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[Query] A Few Questions About Alpha

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Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2018-5-14 02:07 PM

First of all here's a special shout-out and congratulaions to @Staufferboy who was recently crowned as the Local No.1 Alpha. Now I had been playing as Alpha and I currently had 53.33% Win Rate as him in 15 Classic Matches, which is obviously average in my opinion. Despite had played 15 matches, I had faced several problems when I played as him, so I have a few questions to you guys especially Alpha mains.
1) What role Alpha is best suited for? Offensive or Semi-Tank Fighter? Also when is a good time to play as him?

2) What kind of build is best for Alpha in any situation? Also which spells and emblems are best suited for him?

3) Does Alpha need to jungle? I had watched some Alpha gameplays and livestreams but the results are mixed.

4) When to use his Ulti other than escaping from a gank or teamfight? Also does his Ulti make him an initiator? I frequently misses the target whenever I use his Ulti for setting a combat and blamed by others for my own stupidity. (Yep, I'm still learning but bear with me please)

That's all for my questions, kindly please leave a reply here if you want to answer my questions. Thanks!
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I'm not a pro on using Alpha nor an Alpha main.

For me, I usually use Alpha semi-tank fighter but I think that will depend on your play style. Since I mostly enter/initiate the fight, I at least need to withstand their damage.

I think, yes, Alpha needs to jungle. I think most heroes does anyway as it takes you into an advantage of level and gold.

If you want to take Alpha as an initiator, it probably be better if you are building him semi-tank at least to withstand the damage or else you are dead the moment you enter especially when there's a lot of cc with the enemy.

I also have a hard time aiming Alpha's ulti so I make sure they are at least clamped together before entering the battle.
Post time 2018-5-14 02:29 PM | Show all posts
1. semi tank fighter
2. boots of tranquility, bloodlust axe, rose gold meteor, beast killer, dominace ice, wings of appocalipse queen. note: u can change rose gold if enemy less magic damage or dominace ice if enemy less pissical damage to hunter sword... and always build pillager axe first... best spell is petrify...
3. of course he needs jungle, by killing monster jungle alpha can get mana, thanks to jungle item
4. kill mage or mm using ulty to shorten distance gap... remember to use ulty only when enemy skill in cooldown... you must lock enemy mm/mage before using ulty...
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2018-5-14 02:58 PM | Show all posts
Alpha is best built semi tank. His second skill heals a lot so always max it much. And remember 2 hit of skills = True damage.
For build Tier 2 jungle item , BloodlustAxe , Warrior or tranq boots , WOTAQ , Endless Battle  ,RGM , Final item is based on match or enemy comp...use either immortality , Blade of 7 seas  
Post time 2018-5-14 04:45 PM | Show all posts
im alpha main and is best semi tank.  i don't remember my build exactly but wings of apoc queen and bloodlust axe is crucial.  the best emblem is assassin for the second skill penetration.  jungling is important and easy to clear lane with the second skill. use retri for spell or flicker if you want to escape.  i rarely use the ulti to escape though i use it to stun enemies usually during group fight so others can finish the job.
Post time 2018-5-14 06:19 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
it depends on what kind of player u are. im a bit reckless so i love playing it offensively.and for the build : the mana&hp regen shoe i forgot what was it name, the first item is Endless Battle because of the true damage that will make tanks weak, the second item is Thunder Belt because of the true damage too just like Endless Battle, the third item is Bloodlust Axe this item will give ur second skill more lifesteal, the fourth item is Wing of the Apocalypse Queen this is for ur HP and CD and 15 Physical attack, the fifth item is Blade of Despair this item is really useful at the late games. the best emblem is assassin and fighter (at least u have a Fighter Emblem level 40). and the spell is flicker its very useful to chase heroes or escaping at urgent times. and Alpha needs to jungle, its important to jungle at early games. Alpha is a true damage hero too, thats why i picked Endless Battle and Thunder Belt, it will make every hero in the match weak.and u can take the blue buff to reduce ur mana consumption, because Alpha spend a lot of mana. thats my opinion. and some pro tip, if u HP is low, go to minions and use ur second skill. ur HP will increase a little and when u play Alpha, u need to be Violent, if u get the chance to kill a hero, take the chance without hesitate. Thanks.
Post time 2018-5-14 06:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
and btw im top local alpha 13 lol
 Author| Post time 2018-5-15 12:26 AM | Show all posts
mastersyx replied at 2018-5-14 04:45 PM
im alpha main and is best semi tank.  i don't remember my build exactly but wings of apoc queen and  ...

@mastersyx Yep, I heard many players said that WotAQ and Bloodlust Axe are the main items for Alpha. Also does Endless Battle work well for him too? I never tried it before though.

@kirkezra  @DigitalAnt @Elfend I'll try the build given by you guys. Thanks for the suggestions and answers!

@streetsneeze It's okay if you aren't an Alpha main, but I'll try to follow your tips anyway. Thanks for the suggestions and answers!
Post time 2018-5-15 05:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hey my answers Question 1 well it depends. If you want to play offense take an offense build. Somethings I switch to semi tank just in case these are lots of assists and so you can tank some of there damage. Best build for anything is abit tricky. Reason is because of my play style to be aggressive. Q3 of course you need to jungle.4 I use it to tank more then an escape reason I because his ult could change an outcome of the teamfight.
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