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I. Skill Tips and Combination Tips
Starsoul Magician - Cyclops
Role : Mage
Price : 15.000 Battle Point
Hero Specialty
Burst Damage
No Scape Skill
Good Farming
Efficient Ganker
Strong Pusher
Passive Skill : Starlit Hourglass
The deep bind with stars gives the power to control time. Current cooldown of all.

1st Skill: Stardust Shock
Gathers the power of stars and cast two shock waves of stardust, each dealing 220 (+60% total magic power) pts of magic damage to the enemy.

Stardust Shock Tips :
Use this skill to clean lanes easy, this skill can hit vertical objectives, easy to clean a lane or if the enemy allies are near each other, you can hit all of them.
2nd Skill: Planets Attack
Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, dealing 210(+50% total magic power) pts of magic damage to them (damages dealt to the same target will decay).

Stardust Shock Tips :
Uses the power of stars to clean up jungling, that’s a strong attack and fast cooling down. Or use this skill to run fast to chase an enemy who is trying to escape or escape from the enemy if it’s necessary.


Ultimate: Star Power Lockdown
cyclops wields the power of stars to his fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track his enemy, dealing 600(+220% total magic power) magical damage. The target will be immobilized for 1-2s based on sphere’s flying distance.

Star Power Lockdown Tips :
Use this skill to immobilize an enemy who is trying to escape or with his powerful damage to last hit.
II. Gear Recommendation
Buy this item first
use the default sets or use top player sets.
Arcane Boots
Devil Tears
III. Battle Spell Changes and Emblem Set

  1. Flicker : teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after the teleport, duration of disabling effects received will be reduced 50%.
  2. Retribution : speed up jungling. Deals 600-1440 damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions (damage increases with level). Reduces damage taken from jungle monsters by 30% for 3s if used when equipped with jungling items.
Emblem Set
IV. Skill Build and Combination Skill
Level 1 - 5
Level 6 - 10
Level 11 - 15
  1. Immobilize the target to make the hero unable to escape.
  2. use the 2nd skill to speed up and dealing damage.
  3. use the 1rst skill to dealing damage.
  4. If the enemy try to escape you can hit the enemy with this jungle gear with retribution
  5. Use basic attacks to give him damage and the 2nd skill when is cooled down and slain him.
  6. If the enemy backup quickly use the 2nd skill again when it cooled down to escape.
  7. Optional: use the 2nd and 1rst skill to give some damage to the enemy and when the enemy HP go down use the ultimate skill to enable to escape the enemy and use the 2nd skill to dealing damage and retribution spell to slow the movement speed of the enemy and 1st skill again.
  1. Jungle: buy hunter knife, learn 2nd skill with retribution or flicker spell. with the 2nd skill cyclops can go to farm faster. reach lv 4 to reap on enemy's weakest lane or gather with allies. (cyclops is good protecting the mid lane)
  2. Cyclops can kill the turtle, at level 5 or 6, if not, then steal monsters in the near enemy jungle area beware the ambush.
  3. Cyclops with retribution and skills can jungle easy and fast, with the 2nd skill can run away if the enemy face him stealing their jungle.
  4. Try to help your allies aim at mages and marksman (adc) make them unable to escape.
  1. Make sure skills are not cooling down, to help teammates make sure what lane you should help, can see the map for it. Hide in a brush to be invisible for the enemy.
  2. when he’s approaching from your allies attack with the 3rd skill to unable to escape and dealing damage, you allies will kill him easy with that. (you must attack marksman, mages, supports, weak enemies or if is a tank or fighter who has a low life you can slain him as well).
  3. Use the 2nd skill.
  4. The 1st skill you can hit two targets if the enemies are near each other.
  5. Finish destroying the turret.
  6. Go help the others or protect the lane.
V. Hero Relationship Graph
A. Best Teammates
  1. Franco
  2. Harley
  3. Chou
B. Hero Counters
  1. Karina
  2. Lancelot
  3. Hayabusha
C. Hero Counters By
  1. Harley
  2. Helcurt
  3. Hayabusha
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Hmm nice..i needed a cyc build alrdy, thanks cereal
 Author| Post time 2018-5-3 03:41 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-5-2 05:59 PM
Hmm nice..i needed a cyc build alrdy, thanks cereal

this is still unfinished, I will add some video skill and will also fix the image code that is not yet want to appear in this thread
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cerealkiller replied at 2018-5-3 03:41 PM
this is still unfinished, I will add some video skill and will also fix the image code that is not ...

Ayee it looks pretty clean alrdy i have to say
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