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[Share] Aulrad 1st Skill Detail Explaination with Video

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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-5-11 11:17 PM
Aulrad First Skill might be OP if you know how to use it.

[Contract: Soul Steal] -- Aulrad unleashes his inner energy to strengthen the next basic attack, which deals physical Damage. If this attack eliminates the enemy hero or unit, the additional damage of this skill is permanency increased. When attacking minions or monsters. the damage of strengthened basic attacks are raised.

After you watch this video, you must know the right time to use his 1st Skill. So, to get higher damage, you must use FIRST skill in last hit enemy or unit and in other word KILL STEAL enemy or unit using his FIRST skill. His damage only increase for FIRST skill only. You must understand this. I think only his first and passive skill might be OP in right timing and right use but other skill not too much OP for me.

So, he need more farming last hit minion, jungle monster and opponent using FIRST SKILL to get higher damage (to create burst) using his FIRST SKILL. If you said trash or weak hero, you might not read his skill explaination. He cannot consider as OP hero yet because we didnt know he get nerf, buff or not yet. If you planning to buy him just read carefully his skill before play in Classic or Rank mode and try to practice using Aulrad in AI or Costum mode.

That all from me, thank you.
Post time 2018-5-12 05:07 AM | Show all posts
This character is insta buy for me
Post time 2018-5-12 05:35 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I love late game.
Post time 2018-5-12 07:27 AM | Show all posts
If there's no damage cap on the 1st skill..this hero will be op late game. Insane damage and very tanky with the shield.

Do passive skill get cd reduction??
Post time 2018-5-12 07:41 AM | Show all posts
Edited by izaidi at 2018-5-12 07:47 AM

The ult description is so stupid.."permanently see enemy hero??". Huhhhhhhh..PERMANENTLY
The skill makes you fly to the enemy hero when use the 2nd time. WTH moonton?? English much??

And if you stop the skill midway..the cd increase. You are not compensate for ending it early..instead you are punish for it.
Either the person in the video didn't read the skill description correctly  or this is just another mistake from moonton.

Haishhhh..when are you going to learn devs??
 Author| Post time 2018-5-12 09:12 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-5-12 09:15 AM
izaidi replied at 2018-5-12 07:41 AM
The ult description is so stupid.."permanently see enemy hero??". Huhhhhhhh..PERMANENTLY
The skill m ...

What the heck you said. His ulti skill just same like A** M*x and other MOBA game. What your problem at all.
Post time 2018-5-12 09:29 AM | Show all posts
In what way that the skill description describe that you will teleport/fly/jump/move to the selected enemy hero.
The skill description only mention that you permanently see the position of enemy hero. Unless my google skill is lacking..permanent meant indefinitely. I'm sure the "see the position of enemy hero" end when the skill hit the enemy.

If ending the ult early going to "refund" (like the video said) some of cd..shouldn't the skill description mention reduce in cool-down time. Not INCREASE. When mentioning about cool-down time, the term reduce/decrease is the correct one.
For God sake, every item in the game mention about cool-down reduction. There's no such thing as increase in cool-down time. Increasing in cool-down time meant that the skill will take longer to reload.

You get it now??


Okay, I didn't what I said before but I understand now. Lol  Post time 2018-5-12 11:01 AM
Post time 2018-5-12 02:25 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-5-13 03:15 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
First time i see a video about aulrad, his first skill reached 4k, the next video showed it can reach 7k, then hororo made 10k, and today i see 12k damage. It keep on increasing each time i see a video about aulrad XD
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