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[Service] simple stuff that moonton messed up

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Alright devs, take notes, because the following are some features on MLBB that is pretty much useless, aren't found on other MOBAs, or just executed poorly. Fixing just some of these features would fix the entire experience and make MLBB more appealing for longtime fans or new players
1. The word censoring is pretty useless and broken, fix that excuse of a "censor" or outright remove it COMPLETELY
2. Things or features that shouldn't be sold (or at least with diamonds) in the shops include: Name changing cards, flag changing cards, and hero trial cards
3. The in game commands (the ones on the top rigth of the screen) should ALL be available during games, not just a select few. There are times where we need different commands for different heroes, and it would be better if we had them ALL during every match. Yes i'm talking about the "need assistance, or [All] Good game commands, etc. We want them all, not just six or seven of them
4. BEING ABLE TO LOG IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO A NEW DEVICE. I cannot BELIEVE moonton still hasn't fixed this, it's such an important and simple idea that for some reason, is not available to such a massive game. this one just irritates me beyond belief, as i have recently switched over 4 devices in a month, and i only discovered that you need to be level EIGHT to switch accounts now. WHAT THE HECK MOONTON??!! Give me i bound acccount godamnit, I don't wanna play with filthy warriors, i wanna use my legend 3 Account with all my favorite heroes!! Who every came up with this BULLCRAP idea deserves to be kicked. Fix this stupid issue, it doesn't benefit ANYONE.
5. Stop focusing on new heroes and focus on rebalances. This is a bit useless saying, but it really plays a big part in the game. Moonton controls the meta for the entire game and we know it. Kagura has been banned for 3 straight seasons and somehow moonton hasn't done jack to fix her, or create a hero that can stop her. The nerfed heroes get a new counterpart that DOES THE SAME EXACT THING THAT SAID NERFED HERO USED TO DO. Martis replaced Lancelot and Chou as the immune/knockback king. Moonton specifically nerfed BOTH CHOU AND LANCE and took away their features so that martis could take their position. Take in mind that martis could do the SAME EXACT THING BOTH CHOU AND LANCE COULD DO, and during martis's debut, Moonton nerfed both lance and chou so that martis could be the only one to do it.
6. Remove skin attributes. Seriously moonton, if you ever want anyone to think your game is balanced, ditch the skin attributes

Since this is a thread, feel free to add what you think small things moonton could do to fix the game

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I agree on some points that you mention, the word censoring is kinda broken. I would also like to see it be fixed as many times I type stuff like "Help me get blue buff" only to have it become something like "He** *e get blue buff" which makes it into gibberish; nobody knows what I'm talking about.

I do agree on the name changing card and hero trial cards, but I don't agree for the flag changing card as many people will abuse it to be able to play on National Contest on lesser played servers and countries.

For in-game commands I do agree too, it will be helpful if we can have a wide variety of quick chats that we are able to use, not just a select few like you said.

For account login wise, I know that they are just trying to prevent too many new accounts from needlessly being created but putting a button to login to existing account like they did to emulators will be a great addition to all platforms and devices.

As for heroes wise, the reworks and rebalancing are currently on the way, so let's just wait patiently for them to come in the subsequent updates. I think that they are slowly doing a great job in maintaining a good balance in heroes. So far, out of all the MOBAs, I really think that MLBB is one of the best if not the best in balancing heroes as of now.......The other MOBAs that I tried are really tilted too much. Imagine a tank killing squishies like a fighter... smh.

All in all, please write in a suggestion via the in-game CS as I really think you have more than just 1 or 2 good suggestions. The more constructive inputs and feedbacks we give to the team, the better MLBB will become. Thanks for the ideas!
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Edited by weeb at 2018-5-11 04:07 PM

Also they need to work on visuals and display animation like what the * Bursting Yama Minotaur looks so horrendous, yeah they may be doing it to prevent ML from consuming a huge portion of your battery but look at 4rena of V4lor (edit: it got censored what), they have realistic display animations, realistic arenas, realistic models and overall more good-looking environment and UI but still consumes the same battery percentage as ML. Mobile Legend's visuals are absolute trash even the latest and expensive skins like Saber's display animations in Full Metal Ronin, Glorious General Zilong's new effects and others.

Censors too ruin my *ing experience, when I type Balmond, half of his name gets censored for no actual reason, when I'm communicating with fellow PH players some words get unintentionally censored and they can't understand what I'm saying or think I'm cursing.
Some heroes are so weak and out of meta like Zilong, Gatotkaca and Chou even though they have decent abilities. Why? Because Moonton releases new heroes that are STUPIDLY OVERPOWERED and BUFF HEROES THAT ARE ALREADY DECENT AND LEAVE WEAK HEROES IN DUST.
Also the skin attribute is made for making skins more attractive and more players will buy them which is absolutely unnecessary because they hardly ever have an impact ingame at all.

I think they're trying to compete with LoL with the new "complicated" and "hard to utilize" kits of new heroes but they're doing it wrong, instead what they've done is ruin the meta and ruin the experience of many players. I agree with all of your statements 100%. They focus more on making money rather than their player's enjoyment and satisfaction.

Also remove the "bang bang" in the title ffs, it ruins the whole title.
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Edited by I_am_shuntao at 2018-5-11 04:18 PM

The question which come to my mind is how we can say it to moontoon or how can they hear us (or read us) ?
The answer could be that we can give feedback  to them
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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-5-11 04:24 PM

Sometimes I agree this but ...

You must know all MOBA games still compete with each other by updating new stuff, heroes and skins to get more profit, money and popularity. Business competition yo, all MOBA are same for me. I even learn business course, any company need to compete to get rich and popularity.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-11 04:44 PM | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-5-11 04:14 PM
Sometimes I agree this but ...

You must know all MOBA games still compete with each other by updati ...

You also must know that all MOBA games aren't as greedy as Moonton but do things better than them. "Needing money" is not an excuse to be an asshole to your players. Moonton is already rich and popular, but the fact that they're still doing their shady business strategy by screwing the players is stupid.
Post time 2018-5-11 04:48 PM | Show all posts
There are surely not many others dev teams that care a lot about their players...
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To be perfectly honest, I only agreed with Number 1.
The Word Censoring system is just too over that the players won't be able to communicate properly ingame.

However, with the rest of your ideas ; I think what is here now is what should be. I mean, what if those Player Name Change Cards, Flag Change Cards, etc. are free, won't the players abuse them? Thus they will be changing their Flags into different flags depending on the appearance or how appealing the flag is.

Also, the Word Censoring System is kinda helpful too.
Trashtalks and Toxic Conversations being made by players who are furious due to their team's behavior, they might be able to land vulgar languages.

Agreeing with Number one doesn't mean removing the Word Censoring System, right? I say, just reduce the number of unavailable necessary words so that the players in the game can communicate properly. Instead, just block off those inappropriate words that shouldn't be used elsewhere.

With Number Four, I'm certain that almost half of the users of this game knows the reason why they added that. But to be precise, the Devs know the true reason, to be exact.
They wouldn't change or remove something without discussing it's issue and disappointment it could add to the game. So I think the Level 8 Bind account blah blah blah should remain.

Number 5, we can't actually say that. Let's just say revamping a hero without making a survey, get's revamped and all it's users get's furious due to the hero's skills being changed? Won't that affect the behavior of the users in the game?

So I think they're focusing on adding more heroes in the future and might somehow revamp some heroes.
You're lucky they're revamping/remaking some, rather than dong nothing but updating.

Removing the skin attributes..? I know, so that's among the main reasons why Players wanted to buy skins, correct?
I think if we'll let this skin attributes something, remain, it will bring an advantage to the user of intending to buy the skin.
Honestly, the Game wants the Skin to not be only Skins, but also had a few attributes. So removing these "Attributes" Would only make the skins useless. Thus skins will only affect the appearance of the hero, and not it's stats. The users wasted countless of diamonds just to get a magnificent style without any attribute? You could say that's a total waste.

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Lol the skin attributes do have like 0 impact
Post time 2018-5-13 09:41 AM | Show all posts
i agree with word censoring, the censorship are too much until some words cannot be use. name change should be able purchase using bp, probably 30k bp should be ok. others are not my concern.
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