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[Hero Gear Tips] [REWORKED ITEMS] Cyclops in depth build guide. By ROSA Asbeihi

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CDR: Cooldown Reduction
CD: Cooldown
SP: Spell Vamp
ALS: Anti Lifesteal/Spell Vamp (Reduced regeneffect)
MSPD: Movement Speed
MP: Magic Power
MRG: Mana Regen
Reaching 20% CDR from gear, 40% with buff and emblems.
High amount of SP
High amount of MSPD

About Cyclops:
His passive. After each skill hits an enemy,all skills will be granted a CDR by 0.5 seconds. This will make him able to spam high burst damage skills continuously.

The movement speed buff from second skill. Whenever the small planets are roaming around his body, he will enjoy a short movement speed buff. This will increase his mobility, making him able to deal damage without necessarily taking any. It can also be used to roam faster.

His lockdown effect from Ultimate. This can beused to kill an escaping enemy with low HP or used to lock someone to a spot so you and your team mates can deal damage to the target.

His autoaim on second skill that ignores minions if they need to hit a certain enemy. Unlike many other mages, Cyclops doesn’t care if there is a bunch of minions between him and his prey. His first skill will penetrate everything on its way and his second skill will hit regardless of what objects there is in the way (unless its #1 hater Lolita's shield).

High burst damage with decent AOE and range on first skill.

Not many mages can benefit from SP as Cyclops does. Due to his low CD on his skills, he will be able to regen HP a lot faster than most heroes. Keep on spamming your skills!

Besides from the movement speed buff gained from second skill, Cyclops lacks escape tools like dashes, compared to other meta heroes. The movement speed buff and the lockdown effect from Ultimate can save you in many situations, but it will also fail you likewise, if more than 1 enemy approaches you or you are getting ganked from a bush you crossed while roaming.

Cyclops has a low base movement speed compared to others, so make sure you spam that second skill whenever its available, to avoid getting stuck in bad situations. (240 base movement speed. Lancelot has 260 base movement speed for example).

Gear explained:
Lightning Truncheon: Gives you nice amount of MP, 300 Mana and 10% CDR.
The mana will help you early game and the CDR is needed so you can spam your skills more often. The mana will also increase the passive of this item.

Rapid Boots: Gives you 100 MSPD.
It can’t be beaten. This make sure you are able to roam around the map much faster than anyone else. It does have a downside to it with the passive, but you will stillend up with 45 MSPD, more than any other boots can offer you, when in combat. If you experience mana problems, I recommend you try out Demon Shoes instead.They offer 30 MRG and a passive that regens 10% of your mana on kills/assists and regens 5% of your mana when you kill a minion.

Necklace of Durance: Gives you nice amount of MP, 10% CDR and 10% SP.
This will ensure your early game fighting abilities is ready to be tested in real combat. You will be having 20% CDR from your gear so far, along with 15% from the buff and a minimum of 5% from emblems (remember cap is 40%, it’s a waste to stack more than that, unless you’re not given a buff in your team). The best part ofthis is the 50% ALS on heroes you damage. This will give you huge advantages in many 1v1 situations. (MMs and heroes with high HP regen like Alpha, Alucard, Ruby etc. will bleed with this)

Concentrated Energy: Gives you nice amount of MP, 700 HP and 30% SP
When you manage to get this item, you might as well go finish the game. You will be enjoying 20% SP from previous gear and emblems/talents and now adding 30% to that! You will end up with 50% SP, a ridiculous amount of SP combined with low tonone cooldown on your skills. Its time to go burn everyone on your path.

Ice Queen Wand: Gives you nice amount of MP, 10% SP, 150 Mana, 7% MSPD
Again evenmore SP. You might be thinking now, isn’t this too much? Shouldn’t I befocusing on other stats? Well here is the good part. Apart from the small MSPD gain, you get 150 mana to empower the passive of Lightning Truncheon. And the best part is the passive. Whenever you damage enemies with your skills, theywill be slowed by 15% for 3 seconds. This effect can stack twice and landing 2skill hits is really not a problem for Cyclops. This will ensure you catch upon your prey late game, and at the same time ensure you some better mobility compared to enemies late game, if you’re getting chased.

Holy Crystal: 90 MP
Aside from having one of the highest MP on any item, one of its passives grants you additional 25% of your total MP! This is much needed if you reach the stage where you get to buy this item, as you would need to be able to deal more and more damage as your enemies also grows stronger.

I also recommend buying jungle item. It really depends on your preference whether you want the cheap version or jungle item level 2. If you go with Retribution, remember that jungle item level 2 can be used to slow enemies down and ensure you a better escape or higher chance to get a kill. And that’s not bad on a hero without any dashes/blink skills.

Emblems, talents & Battle Spell:

Emblems and talents:
I recommend going for the Custom Magic emblem (Magic Assassin).
It will provide you MSPD, SP, MP and CDR. Everything you could dream of.
Check the picture for more informations about the talents and talentpoints.

Battle Spell:
There are really only two choices here.
You either go with Retribution or with Flicker. I recommend going with Retribution if you’re going midlane. But if you fear that you might lack mobility against a certain matchup, go with Flicker and have a team mate help you with the buff first time.

I have attached the different gearset i will be using for him for him, along with the emblem/talents. That will be everything for this time.

- Asbeihi

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Wow, nice guide. but how about Magic Penetration?
Didnt lifesteal from Concentrated Energy is enough? Im playing Cyclops sometimes, and Im focus on Magic PEN in items also emblem. 30% SP is enough I think from the Concentrated.
 Author| Post time 2018-6-4 05:26 AM | Show all posts
Xaverine replied at 2018-6-4 04:34 AM
Wow, nice guide. but how about Magic Penetration?
Didnt lifesteal from Concentrated Energy is enough ...

In high elo, you know you always have to adjust your gear. If enemy team has 2 troublesome tanks, its obvious that you should get Devils Tears. Also the Spell Vamp from the other items is just a bonus. We buy them for the passive and CDR etc.
 Author| Post time 2018-6-4 11:37 PM | Show all posts ... hread&tid=58229 ... hread&tid=56992

Some game plays with Cyclops. Check it out if you want to see how to control him.
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