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I can't stand Harley users. They are bunch of trashtalkers because they know Harley is #1 most mobile mage in the game, so they can escape easily. I'm so pissed off with this one Harley in a match: He hit and run me using his ulti + annoying cards skill. And then he run away from the battle using skill 2. That's ok, but then after he killed me, he typed in all chat: "Nuub cyclops".

Seriously annoying. Anyone figured out a way to whack that little b*tch hero? Please tell me so I can counter Harley users (the jerk ones) easily.
Post time 2018-5-12 09:17 PM | Show all posts
Hi @seven_cwc try learning the heroes that can counter harley and every hero has his/her advantage and disadvantages like natalia,lesley,vexena etc. So it also depends on the user how they use the hero so i would suggest like learning helcurt,saber that can actually counter harley.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-12 09:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nicky_veronica replied at 2018-5-12 09:17 PM
Hi @seven_cwc try learning the heroes that can counter harley and every hero has his/her advantage a ...

Thanks I feel much better now. Harley class should be a Mage/Assassin like his sister who is a MM/Assassin.
Post time 2018-5-12 10:22 PM | Show all posts
Harley users are not always lol
Post time 2018-5-12 10:48 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-5-13 01:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Alpha always good against harley. harley cannot do shlt.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-13 02:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-5-12 10:22 PM
Harley users are not always lol

I must have bad luck then because 4 out of 5 Harleys I met are trashtalkers.
Post time 2018-5-13 12:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
seven_cwc replied at 2018-5-13 02:08 AM
I must have bad luck then because 4 out of 5 Harleys I met are trashtalkers.

Even cyclops can  counter harley,
And its not only about enemy team if ur team is losing than harley in ur team also do trash talks, bcoz he can escape from battles, kda will be always better tha others, even without doing much and then he start trash talk like 'nub team'.
Post time 2018-5-13 08:03 PM | Show all posts
Are you sure he's the number one mage in the game?
Or maybe you forgot about Cyclops and Kagura..?

Users like those ones are definitely over confident of themselves.
As far as I know, Harley Users are calm, patient, and silent.

You might want to know that I'm a mage user (I kinda used almost all of the mages in the gameXD)
While using a hero, I do not put my full participation upon my gameplay, but also in Observation.
I can learn the moves, motives, and the actual usage of a hero (Only if I'm interested).

Maybe.. I mastered Harley in 2-3 days.. I guess? I don't know.
If you want to counter Harley, use Assassins (Helcurt, Fanny, Karina, etc.)
Harley's strong against MMs (Marksmans) So it's better to avoid him once the advantage of farming and level goes to him.

Also, just mute and ignore those trashtalky players. They're concentration is just too much that they can't hold out their anger, pretty sure they might be trying to pull out their anger instead of just keeping it within themselves.

Post time 2018-5-14 09:08 AM | Show all posts
If you can't kill Harley using Cyclops, surely you nub *JK
When you meet Harley, just bring the game until late game, that's when Harley has his nightmare. Harley has highly burst damage early game, but at late game, his damage is low compare to Cyclops, even with full build. That's why when you meet Harley user, he will end game as fast as possible, and that's why Harley put in the mid lane.
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