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[Query] What Do You Guys Do If This Happens?

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Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2018-5-14 01:37 PM

Last week I had posted about me and my brother arguing about the Brawl Match losses right? Well, after I had read the replies from the forum Mods and fellow members, a question had now bothered me: What do you guys do if your friend(s) or teammates blame you for your mistakes while they are doing mistakes as well?
Post time 2018-5-14 01:15 AM | Show all posts
I'd suggest telling them the same thing. I mean, to have better teamwork, you got to know your flaws and at the same time trust each other and not blame each other. I have a squad and to tell the truth out of 100 matches that I've played, 90 of em is a win. and it's a 100% legit. If they stayed in that attitude, I suggest finding a better teammate/friend as you'll never win if you have a team that has an attitude like that.
Post time 2018-5-14 01:31 AM | Show all posts
I would be lowkey mad honestly hahaha i would probably start using caps and wait till he makes me crazily mad and than i fire back or either mute them if i am in a good mood haha

IK bad example hahaha...but honestly how can you not be mad at them XD
Post time 2018-5-14 02:24 AM | Show all posts
Although sometime its hard to keep your cool specially in voice call lol. But maximum time i try to correct myself for doing wrong. Although sometimes i clearly knew it is my partner's fault. I try to tell him that indirectly without hurting his image lol.
Post time 2018-5-14 06:51 AM | Show all posts
I suggest you join the trashtalk. One must realize part of the excitement is swearing and cursing...... (jk)
Post time 2018-5-14 08:16 AM | Show all posts
the mature and learned one won't stoop down to their level .
 Author| Post time 2018-5-14 11:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2018-5-14 02:12 PM
Charles replied at 2018-5-14 01:15 AM
I'd suggest telling them the same thing. I mean, to have better teamwork, you got to know your flaws ...

@Charles Good suggestion. I wanted to look for a squad who had above average win rate, tolerate mistakes and generally encouraging others in a positive way. Lately it's been difficult to play in Classic and Ranked Matches alone due to increasing toxicity as more and more people are either joining or quitting this game. Besides, many of my friends weren't free playing ML as they are focusing on their works or studies (Currently they are focusing on their semester exams, some of them even focusing their final semester exam), thus I usually play with my siblings. Off-topic: While I always had very good terms with my siblings in real life, we aren't always get along when we play this game, especially with my brother.

@DeathFlag Among many kind of players in ML, trashtalkers and egotists are the worst kind of players in the game imo. My brother is these kind of players in general, as he almost always lost his maturity whenever he lost a match by insulting his teammates, friends or even me and my sister (Especially me, since I'm less experienced and he had near-zero tolerance towards teammates' mistakes even if the person had apologized to him). Despite his attitude, I always wondered why he got 60.40-60.80% win rate in almost 2000 matches.

@BD007 Me too, my usual objective in the game is do my best and be cool towards others' fault but some players aren't tolerate at all.

@Makhikoi No, just no. I'm afraid that I got backfired in the trashtalking process. (i.e Calling others newb while I didn't play well)
Post time 2018-5-14 02:02 PM | Show all posts
TheEpicJobber replied at 2018-5-14 11:21 AM
@Charles Good suggestion. I wanted to look for a squad who had above average win rate, tolerate mi ...

I have good terms with my brother as well in real life but yeah when we play online games as well he tends to blame me when we lose lmao. Though they might get mad for telling them how they keep on blaming, but they'll realize soon enough that they should instead encourage others and be positive.
Post time 2018-5-14 02:11 PM | Show all posts
Like Charles, I'll tell them the same thing.
Blaming due to a failure or a mistake being done can only lead you to the path of DEFEAT and ANGER.
You won't be able to concentrate much to the game due to chatting.
Thus, anger can remove your patience and calm behavior. From appropriate gameplay turned into an inappropriate one.

Why would I feel guilty? I'm sure that a mistake won't happen unless the team has done one, too.
More like One for All, All for One.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-14 02:42 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2018-5-14 02:02 PM
I have good terms with my brother as well in real life but yeah when we play online games as well  ...

@Charles I'm glad to hear that your brother will realize his behaviour after a loss. My brother in the other hand, I have to leave him alone or ignore him until a few hours later if he blamed me for my mistakes in the match. But we generally settle down by talking about other topics first before going back to ML again.

@Demigra Agreed. Also we should keep quiet about others' mistakes rather than bashing them during the game.
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