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[Request] Ruby Mains/Users please give me advice *-*

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Post time 2018-5-16 08:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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I am planning to buy Ruby right now because I LOVE tanky female fighters, but I can't figure out the best build and the right playstyle for this girl yet.
What should I do with her? Should I go full tank build (Demon Advent, Bloodthirsty King, Deadly Armor, etc.) or play her like an ADC (Full lifetseal and attack items).

One thing I noticed is, Ruby's CC is on par with Martis but her damage output is... lol, she is not meant for killing anyway.

Please give me tips to play her as a solo q. I want to reach Epic so bad but nobody want to instalock Tank in GrandMaster, so why not buy Ruby right? Besides she fits the current meta. Tanky and has a lot of cc (better than Freya of course)
Post time 2018-5-16 09:24 PM | Show all posts
Edited by linardi91 at 2018-5-16 09:26 PM

I use ruby as my main fighter, especially when enemies team pick fanny.
you can play her as a pure damage fighter, semi tank fighter or full tanky, it depend on your play-style.

for me, I like to play her as damage fighter, and it divided into 2 situation, fast paced or full CD reduction.

for fast paced build :
1. haa's claw
2. magic shoes
3. queen of ap wings.
4. endless battle
5. immortal
6. oracle

for full CD reduction + full blood sucker:
1. blood lust axe
2. magic boots
3. wings of the ap
4. haa's claw
5. endless battle
6. oracle / immortal
 Author| Post time 2018-5-16 09:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
linardi91 replied at 2018-5-16 09:24 PM
I use ruby as my main fighter, especially when enemies team pick fanny.
you can play her as a pure d ...

Thank youuu for the build recommendation <3 I tried searching on Youtube but then I realized the Top Globals Rubys are playing with their team instead of Solo Q' lmao.
Lots of love.
Post time 2018-5-17 02:19 AM | Show all posts
Basically all you need is lifesteal as ruby so try to add a good amount of it also the assassin emblem is recommended
Post time 2018-5-17 03:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Is Ruby getting nerfed? planning on buying her too. Also who is the best fighter hero rn? like sustain type hero
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2018-5-17 03:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Malicewolf at 2018-5-17 04:07 AM

I'm a Ruby main and as said before, Ruby can really fit any need you might have. Here's a few builds I use depending on the situation i'm in.

Brawl mode:
Bloodlust Axe - this isn't lifesteal, so she doesn't get the 125% benefit. Just the normal BLA, BUT it's still good enough and it gives 10% CDR.
Tranquility boots - I go tranq boots for the boost in hp stealing, but magic shoes for the CDR is fine too. I happen to have 10% CDR from using tank emblem maxed, so I sub magic shoes for tranq.
Dominance Ice - 15% CDR passive. Makes you tanky and you hardly run out of mana anymore after getting.
Haas Claw - Huge lifesteal
Endless Battle - Lifesteal and CDR, plus a bunch of other perks
Meteor Rose - more dmg, more lifesteal, extra tankiness

You can use this build outside of brawl as well. BUT, my ranked game build is this:
Haas Claws - because I already have 10% CDR from emblem, I go with this as the lifesteal boost is significantly higher. Especially at low hp. I wait to buy Vampire Mallet for the lifesteal right away. It's not much, but helps sustain early as well. Can usually get after 1st wave of minions.
Magic shoes - quick CDR
Dominance Ice - 15% CDR and tankiness.
Endless Battle - more attack and lifesteal
Rose meteor - more attack and lifesteal (plus extra defense low hp)
Immortality - You can honestly make this ANY item you want. I go immortality so i stop dying. If the match has gone on long enough for me to need this, it means it's a pretty big stalemate most likely. And since Ruby can regain her hp very very easily, it pretty much eliminates her getting any more deaths late game (when respawn takes forever). BUT, you can do more attack power and go Blade of Despair, or more tankiness and go Wings of Apocalypse. I also swap my magic shoes with tranq boots after i get endless battle (as I'm going over 40% CDR).  
Lastly, my Tank build incase someone decides they don't want to tank and our team has none
Haas Claws - lifesteal
Ancient Ghostatue - Get some HP, CDR and you can now move fast (which helps a lot)
Magic Shoes - CDR
Dominance Ice - Tankiness and CDR
Wings of Apocalypse - more hp and tankiness
Demon's Advent - More hp and armor (sub out with Athena's Shield if enemy team is heavy magic).
Always take Flicker. Practice Flicker Hooking. If you get it down, you can turn the tides on a battle very very quickly. Especially when you move the battle into a tower.

When playing Ruby, always attempt to poke with 1st skill as much as you can. Try to initiate battles when the enemies minions are nearby (you can lifesteal on them to gain HUGE amounts of hp back). Or get 2-3 enemies to chase you towards minions and then battle them there. The more enemies there are, the more likely you are to stay alive. Just be sure to have sufficient CDR when you do this. 30% CDR is when you'll be able to spam skills out every 4-5 seconds. Try to spread using them about 1-2 seconds so you don't end up with none to use all at once. If you see an opportunity to hook a single straggler on enemy team lagging behind, use it. You're like a Franco in that regard. Pick off the slow folks.

Don't be afraid to lure enemies into trying to take you on. With just under half hp, you can usually get yourself back to full hp with 1st and 2nd skills on lane minions.  So lure that assassin into a false sense of security and turn the tides on them.

Post time 2018-5-17 05:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
it's sad to said that i play her with full tank style,no lifesteal needed (yeah i know its bit ridicioulus but trust me it still works) :( but you know,if you controll it properly,it can be unstopable and sometimes can be more effective than tank since she has a lot of mobilty thanks to her sometimes i pick her as tank if my mood wasn't right to use builds were armor boots (forgot the name),dominance ice(now named aegis i guess),oracle,ancient ghostatue,wings of apocalypse,and athena's shield (or bloodthirst king,depends enemy situation).since she's tanky you can go in and out from gank so easily xD
Post time 2018-5-17 09:01 AM | Show all posts
Embelm : Fighter, talent  Steady Like a Rock
1. Haasclaw
2. Tranquil Boots
3. dominace ice/ oracle
4. oracle/ dominace ice
5. bloodlust axe
6 imortal

u can change oracle to wings of apocalpse queen if enemy is less magic damage
Post time 2018-5-17 11:01 AM | Show all posts
I play Ruby as a peeler which can be pretty effective in this meta. To me heroes like Ruby and Saber can be very good peelers for the squishier damage dealer heroes. So I tend to lane with a marksman or low mobility mage so I can easily stun the enemy and get them out if need be.

Learning how to use Ruby's stun will be your best asset to your team not only will you be able to save lives but you'll also get back health and do some damage while being able to jump away lol I know from other Ruby mains/players that most play her with full lifesteal or full tank it really depends on what your team needs but both are great either way.

You can use Ruby's hook on pharsa and pull her towards your team and stun her which is pretty fun to do lol But while thinking like a peeler and keeping heroes off your team you should keep an eye out for opportunities to go on the offensive and pull/stun any squishy hero who was out of place to secure a kill for you team.

Her hook however is pretty hard to always get right though so dont be too hard on yourself if you use it and dont hook anyone more often than you expected.

Idk if this was helpful but have fun learning ruby she really is a great hero! I also dont believe she'll be nerfed anytime soon since she isnt a heavy damage impossible to kill hero, if they nerf her it will really be unfair lol
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