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Hello, MLBB!
Umm, or more precisely is;
Hello, MLBB forum!

Actually I have been in the forum for a long time, but, at that time, I forgot the password of my forum account. Then, I decided to create the new one, although I've tried to recover my password of my old account—but it failed because of the link to recover my password was not sent to my mail. I also often access the forum, to see some of threads, leave it a reply or even just read it. This time, I decided to say my hello through this thread! :D

Well, let me introduce my self.
My name is Adhe I. Shaalihiin, you guys can call me Adhe. I also well known—in the game, as Bianca.
I'm a fresh graduate from one of good university in my city; Jambi, Indonesia. I graduated from Faculty of Law, but more interested on Entertainment. Maybe you gusy think that I was on wrong life-path, huh? Hahaha! Ya, sometimes I think about it too! LOL. I have not get any job yet, but sometimes, my friends asked me to help his work. In other word is, I do the part time job. What job? Like I've mentioned above, I more interested on entertainment. I made a movie, as a Scriptwriter or sometimes as a Movie Director. Actually, advertisement movie; about education, health, community empowerment and something else like that. Some moments, I also work as Master of Ceremony (MC) on an event, either it was formal or non formal. I also do part time as a Graphic Designer, and photo or movie Editor.

I'm good at Photoshop and any other of some software editing! I got paid of a design for commercial use, such as from company, community institutions, educational institutions or something else like that. If I have no order at a moment, I still made some of designs. In this case, there was a lot of designs that I've made for top/pro player; mostly for those who want to be a content creatoron Youtube or any social media platform. For example, like Justin (JessNoLimit), Dun Zhen Xiong (Zxuan), Billy Alfonso (Z4pnu), Amir Afdhal (Syno) and some others like them. I made the designs for them, without asked them to pay me. I support them, I mean those who want to be a public figure that have a purpose to introduce our game and make it bigger and better. Like people said, "A game is nothing without its community".

Oh ya! Btw, I just sent a Forum Moderator Application to official MLBB team a few nights ago. I hope my skill on Photoshop would be a special consideration to them. Hihihi. Please wish me luck! ^^

Bianca's Profile.jpg

Now, let me tell you a story between me and our beloved game; MLBB!
I started play this game since season three, actually at the end of season three. Until now, I've made three accounts. I was no longer play with my previous two account, because if I can say, I learn much things about this game by that account. Like, you know, when I have no friends to play with, I play alone, and unfortunately it made my account statistics became worse. As time goes by, I found my comfort zone to play this game, and with this last one, I hang on—until now, and so on. From this game, I have much friends to know, to talk and to play with! Even some of them are top/pro players! I'm so happy to play this game!

On this game, I have two favorite heroes that become my signature hero. They are Kagura and Fanny. I've learned about Kagura, since everyone think that she was useless; since her ultimate skill was still one link direction. You know, whenever I pick Kagura on classic or ranked match, my teammates said "Don't pick Kagura, you lil bast***!" "Pick another hero which is more usefull!" "Kagura? Really?! Okay, I afk!" Although I finished the game as a MVP of the team, either it was win or lose.

That time was unforgettable! You know, like when you really love to play a hero—again and again, but your teammates don't believe on you; just prove it in the battlefield—that you are really worth for it! My favorite Kagura players at that time was Diem Cinababy and Kiss Cremania. I always learn how to play Kagura by watch their stream, or I go to Youtube and type their name on search bar. Lemon? I even don't know who he was at that time.


After my story with the beautiful Onmyouji Master, I started another love story with a pretty assassin; Hovering Blade!
Yes, Fanny! After I feel good enough at Kagura, I explore more guide or how to use another Hero. At that time, I saw Mikasa's name on Youtube, and I watch it. He use an assassin hero, Fanny; since the first time I saw this hero (by watch Mikasa's video on Youtube), I immediately fall in love with her mobility! How unique this hero is! She went to the war by flying! She move around the battlefield by flying! She back to her lane (either from base or after roaming) so fast! How cool! I love this hero! HAHAHA! Then I just went to another video, and also another Fanny player. I saw ISO's name. OMG, more I saw Fanny game play video, more I love her!

Then I started learning how to use this hero. First word that came up on my head was; HARD! OMG, how hard to play this hero! My time to learn this hero was same as Kagura, or if I can say, even worse with Fanny! My teammates often mocking and bullying me while playing, or even reported me after the game. Sometimes, I feel little bit frustrated with this hero. But I don't want to give up! Sure I don't want to! I learn again and again, more and more.....until I found my confort zone to play this hero. If I can say, until this time, I'm still learning—again and again. I don't say if I'm a pro Fanny player although I had time became top local Fanny player, because like I've said before, until this time, I'm still learning with this hero.

So far, I have three favorite Fanny players; they are Mikasa, ISO and Zxuan. Mikasa made me fall in love with Fanny; ISO made me want to learn Fanny; Zxuan makes me want to learn Fanny more and moreee! I'm lucky that I can know Zxuan well. I mean like, he is pro as a player and good as a friend! I often chat with him on WhatsApp messenger, and I had time to work for him (like what I've told above). From Zxuan, I can know deeper on how to maintain Fanny's energy or how to use the cable properly. Because so far, Zxuan that I know who is good to use Fanny's cable or energy not just faster, but also awesome and effective. And just a few days ago, I had time to talk further with another my favorite Fanny player; NV Hallucinates! He asked me to make him some of designs for his Youtube and Facebook page, I've done it of course, and later, I will ask to him about how to play Fanny with right way, or maybe some tips or tricks! Hahaha!


So far, until now, Fanny has become my very-favorit hero to play. I spend much matches with Fanny. As you can see on my ML profile above, Fanny is my currently favorite hero! Hahaha! I wish my knowledge and experience about this hero would become better later! ^^

Little story outside of that hero above; from this game, I can know a lot of friends, even some of them are top or pro players! I often talk or play with them! Interact with them not only in the game, but also from another media! From this game also, I can know a lot of communities; any community. Of course I feel very thankful too that many top or pro players that know me well. I hope they're proud to have friend like me, like me who proud to have friends like them. By this thread also, I want to be a friend with many player that often access the forum. Let's be a friend!

Guys, if you want to add or even play together with me, please kindly add my ML account!
In Game Name: вɪᴀɴϲᴀッ
Game ID: 92356894
Just leave a comment bellow if you have added me as friend in game, yaaa! So that I can accept you! :D

And if you want to know me more, you guys can add my LINE: aislhn, or follow my Instagram: @biancamlbb. We will talk a lot about our beloved game; MLBB! :D

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Hello welcome back Adhe
(in fact I am rather a new member of this forum so you can say me welcome too :3)
Post time 2018-5-15 10:20 PM | Show all posts
Hi! @Biancamlbb welcome back to the community and also dont forget to check on the portal for more usefull threads and about the forum moderation application i would suggest you please kindly wait for reply in the mail that you have provided and i too hope that you will become one and help us build better community.
Enjoy your stay
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Hello Adhe Bianca... Im from indonesia too..
 Author| Post time 2018-5-16 05:45 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I_am_shuntao replied at 2018-5-15 06:49 PM
Hello welcome back Adhe
(in fact I am rather a new member of this forum so you can say me welcome to ...

Hello too, there! Nice to know you! :D
 Author| Post time 2018-5-16 05:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nicky_veronica replied at 2018-5-15 09:20 PM
Hi! @Biancamlbb welcome back to the community and also dont forget to check on the portal for more u ...

Hello, Mod! Thanks for the reply!

Sure, I'll also check it like what I've said on the thread above. I love to be here, read an usefull threads, join some discussion and more! :D

Btw, about the application, someone (maybe he is part of official team) told me in official MLBB Discord server; that for now, the official team is not open the recruitment. I'm sad, of course. But he told me if he will keep my application until next recruitment. :'(

Still, I'll always wait for the mail reply. :')
 Author| Post time 2018-5-16 05:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Bellvius replied at 2018-5-15 09:31 PM
Hello Adhe Bianca... Im from indonesia too..

Halo, Bellvius! Senang berkenalan denganmu! :D
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Hola~~  Welcome back~
Old forum member? what's the name for the old one? :3
nice to meet ya
Post time 2018-5-16 08:05 AM | Show all posts
Biancamlbb replied at 2018-5-16 05:51 AM
Hello, Mod! Thanks for the reply!

Sure, I'll also check it like what I've said on the thread abov ...

That was meeeee

So that was you last night...

We just had a new batch last minth so imma work on checking if we need new ones.. Will just email you...
Post time 2018-5-16 09:58 AM | Show all posts
Biancamlbb replied at 2018-5-16 05:51 AM
Hello, Mod! Thanks for the reply!

Sure, I'll also check it like what I've said on the thread abov ...

Oh i saw that yes right now there is no recruitment but if it happen in future we will surely let you know.
And about your application yes he will keep it.
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