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[Hero Balance] Does Saber and Helcurt need to be buff?

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Post time 2018-5-7 02:32 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by Ashtaroth at 2018-5-7 02:46 PM

Why buff them?

Helcurt is an easy target for other heroes because he doesn't have any skill for survival like untatgetable, too much mobility/blink and immunity to basic attack.

Unlike other assassins who can just dive in clash and kill enemies easily both Saber and Helcurt needs a lot of effort to kill ONE hero.Saber needs to reduce their armor to make his low damage skills useful.Helcurt needs to have a stack for his 2nd skill and has an expiration.It is unfair because unlike other assassins who can keep spamming their skills because they don't need to think for damage Saber needs to lower enemies defense and Helcurt needs to increase his only deadly skill by stacking it.

Why not increase Saber's base damage OR percent of additional damage base on physical attack for some of his skills or just remake his skills.

Just remove the expiration of Helcurt's second skill stack because it is easy to avoid and it is no sense at all.And give him a survival skill in his kit like causing damage to silenced enemy will lower his 1st skill cd buff or just give him a shield.

Those are just my suggestions you can just buff them according to what is required to make them suitable for the role and class and worthy for 32K BP and for their skins.

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Post time 2018-5-7 02:50 PM | Show all posts

I feel that Saber needs a slight buff as he is lacking compared to all the other assassins, even Natalia.... As of now, his only role is disabler which makes him more suitable to be categorised as a fighter over an assassin.

As for Helcurt, I think he is fine at the moment. He isn't really a spammer/solo assassin like Lancelots and Gusions who can dive and dash whenever they want. Instead, like Natalia, Helcurt relies on good timing + macro skills. A decent Helcurt will activate darkness and then proceeds to nuke the targeted squishy which is most of the time carries of course, and apparently he is still great in doing that. So Helcurt is fine, and Saber needs a buff/rework.
Post time 2018-5-7 02:55 PM | Show all posts
I would agree for saber, but helcurt is good enough. even there are some people that complaint about him right now. and sometimes he is in the ban list in draft pick mode. I think its enough to assumes that helcurt is one of the annoying heroes as well.
Post time 2018-5-7 03:22 PM | Show all posts
helcurt is annoying.. his ulti and that silence of his really frustrate me.. especially if im in the middle of a fight
 Author| Post time 2018-5-7 04:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
If you have escape skills jist use it and don't run in straight lin because almost all of assassin's blink and dash in straight line thats what I do hahahahaha
Post time 2018-5-7 06:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Helcurt does not need to be buffed. He is okay the way he is now. The only thing that eeds fixing is that some heroes ignore his silence. Like Jawhead. When he already use his skills, silencing him won't cancel the remaining duration of the skill, leaving helcurt's one and only advantage becomes useless against him. Silence should cancel any skills immediately. That's how silence works in other moba games.
Post time 2018-5-8 01:02 AM | Show all posts
IMHO Saber needs to buff his passive skill, as armor reduction only applies through physical attacks (not sure if it's proc also with Flying Sword)
Post time 2018-5-9 10:46 AM | Show all posts
Sabers kit doesn't look like an assassin to me lol, his only viable assassination damage source is his ulti which only brings common MM's to half health which they can lifesteal back since Saber doesn't have any basic attack amplifiers and his first needs himself to be distanced to maximize the little damage.

I think helcurt is only strong around mid-game, he's useless late game because of the current meta (initiator tanks like Johnson) and most MM's can burst down Helcurt before he even gets to them even with ulti cuz most MM's have more damage output that assassins.
 Author| Post time 2018-5-9 03:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
It is almost impossible for Helcurt to win against MM because after casting his skills he becomes an easy target not just for mm but for all heroes because his ultimate is too useless for an assassin because it has a high cooldown maybe they should give him a skill for survival.His silence is annoying but yoy can run ftom him and then go back when the silence disappeared
 Author| Post time 2018-5-15 01:58 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Sabers ultimate has aproblem because teammates can still last hit the enemy while it is under Saber's ultimate skill and Fanny can escape from his ultimate and thats no fair
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