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[Hero Concept] ◉ New Hero. Onyx. Necromancer ◉

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Edited by KevinDurance at 2018-5-9 12:19 AM

Hello my friends.
Today I will show you remake my proposal early. I changed some parameters and skills, as well as adjustments in other aspects. Later I will do more remakes, if it is necessary, nevertheless I have a lot of ideas, just a little time. In addition, the design of such pictures takes a long time. Yes, I decided now to make my proposals in the form of pictures, like my previous offer of Lockhart..
Please, dear moderators, send these 7 pictures to the developers.
For those who do not know English, I'll leave the text for those who use Google Translate and can easily translate the text.
So, let's begin.

Name: Onyx
Class: Mage/Support.
Role: Explosive Damage
Kind: lich, undead, necromancer.
Gender: man.
Ultimate: Resurrection allies.

Once Onyx was a talented scientist, a white magician and an alchemist. Once he fell in love with a sorceress. However, this sorceress was a dark magician and Onyx took from her the dark side. Nevertheless, he loved and was ready to do anything for her. However, at one point the beloved was cunningly murdered by the minions of white magic. Onyx, beside himself with rage, began to look for ways of resurrection and revenge. He sought a solution to the problem in the books of his lover and learned a lot of black magic. He became a much darker magician now than the light one. He went to look for the beloved's body to return her to life. I also punish the offenders It is not known what he will do next when the goal is achieved.

Basic characteristics:
Physical Damage: 115
Magician damage: 0
Armor: 18
Magician resistance: 8
Health: 2631
Mana: 550
Base Attack speed: 0.834
Movement speed: 255
Health Regeneration: 23
Mana Regeneration: 31
Primary Critical Attack: 0
Critical Ability: 0

Appearance: I see Onyx's appearance as a typical magician with skulls, bones and other attributes of a necromancer. In my vision, the hero is like the ancient Egyptian god Set or Anubis. In the hands of Onyx holds his weapon - a staff. In general, his appearance drains malice, but attracts an unknown charm, which is usually possessed by all representatives of the Egyptian undead.

Passive Skill Deadly retribution:
When Onyx dies, a poisonous cloud gradually forms around his body, which poisons and slows enemies by 65% ​​while they are in the cloud.
Poisoning: 190 Mag. damage per second. (+90 total magical attack).
If the hero dies with a charged 5 points, except for the cloud
near his body after 2 seconds. a powerful guard appears and protects the body. Guard attacks the conical waves of poison, which inflict 300 mag. damage (+40% total magical attack).
Note and addition:
Outwardly, the cloud is very similar to the cloud of Natalia.
The duration of the cloud is 10 seconds.
The Guard is an invulnerable unit and remains near the body until Onyx resurrects anew.
The Guard can move no further than 1.5 yards from the body and does not attack the enemy towers.

1st skill Deadly Absorption:
He throws a clot of corpse poison into the target, inflicting 240 mag. damage (+80% total magical attack) and slows it down by 80% for 1 sec. If the skill touches the dead corpse of any hero, the corpse will create a wave (4 yards) of poison in all directions and slow down by 30% of surrounding enemies for 4 sec. inflicting additional 320 mag. damage (+80% total magical attack).

2nd skill Prey
Throws poisoning of the skull to the target, the skull instantly burns physical and magic armor by 10% and deals 175 magical damage (+50% total magical attack) and slows movement speed by 25% for 1sec.When applied, the Onyx skill will receive a short-term acceleration + 20% for 2 seconds.
This skill has 5 points.
To fill these cells, Onyx must apply skill to allies.Each application on the ally has +1 points.When all the points become full, the skill's damage will increase many times (the total skill damage will be multiplied by 5).
Charged Onyx, at death, will call the guard.
Note and addition:
This skill is analogous to passive skill of Aurora.
It is certainly desirable to take lives on the base or from a hero who does not mind this, which for example gathers to the base for mana / health or vice versa, you go together from there.
If Onyx kill an ally in a foolishly uncaring way, there will be a notifications, like when a hero is killed by a forest monster or tower without the help of enemy heroes.This skill can not be used on minions and any monsters.

Ultimate skill Resurrection Of The Dead
Resurrects a fallen ally with 40% health. If there is no nearby fallen ally, Onyx will fully restore his health.
The application of the ritual resurrection takes 6 sec.

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 Author| Post time 2018-5-8 10:46 PM | Show all posts
Edited by KevinDurance at 2018-5-8 11:16 PM

Big size image in border

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Post time 2018-5-8 10:47 PM | Show all posts
COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! nice one!!


The downside of this skill is that this skill does not do damage, but in practice it can not always help, because heroes can resurrects themselves. This skill is good to help only in the last stages o   Post time 2018-5-8 11:05 PM
but the ult is kinda op!! only for 6 Sec no way ahaha to op  Post time 2018-5-8 10:54 PM
Hey. Thanks for the feedback. Please read the skills for me this is more important than the picture processor. Pictures are just pictures, my idea is not only in appearance, much more important skills  Post time 2018-5-8 10:52 PM

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 Author| Post time 2018-5-8 10:49 PM | Show all posts
Edited by KevinDurance at 2018-5-8 11:19 PM

Original images Hero and Guardian skins.All images are taken from the Internet in free access and are free creativity.


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Post time 2018-5-8 11:06 PM | Show all posts
It's so good idea! New hero in MLBB, and it's good hero! Very good hero!

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Post time 2018-5-9 12:32 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Матёрый replied at 2018-5-8 11:06 PM
It's so good idea! New hero in MLBB, and it's good hero! Very good hero!


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Post time 2018-5-9 03:50 AM | Show all posts
NIce! I will gonna buy this one if they will make it!

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Post time 2018-5-9 11:22 AM | Show all posts
OMG this one is so wonderful <3 <3

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Post time 2018-5-9 07:48 PM | Show all posts
Ow, cool idea.

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Post time 2018-5-9 11:09 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
KevinDurance replied at 2018-5-8 10:49 PM
Original images Hero and Guardian skins.All images are taken from the Internet in free access and ar ...

Create hero spongebob,it's a cool idea


You are seriously? Lol  Post time 2018-5-10 02:34 PM

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