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[Hero Balance] Seriously, remake Fanny or DISABLE her in Ranked Games

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Post time 2018-5-2 11:16 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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That hero can tilt every game.

Pharsa was disabled in Brawl Mode eventhough a player cannot pick her on purpose since each player is only given two random heroes to choose from.

In ranked and classic mode, a player is free to choose anyone.

I don't mind having over powered heroes in classic mode because there's really nothing to there except time.

But in Ranked mode, you get to lose a star or even a rank.

Having Fanny in ranked is like a joke... Having a Hero with no cooldown on mobility and attack skill is too much. And she even regenrate her stamina everytime she hits someone.

Just imagine Hayabusa having no cooldown on his 2nd skill and autocasting his 1st skill everytime there's a target. Plus he regenerates his mana whenever it hits.

Just imagine if Lapu-Lapu has no cooldown on his 2nd skill and autocasts his 1st skill whenever there's a target. Plus he regenerates his mana whenever it hits.


What you could do with Fanny is to remove the stamina regeneration that she has whenever she hits an enemy. And also limit the autocast to 1 every 2 casts of her 2nd skill.

Also, add a 1 or 2 second cooldown on her 2nd skill after the third cast.
Post time 2018-5-2 11:24 AM | Show all posts
Fanny is totally balanced now and i don't think needs any nerf or buff.
To counter fanny, you need to know how she uses her cable.
I play cyclops and i have no problem counter fanny.
And fanny also op in early game. From mid to late fanny is not so op.
But if you still think fanny needs nerf or rework, submit this Suggestion to in game customer support for official's awareness on this matter.
Tap on the blue headset icon on the top left corner besides google play games or youtube icon.
Go to help>Suggestion
Post time 2018-5-2 12:02 PM | Show all posts
Marksmen players aren't allowed to talk about fanny
Post time 2018-5-2 12:37 PM | Show all posts
Even though assassins are meta I dont think there are that many great fanny players in the game tbh. I also dont think she needs to be nerfs infact at this point to nerf her would make her pretty much useless as a hero. And banning her from a section of the game is kinda not right since there are people who main her and play her mainly in classic or rank.

Banning pharsa in brawl is different that banning a hero from classic or rank. Most ppl play Classic or Rank so to ban her there would be an issue.

Since you can ban her in draft pick then it not really a problem for rank although as you can see no Fanny isnt the most banned hero in rank anymore so that means most players have learnt to counter her pretty well in a game.

Or just trying to counter her by picking a hero  like saber or aurora, stealing her buff with natalia, using a cc on her when she attacks alone and having good damage with you. Never really want to use a marksman like layla when fanny is on the other team.

Its also really important to pay attention to the mini map to know when Fanny is and also timing is super important like knowing when to engage and disengage a fight before fanny can get there (mostly when theres a really pro fanny player and youre a squishy mm or mage this is handy)

But yea I dont think they'll do something so drastic as to ban Fanny because of her popularity so just learn to counter her it'll be much quicker then waiting for them to ban her from rank lol
Post time 2018-5-2 02:09 PM | Show all posts
It won’t happen, shes quite counterable..but if you are a MM user than yeah makes sense
Post time 2018-5-2 02:53 PM | Show all posts
There's a lot of users complaining about disabling or nerfing fanny.
But you guys need to understand deeper.

Fanny has been nerfed for countless of times and is probably very hard to master.
So the ones you can see in Ranked Mode who you refer as 'Expert Fanny Mains' are Smurf Accounts or either the ones who struggled for countless of days just to master her.

Disabling her or revamping her will also drive the fanny mains furious.
Read some fanny guides and get to understand her, if you have some time.
You will also understand of how much or how hard she is to master.
Post time 2018-5-2 06:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would like that when she gets CC, well that it works at least. Most of the time cc do nothing to her and this is really annoying.  It's ok that a fanny player is good, but sometimes it feels like she's immune to cc basically ('-')
Post time 2018-5-2 06:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-5-2 07:37 PM

If you use Akai, she is very useless at all. I am Akai user, I know how to counter Fanny very easily in rank and no big deal at all for me. There are bunch of Tank yet can counter Fanny easily, just wait enough. One more, her major weakness is no blue buff. Try to steal her buff if you are clever.
Post time 2018-5-3 07:30 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I have witnessed how Fanny massacred an entire team a lot and she is more powerful now because Nana's morph skill is now useless...that is one anti-fanny hero off the list!
Post time 2018-5-3 08:33 AM | Show all posts
fanny is balanced. to truly counter her, you need to know how she works. i’ve decided to learn her mechanics in vs a.i mode (i’m really bad at her, but now i understand her weaknesses)
here are some tips i want to share :)
-don’t stay near walls, she can wall spam you and hurt you big time without losing stamina (also most fanny’s bait themselves to get you near walls so they can wall spam, so don’t fall for it)
-fanny’s need to sometimes predict where you are gonna go to attack you efficiently (so don’t run away in a straight line, see where she lands her cable and try and juke her)
-don’t bother immobilizing her when she is flying (like cyclops ult, she can still move)
-she desperately needs the blue buff, without it she loses energy like crazy and it will sometimes make her unable to do her combos. so idk try and steal her buff, or make it harder for her to get.
-she’s an early game hero, and usually goes for squishy marksmen and mages early game, once it’s late game she can easily be killed (early game whenever I see her on the map, I try and avoid her until it’s atleast the 8 minute marker)
-don’t go solo lane with less than half health
-understand her skills, how she recovers energy with her passive, her ult, and when her first skill is activated when using the cable
-try not to chase her unless she has low energy as well. if a fanny is low and is flying away, any skill with hero lock mode will finish her off (lesley’s ult)

these are just my tips, keep in mind i’m not a fanny you can correct me if I’m wrong
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