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[Poll] Late game decision - Lord or Push to finish?

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Post time 2018-5-6 08:43 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
There is always an argument on the decisions to be made on late game after enemy has been wiped out, whether to kill lord or to push.

Opinion 1: We must take Lord. Because thats major advantage, we can distract and push if we got Lord.

Opinion 2: We must push and try to finish the game. Enemy are well-fed, we can't risk any chances of them to resurrects and making a comeback.

Which one are you?
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Post time 2018-5-6 10:14 AM | Show all posts
It depends on the situation. If the minions are near the high grounds then I'll go push as you wont need Lord. Whilst, if minions are too far, then Lord or if your team is losing like there are towers left like 1-3, then I'll go Lord as you'll gonna need a distraction xD

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Post time 2018-5-6 10:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would say both.. i mean, if its late game, your mm most like able to solo lord, while the other teammates distract enemy by push turret safely without engaging in team fight.. maybe..

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Post time 2018-5-6 10:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I didn't vote for any because both are good choices. If you wiped out the enemy team and you have 3 well-fed members, 2 people should push tower while the other one solo lord (preferably assassin or mm)

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Post time 2018-5-6 11:18 AM | Show all posts
I cant vote cause its totally situational.
It depends on enemy respawn time. Longer time means you sill get enough time to kill lords(also need to calculate the travel distance between your place to lord)
And shorter respawn time means you cant finish the lord, they might steal the lord. So in that situation turret push is best option.
Although its true for most of the time, if you are at disadvantage and wiped out enemy, sometimes its better to take lord and buy some time for farming or build.

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 Author| Post time 2018-5-6 11:23 AM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2018-5-6 10:14 AM
It depends on the situation. If the minions are near the high grounds then I'll go push as you wont  ...

Glad that you pointed out the conditions "...if your team is losing".  I do wanna add that actually but then i think, too much opinions for just 2 options Haha. But yeah, thats gonna play a huge part on making the decision too.

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Post time 2018-5-6 11:31 AM | Show all posts
You said late game so I assume the game last more than 15 mins. Resurrection time is about 40 sec. 40 sec is more than enough for you to finish the game. If you decide to kill Lord, killing Lord take about 10 sec (time is shorter is you have 2 well fed teammates, but then why don't you end the game if you are well fed?), Lord walk from base to enemies base turret take about 30 sec. (if you let Lord clear minion alone)(Lord reach much faster if you go with Lord, but again if you have time to walk the Lord, why don't you end the game faster?)

Of course there is always exception, when 1 of enemies resurrects under 15 sec. If you confidence to end the game within 15 sec, then go ahead; if not, Lord is always better choice.

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Post time 2018-5-6 01:56 PM | Show all posts
It depends. This is a MOBA game, the situations are different every time.

-Are the minions wave near enemy tower?
-Are all your towers gone?
-Does your team have enough damage to take down lord quickly?
-Is the enemy death timer sufficient time?

Its a MOBA game, not FPS.

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Post time 2018-5-6 10:54 PM | Show all posts
Depending on the situation, I guess You have to study the map and all, like can you really push and finish or will you lack time to do so? Though I honestly always prefer pushing since that's the main point of the game, it would help us somehow gain more chance of winning, especially when you are in the losing end. Lord seems to be a little weak for the enemy and can easily get killed meaning that you might not be able to push with Lord too.

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Post time 2018-5-7 04:11 PM | Show all posts
Basically..if your team lack dps..better push for tower. Clear creep fast enough with ur burst dmg skill..ez tower.

But since it is late exact answer here. So many things need to be considered.
1. If your lane being push by creeps?
2. Enemy has some aoe cc (aurora, lolita, johnson) or balmond or skill that good against group up hero (bruno, lancelot).
3. If your team have enough damage to clear fast enough.
4. If enemy can disturb your attempt to lord. (kagura, haya, bruno)
5. Your teammate health is good enough for lord?

This is just a few. There just way too many things to considered.
Using a poll to understand if you should lord or not in late game is just ridiculous.

Don't get too attach on one outcome. Analyze every possibility before pushing or lording or just bail on lord/pushing halfway.
I saw too many players refuse to join teamfight because they refuse to give up on lord.

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