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[Poll] [Meta Poll] Kagura VS Cyclops (Mage Pt.1) #1

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Post time 2018-5-3 11:44 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-6-13 11:01 AM

I just thinking why Cyclops is not meta current season but most meta mage in S8. Kagura the most famous hero quite not use now in this season even pro player especially King Kagura user, RRQ Lemon. Now, Kagura not ban hero even less pick hero compared than previous season.
You must know why Kagura is famous hero in previous season and not in season 8.

--> Most of player will pick famous hero. Kagura is more famous hero compared to Cyclops for previous season because pro player use him a lot.
--> Pro player, RRQ Lemon will main Kagura as his hero and very good using her (as difficult hero). So, other player are follow him to use Kagura too.
--> When I watch Cyclops in Jess No Limit YT video, 1 or 2 month after his toturial, many player use him a lot.
--> Both of them are very powerful hero (as burst hero) and Kagura and Cyclops in same level if CC skill is not include.
-->However, their difficulty to use are different. Cyclops are most easiest mage to use for me and Kagura is most Hardest mage to use. So in this season more playet use Cyclops instead Kagura.
--> I didnt see any Damage buff or nerf for these 2 heroes along my time playing this ML.

I think player didnt some player didnt explore yet some potiental hero to become meta. Maybe player just waiting some tutorial from pro player only. I will say no one use that less meta hero unless pro player show hero tutorial or new abour meta hero in YT or learn some hero from livestream.

Cause of useless hero become Meta:
Hylos --> From some pro tanker (I jus really know Ts Hawkeye use him a lot and become Top 1 Hylos before he become meta)
Helcult and Harley--> By Jess No Limit
Cyclops--> Formerly by Lemon but Jess make tutorial for this hero (he learn from Lemon)

Decide which these 2 mage are the best mage, Cyclops or Kagura?

Note: SEA server and other have different meta hero. Maybe some of them choose Kagura and other side choose Cyclops as best Mage.
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Post time 2018-5-3 11:51 PM | Show all posts
To me cyc is better..i havent seen a kag going over 10 kills in ages lol


I am mythic too...never seen a good kag, probably depended per you see much curt, fanny and martis  Post time 2018-5-4 12:01 AM
Really? in ages? In Mythical glory, majority Kag are deadly. Annoying with her CC in early game and high dmg in late game...  Post time 2018-5-3 11:55 PM

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Post time 2018-5-4 12:23 AM | Show all posts
If you ask about personal opinion. I'll choose Harley.
Im more enjoying the escape from the enemies than being a killer

but from both options above, I'll choose Kagura. especially when she wearing her last skin.

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Post time 2018-5-4 01:14 AM | Show all posts
Hard to choose between them because i love them both  but i think kagura can fare much better in this assassin meta

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Post time 2018-5-4 01:26 AM | Show all posts
It all depends for me. Clash-wise I guess it's Kagura, but dps wise it's Cyclops for me.

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Post time 2018-5-4 04:33 AM | Show all posts
kagura has better mobility than cyclops, although cyclops have passive that can make skill cooldown faster but with the right timing kagura can become dangerous hero

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Post time 2018-5-4 07:29 AM | Show all posts
Well most of the people will know my answer and there is a reason.
While kagura is op in early game. Cyclops is more stable from mid to late game.
Its true kagura has all abilities and Burst damage. But cyclops has insane burst damage with good mobility and almost zero cooldown time. so with buff cyclops can spam his skills like hell until someone kills him.
So i will go with cyclops.

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Post time 2018-5-4 08:56 AM | Show all posts
I quite agree with u. OP hero is Hero that used by Pro alot & perform really good with it. If by chance those Pro player use Mino & perform outstanding, i guest Mino will become famous again & many will use him. It just a matter of how to use a Hero instead of is he over buff or not.

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Post time 2018-5-4 04:57 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time 2018-5-6 04:36 PM | Show all posts
It certainly depends on the hero.
If cyclops is stuffed, and Kagura's trashy, then Cyclops will have the upper hand.
Once Kagura has the upper hand, Cyclops becomes the trashy one.
Or both of them having the upper hand (Advantage) Their powers will be the same.

But I recommend more of Kagura.
You know why?

1. She can escape Cyclop's Ultimate Skill
2. Her Seimei Umbrella deals massive magical damages + slow effect, making cyclops way more weaker.
3. Both her third skill (Blue and Purple) Can kill cyclops in a blink of an eye once necessary enough.

Fanny is the Goddess of Escape, while.... Kagura is also one.
Cyclops is the God of Bursts Damage Dealers. He's so powerful that he can get rid of his enemy in an instant.

I main both Kagura and Cyclops, so I think their level and power gaps are the same.
No need to compare them.

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