove Fanny steel cable movement during enemy Stun/Freeze. Fanny can't move same as all heroes.

3. Reduce Fanny steel cable movement to slow same as Martis Mortal Coil.

Sorry, what? That's literally so stupid. Better *ing remove Fanny if that actually happens. What's your rank again? I could write one whole thread - maybe even two about how this crap won't work - and how this is insanely dumb. Know what you're doing. Quit comparing your precious Alpha over Fanny, he won't defeat her, not in a million years. Know your hero's place.
 Author| Post time 2018-6-5 05:26 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Sariko at 2018-6-5 06:07 AM

Not only me. There is Angela ulti on me. Alpha + Angela vs one Fanny = Lose to Fanny. Plus I have more money and items than Fanny.

Yes abit of nerf of Fanny. I didnt ask for much. To adjust this game to be fair and more balance to all heroes.


You call your suggestion "a bit" nerf? LMAO. Eat sht.  Post time 2018-6-5 09:32 PM
 Author| Post time 2018-6-5 12:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Sariko at 2018-6-5 01:09 AM

FatalXBullet, admin might nerf fanny after this post. Just like Martis.

You mention above all is tank. I m talking about fighter/mage class.

This is not nub, this is about fair gaming. Hero which is unbalance need to balance. Then why nerf is needed. Not all players play fanny so be fair and square.

Cyclops, Pharsa , Odette, Vexzna, Gord, Eurora, Alice, Chang E, Valir, Zhask, Aurora Karina all Fanny Foods? Come on be fair and fight like real man. It is not nub or reaction. Just this hero so unbalance in movement and speed.

If Martis can nerf, i believe fanny also can be nerf too.
 Author| Post time 2018-6-7 03:19 AM | Show all posts
Keithyzh1 replied
If you want to nerf aim at thing like gusion and lancealot.

You should post a new thread to nerf them, if you think they should be nerf.
Post time 2018-6-5 10:30 AM | Show all posts
1 - your sup could take necklace to cut fanny healing or you could take deadly blade, so her sustain couldn't beat yours. you was duoing, you could just ask for it.
2 - while fanny is considered an assassin, she always build off-tank. I can say she was more tanky than your alpha + angela ult. this is also a point, your build was pretty squishy for a fighter. Let me know, you didn't adapt a single item from you preparation build.
3 - she was stacking a lot of health and had immortality against your burst damage. building demon hunter sword could be a thing.
4 - 1 stun (yours) + 1 snare (angela) and fanny was sucefully? did you guys play it without a screen?
5 - from what I see here, prob the real match was only you + angela against fanny + haya as mythic players, the others of both teams are just randoms (epic and below?) feeding everyone, and haya was just afk farming and you couldn't manage to win? lmao
6 - the current meta is ASSASSIN META and not FIGHTER META, even if fighters are supposed to win against assassins in later stages, assassins still are better anyway. also, you basically builded as an assassin against a good fanny, so hell no.
7 - play fanny if you think she is really that op
Post time 2018-6-5 04:17 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Mochiop at 2018-6-5 04:26 AM

Why nerf her ?
I mean i know she kinda op hero and dev wont propely nerf her right but only in early game
When time is fleeting ,she surely not too much shine at late game and  dependable on buff too much.
So why nerfing hero who had been nerfing it many time at the game #savefanny.
Post time 2018-6-5 12:51 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FatalXBullet at 2018-6-5 12:52 AM

Booo... Nubs. Akai and Chou EZ counter fanny. With continuos CC he become weak. Use Helcult, insta kill Fanny. She also weak if she didn't get blue buff. I know ahhhh because I am Fanny player too. Booo... See you didn't have CC heroes, how to win game like that. Boo...
Post time 2018-6-5 01:09 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2018-6-5 01:36 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FatalXBullet at 2018-6-5 01:41 AM
Sariko replied at 2018-6-5 12:59 AM
FatalXBullet, admin might nerf fanny after this post. Just like Martis.

You mention above all is ta ...

You don't how fanny user feeling if she nerd again. She overnerf too many time (almost more than 5 times) but some player still complain she still broken heroes. She need blue buff, without blue buff she totally useless even pro player cannot hardly to use Fanny without buff because too much consumption of energy.

If you clever, try steal blue buff before she take it immediately and quickly kill her after she get a buff. I always do this. Anyways, she only good in early game only. If you survive long time enough (late game), she might be weak already in late game.

 Author| Post time 2018-6-5 01:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Prince_Mahin001 replied at 2018-6-5 01:09 AM

Improve (fanny no need buff) but restriction not unlimited steel cable. There is cooldown just like all heroes.

1. Fanny energy increasing up to 100 (1-15 level) or Energy change to Mana consumption.

You also need to know all mage and fighter feeling. When ulti 20-30 seconds cooldown for aurora/cyclops on fanny. It is useless and unfair. Other heroes worst. They can’t stun or freeze on fanny. Completely become fanny foods and get killed. This is not nub, because they can’t do anything on their skill.
Post time 2018-6-5 01:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-6-5 01:52 AM

you are at mystic level of game play and having problems with countering fanny...

There are  good amount of hero’s in this game that can stop a flying fanny. Most of those hero’s have a  difficult time stopping fanny but They can still stop her with proper timing and proper positioning.  Example
Balmond 1st skill can stop fanny if he is a line with fanny cable going to her as she is going to him. This is the same with Lesley 2nd skill.  Franco can hook a flying Fanny... Lolita can block Fanny cables and stun fanny at the wall. Eudora can stun fanny at the wall and delete her with her combo. Diggie 2nd skill can lock down fanny from escaping. Ruby 2nd and 3 skill can disable fanny cables.
Aroura can freeze fanny at the wall. Hylos can stun fanny at the wall. Akai can lock down fanny with 3rd skill, Johnson can stun fanny at the wall with 2nd skill and he can crash into Fanny with his 3rd skill. Chou can cc her to death saber ult helcurt passive Natalia passive  zilong can flip fanny jawhead can ult fanny and throw fanny  Martis 1st and 2skill hilda 2nd skill 2nd tap Uranus ult Nana skill 2 vexana skill 1, moskov can stun fanny at the wall, chang’e can stun fanny at the wall and follow it up with displacement skill. Grock can block fanny path, fraya can hold a fanny at the wall with her combos.

Fanny is fine in the meta.
Post time 2018-6-5 01:56 AM | Show all posts
Definitley not happening, fanny has been nerfed many times. And counters make her useless. If you don’t know where i am talking about
- helcurt
- aurora (in the right hands)
- martis
- jawhead
Look how many counters? Learn to play those and you will have 0 problems
 Author| Post time 2018-6-5 02:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
FatalXBullet replied at 2018-6-5 01:36 AM
You don't how fanny user feeling if she nerd again. She overnerf too many time (almost more than 5  ...

Do you know how many mystic players guard for fanny buff when he below level 11. They even give two buff incase he lose his.

Because they know fanny become imba when he got buff for energy reduction.

I m talking about fighter/mage against Fanny. Why almost all fighter and mage becoming Fanny foods. Why so unbalance. Alpha and Angela vs Fanny. Result Fanny win. Big LOLs. Look totally unbalance.
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