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[Mod Post] Weekly Discussion #6 - Lineup Meta

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Weekly Discussion #6 - Line Up Meta

Welcome to the sixth installment of the Weekly Discussion Thread series! This will be a weekly occurrence in the General Discussions subforum and will serve as a place for you to discuss about a certain topic.The topics can be about a random hero, hero roles, items, emblems, battleground spells and more.

This week's topic is about the meta!

Before we get to the main topic, let me brief short description about meta.
What is Meta? "Meta" is a prefix meaning "referring to itself." This has evolved into a variety of meanings that are used today. Meta in games refer to the strongest strategies currently.Which means in MLBB, it can be the heroes line up, the gameplay, or different build for specific hero. Even pros team has their own meta, but meta depends onthe patches that change balance. This is what i love about this game, the community were very creative to try out, and the meta they use would evolve from time to time.

Do you remember where mage was owning the game before? With 1 1 3 line up including 2 mage for both team and no marksman. Seriously! No Marksman. This meta was very very broken back then, everyone whos main role is marksman has no choice but to submit and thus, marksman seems like has beenbanned from the game. If you ever pick marksman back then, your team wouldr eport you for unknown reason wether your team win or lose. this is too savage xD even the Dev has no choice to give a big buff for marksman and rebalance the game.

But before the dev decide to buff marksman, another creative meta has been born in Final MSC 2017. SaltySalad vs IDNS. Back then SaltySalad has their own meta which is using rafaela as their core, roaming everywhere to gank, and they managed to reach the final through the upper bracket, they meet IDNS again from the lower bracket. But IDNS has learned their strategy. And defying Saltysalad meta with their newly born meta. Pickin Yss, Lolita, and then with Estes. There was an uproar when this 3 hero were picked, the audience were wondering over it. “Will it work?” or “Is this a mistake?”. But IDNS creativity has proven it, utilizing Yss Ult to prevent ambush, and using lolita’s shield to negate Rafaela’s ult Damage. They win the Final and become the first MSC Champion.

This is why meta can be so creative and worth to try.

Now! Lets get into the main topic of this thread. The current Meta. I will divide this meta thread into 3 part which is: the heroesline up, the gameplay, and different build for specific hero.

So firstly i would talk about the heroes line up that often used in ranked games, right now the most used lineup is 2 1 2, no more 1 1 3 and the composition is:

2 Tank, 1 mage, 1 fighter / assassin, and 1 marksman.

In my opinion this is the most balanced lineup for early and late games. For example:
Hylos, Akai, Cyclops, Alpha, and Yss.

Each tank will go top and bot supporting their fighter and marksman to farm, while the mage goin mid and roam. In early games, don’t ever let the 2 tank goin to same lane cuz they had no damage to harass enemy.
Another line up would be:

1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 fighter / assassin , 1 mage, and 1 marksman. For example:
Akai, Angela, Helcurt, Harley, and Lesley.

Same as before, the tank and support goin top and bot supporting their carries, while mage goin mid and roam. If your team get Angela, you just need 1 tank. cuz Angela ulti make your tank too stronk, she can also make your carry a bit more tanky. If your team get angela but still using 2 tank, your team has less damage in late game and this is too risky for your team if you can’t end the game early.

So thats it for the line up discussion, Talk about all of these in this thread, and feel free to discuss, argue but remember to respect your fellow forum members.

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*Plz keep in mind this is only my opinion and experience through ranked games, if you have another line up meta, comment below and let’s discuss it

Post time 2018-5-15 12:52 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Just my own formula to win when somebody pick Alucard, Karina, Freya etc (melee heroes)  tank (especially if they were have no stun like balmond ) and Moskov,Miya or Karie (attack speed ) . I insta pick Aurora (with 4 armor item build, no joke, she's really OP as a support lol , because she can literally freezes everything !!! from minions , jungle monsters, turtle, lord , and even a fanny ), I found that aurora was  almost nonexistent in ranked match, actually Aurora is really good to "tame" a mobile assassin to  help my team mate to farm properly and not become a feeder due they have a 2 seconds advantage to attack first  ,it's fun to watch lance , harley, fanny and gusion become a sitting duck in 2 seconds,  (currently I'm in GM2, last week I'm in epic , but you know , trust nobody in solo queue, ),
Post time 2018-5-15 12:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
And when she's doing a better job than somebody who bought a new hero and try it in a ranked match because he got a new shinny skin from the last event.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-15 11:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
JAGDFUHRER replied at 2018-5-15 12:52 AM
Just my own formula to win when somebody pick Alucard, Karina, Freya etc (melee heroes)  tank (espec ...

actually, its hard to solo q if you were not carry the game yourself. aurora also has high dmg and ofc can support the team, make ur team carry feel safe to farm. but if the game dragged too long, enemy has enough item to resist her skill. same goes to eudora, alice, and other cc mage. thats why u need to own the game early when using them

i recommend to try vexana, all her skill is annoying and high damage, even tho its hard to aim.
Post time 2018-5-17 02:54 AM | Show all posts
Currently double tanks are insane... combined with 2 assassins and 1 mage the entire set is complete
Post time 2018-5-17 10:31 AM | Show all posts
Best composition for me so far is:
- 2 Tank / 1 Tank + 1 Support
- 3 Carry with a different type of attack (must be split between Magic and Physical attack)
- 2 Carry need buff and 1 carry can play withour buff

I don't think it's must be Asassin, Fighter, Mage, or Marksman, 3 Assasins it's OK if they have a different types of attack.
Post time 2018-5-22 11:09 PM | Show all posts
Y'all should see Bigetron Player Kill against RRQ in MPL regular season1 on the 1st match.That was a hella fast push.Y'all should see INDO meta like AEROWOLF,Louvre (current roster ) ,and Evos.

-Regards Yoel
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