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[Mod Post] Why Rafaela is rare and why not many players like to use her.

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Hello everyone, this time I want to invite you to discuss with one of the rarely used heroes, Rafaela. Rafaela is a hero who has the ability to provide support while in a fight with the ability to regenerate health points (HP). Currently rafaela still has not been able to beat the popularity of new support heroes like estes or angela. This can be seen from the low frequency of rafaela use in the lineup meta.

I want to know your opinion about this hero, what causes this hero is rarely used?


 Rafaela Intro :
Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil disperses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaela has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land.

05 15 Skourpy  Rafaela.png

 Rafaela Skill Analisis

PASSIVE - Heaven's Blessing
Damage-dealing abilities will slow enemies for 1.5s, and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1s.
Keep this passive in mind. Whether you want to chase fleeing foes, escape from an ambush or a gank, or want to execute foes down, Rafaela's abilities will always be of some use. Her passive ability makes this possible, just keep reading.

SKILL 1 - Light of Retribution
Uses the power of Holy Light to deal 250/310/370/430/490/550 (+120% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to the nearest three enemies, revealing the enemies in a short period of time.
This skill has a wide range. Combined with her passive, this makes Rafaela actually a walking nightmare in a goddess's vessel. She can slow down escaping enemies, opening a chance for other heroes to finish the foe. She can poke hiding enemies, making her safe to check possible hiding bushes in the map for hiding enemies, or reveal transparent enemies like Lesley and even Natalia (in fact, in her official guide, Rafaela counters Natalia). Also, combined with a relatively high magic power, this can also be an alternative to execute fleeing heroes with critically low HP. Trust me, this spell will annoy the enemy most of the time.

SKILL 2 - Holy Healing
Summons Holy Light to regen 370/410/450/490/530/570 (+50% Total Magic Power) HP for herself and the most injured ally near her, and also regens 90/100/110/120/130 (+25% Total Magic Power) HP for other allied heroes.
Get that Enchanted Talisman first. Considering all of her skills deal magic damage, it is a good idea. Not only this enables Rafaela to provide free healing and speed boost for your team every three seconds or so, but also this skill enables swift escaping from ambushes and attacks. As I said, while this skill doesn't regen HP as much as Estes's healing spells do, Rafaela's passive makes it possible to escape pursuing heroes. Perfect for any team gameplay.

ULTIMATE - Holy Baptism
Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing 460 pts of magic damage and stunning targets for 1.5s.
Now we're talking. This skill is a huge lifesaver, both in team fights or in solo encounters. Stunning enemies for a couple of seconds enables other heroes to gank them to their demise. Not only that, this skill cancels Odette, Parsha/Fasha, and some other heroes' ultimates.

Rafaela Gameplay :

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Well she is pretty good if you and your team has teamwork
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Edited by I_am_shuntao at 2018-5-16 11:53 AM

Personnally I like this hero even I dont play her well very often
But maybe it is cause she is (looks like for me anyway) a pure support (yes you can steal some kills with her first skill though)
I don't know why she is less used than Estes or Angela but I don't see players who plays support heroes very often (same for tank as I see)
Post time 2018-5-16 08:02 PM | Show all posts
I think it is just overshadowed by other roles, Tank+Marksman+Mage+Assassin+Fighter

Angela makes it out of the pure support category and can be used as a mage because her skills really hurts a lot when the damage piles up and her ult lets her jump right back into action as soon as she recalled

Diggie can focus on disrupting enemy's formation with his skill 1 and skill 2, and skill 3 completely nullifies all CC which is a big annoyance

I think the pace of the game would be too fast for Rafaela to be feasible to most people, people treat her like a troll pick most of the time
Post time 2018-5-16 08:30 PM | Show all posts
1) Why is Rafaela rare?
If we look at the current meta, I'm not talking about roles, I'm talking about playstyle. In the current meta players tend to play heroes have a high CC
like Martis & Johnson or with high burst damage like Lesley & Gusion. Rafaela is easy to kill, she's an easy target, the only way to escape is either by having a flicker or using her healing skill to speed up, but having these heroes will make her mobility looks like nothing.

2) Why don't players like to use her?
After having these disadvantages, definitely, you will change your mind about her. So we go to the 2nd choice which is Angela, why?
Angela is a pure support, She can heal allies and slow enemies at the same time, She can speed up allies, Also her ultimate is global so she can save her allies from the base and not mention that her ultimate gives absorb shield, that means 90% she will save her team. And duo that she can spam her 1st skill that gives her extra mobility to escape.

Now compare them both functionally, you will see that Angela has more impact & appearance in the game.
I hope I answered your questions.
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Modukes replied at 2018-5-16 08:30 PM
1) Why is Rafaela rare?
If we look at the current meta, I'm not talking about roles, I'm talking abo ...

And, don't forget to mention that most of the players prefer to have kills rather than assists so they choose Heroes with high damage.
Post time 2018-5-16 09:26 PM | Show all posts
IMO she is just a *, easy target. Most of the player use her to troll when they aren't satisfied of their team, other supports are better than her
Post time 2018-5-16 09:35 PM | Show all posts
Bayoneto replied at 2018-5-16 04:11 PM
And, don't forget to mention that most of the players prefer to have kills rather than assists so  ...

well, I said that already 'high burst damage heroes' :D. Well, I didn't mention kills and stuff but yeah, well thank you!
You're right because they want THE GOLD MEDAL
Post time 2018-5-17 12:53 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Dana at 2018-5-17 12:55 AM

It's because her healing is not as effective as before, her ult is easy to dodge, she's weaker than before even if u add two defs, she has lower magic damage like diggie(still diggie has more def and cc immune ult), lower maskman damage than old nana and estes has higher healing than her. Believe me, i was using her a long time ago and even in brawl now but she can't carry(support) to victory for her team. Estes has to help her in brawl. U know when estes's released for the first time, there was combo of one tank and two healers(the immortal team). Those were the days...
Post time 2018-5-17 02:20 AM | Show all posts
Rafaela...shes food for assassins..enough said xd
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