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[Service] The Word ALLAH on Estes's Skin - Needs Official Confirmation

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Post time 2018-4-27 07:23 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Wiwin at 2018-4-28 02:51 AM

To avoid misunderstanding about the game, I wanted to know what is that on the estes's skin image?

It looks exactly like the arabic word of Allah. Just in case the devs doesn't meant it, then please explain what is it.

The picture shared by Devcloped MLBB and Mobilelegenszdesign on instagram.

estes skin by mobilelegendszdesign.jpg     estes skin by devcloved mlbb.jpg

By saying the arabic word of Allah, I meant this (The right one):


image source: bukalapak

RELIGION is a very SENSITIVE stuff in my country INDONESIA, so please don't bring up religion to the game.

If it has nothing to do with Islam or the word Allah, please remove or change the looks since it may bring a misunderstanding and there will be a lot of provocator.

If it still there, I just wanted to say that it will lead people, many-many people to leave your game - including me since I don't want to play a game that toying my religion. Your game rating in google playstore might dropped significantly too.

This kind of issue once showed up in the past year, but people doesn't take it seriously because the image is too small and thought it wasn't done on purpose because it looks like a normal watermelon crack.

mlbb summer.jpg

Zoomed to 369%

summer 369 percent zoom.jpg

This one on estes is very clear and please take this case seriously. There are plenty fish on the sea, if you know what I mean.

*Edited post start here

Thank you for the answers, it's ok if it a chinese word, I am just asking, I just wanted to know what it is.

Both issue/rumours are discussed on social media in Indonesia and that's why I am asking it here, I am just trying not to talk without knowledge on there.

So this guy from Layout Artis StoR, saying my imagination gone wild. I'm just saying that the watermelon case was discussed on fb group , I am the one who careless about it too, until this second rumour comes up.

And accroding to CharlieFong(thank you for finding the word), the word is "物"

according to the picture below, Guess who's imagination gone wild? The stroke went too far or it is a style of art/calligraphy?

chinese word.jpg

Thank you.
Post time 2018-4-28 02:54 PM | Show all posts
Go get some help to fix your brain pls. Indonesia will be a lot better without people like u
 Author| Post time 2018-4-28 10:33 AM | Show all posts
Thienhitech replied at 2018-4-27 08:40 PM
There no think about religion on the skin or image, on estes skin clearly an chinese word letter (do ...

Ok, thanks, I knew they are from Shanghai. Can you please tell me which word is it exactly?


Ahh my bad, not subject but  Post time 2018-4-30 12:01 PM
物 means Wu or Things/Matter/Subject.....and connections to the above picture, could be the full word is 人物 (rén wù): a person; a character (in a play, novel etc); a "Protagonist" or "HERO"   Post time 2018-4-30 11:58 AM
Post time 2018-4-29 10:10 PM | Show all posts
i don't know how u guys have that much time to look that closely. My reaction everytime was, "oh, there is a new skin. yay..?" i have much much thing to do rather than concerning the hair, the weapon, the background, the bewbs and whatever details on the skin.
LOL people, please.. go explore the world, or at least have some hobbies.
Post time 2018-4-27 11:27 PM | Show all posts
It is "物".


Thank you.  Post time 2018-4-28 02:52 AM
Yeahhhhhhh. This's what i'm talking aboutttt. Issue solved o,o  Post time 2018-4-27 11:35 PM
Post time 2018-4-27 07:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
hmm...for the estes,i hear that it was a chinese word .-. i dunno though
Post time 2018-4-27 08:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Why does the 2nd pic in the comments keep mentioning Lancelot and what does it mean?
Post time 2018-4-27 08:35 PM | Show all posts
Sorry but whats the issue with the watermelon?


it was discussed on fb group back then in summer 2017. Someone say its a word of Allah, but most of us say it just a coincidence that it looks like that.  Post time 2018-4-28 02:56 AM
Post time 2018-4-27 08:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
There no think about religion on the skin or image, on estes skin clearly an chinese word letter (dont forget Moonton is in Shanghai) and the watermelon do nothing in here, it was smashed by a rod, nothing special, cant expect a beautiful cut from a rod.
Post time 2018-4-27 09:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How come its an Allah word???? From what angle?? Hahahaha
Post time 2018-4-27 09:15 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PhantomKnight7 replied at 2018-4-27 08:11 PM
Why does the 2nd pic in the comments keep mentioning Lancelot and what does it mean?

That guy said that he disagree that season skin would be estes.. and he said it would be better if it will be for lancelot.. which is in my opinion is impossible, because lancelot is famous
Post time 2018-4-27 09:59 PM | Show all posts
Vymonchyyy replied at 2018-4-27 09:14 PM
How come its an Allah word???? From what angle?? Hahahaha

I believe it's from crop one. Kappa
Post time 2018-4-27 10:21 PM | Show all posts
I think just remove/replace the word or just give explanation about which Chinese alphabet are used in the picture. Then this one will be solve.
Post time 2018-4-27 10:49 PM | Show all posts
it just coincidence that the chinese kanji character strokes look somewhat similar to Arabic word. but thats all. about watermelon its just your imagination running wild.


extremist always like that, monmon. Move on. **ah, sorreh commenting on ya post, StoR-chan o,o  Post time 2018-4-27 11:02 PM
Over thinking  Post time 2018-4-27 10:57 PM
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