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[Query] Spreading like a plague

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Is it just me, or toxic player are increasing by a lot nowadays? I meant the trash talker/afk/feeding.

I tolerate toxic players on occasion. That's just how moba game had and always been to me since I started playing dota. That was like 10 years ago. Toxic players are everywhere..they come and go like flies. It never bothered me so much, but annoying nevertheless.

I used to play with toxic players once or twice in every 10 games. That's like 10-20% toxic players per game. This is based on my last season observation.
But now, almost 90% of my games consist of toxic teammates regardless of winning or loosing. They talk sheet.. Playing like a noob (mythic rank and worst of all afk.
The only match that I notice low encounter with toxic players is during rank match. Brawl and classic are full of toxic..

Why is this happening?

I notice that these toxic players are mostly the wkwkwk kids. Maybe that's just because MLBB is so popular in Indonesia, and the players pool are a lot there. I rarely played with my own nation..most of the time, I get is the wkwkwk toxic kids.

Post time 2018-4-27 10:15 AM | Show all posts
Just usual in any game. Mostly game I play before this must have toxic player and then those game "dead". Even adult could be toxic player too.
Post time 2018-4-27 10:17 AM | Show all posts
yesterday i had one of the most toxic match.  the effort of these wkwk people to stop in the middle of the lane just to trashtalk is astounding.  its a ranked match no less.  thankfully we won otherwise it was not worth it at all to go through all those toxic.
Post time 2018-4-27 10:54 AM | Show all posts
Well, what I've noticed is that even in early morning there's lots of toxic players. Probably because of summer vacation? Though, for now let's all settle in a pre-made team >.>
 Author| Post time 2018-4-27 11:10 AM | Show all posts
Is it just the wkwk that are toxic??
Anytime I see afk/feeder..they are the wkwk flag.

Trash talker..they speak the wkwk language (the "", "njing")
Even when they are not trying to trash talk..they still chat in the wkwk language. How am I suppose to understand what they are talking about??
I can guess some of the words based on the context..but it is hard to clearly understand them.

There are 2 or 3 games I played with them only speaks wkwk. At that time, I'm confused whether they told me to farm lane or farm jungle, wait for initiation or I'm initiating,
They type my hero name in the chat, but the next word is something unknown to me. I don't think they are cursing.


It's not censored. it's just 100% deleted from the forum. XDD  Post time 2018-4-27 11:53 AM
really? let me try.   Post time 2018-4-27 11:52 AM
LMAO  Post time 2018-4-27 11:25 AM
even the forum acknowledged the wkwk toxic words  Post time 2018-4-27 11:12 AM
lol..the word k0nt0l is censored  Post time 2018-4-27 11:11 AM
Post time 2018-4-27 11:28 AM | Show all posts
here I give some translate for that wkwkwk word
wkwkwkw = wekawekaweka = hahaha (laughing)
feel free to ask me the meaning of their words, I'm from Indonesia but I'm not toxic or trash talking, I always silent in game.
Like Gatotkaca said for his Ulti was "Edian" mean "Craazzzyyy"
Om telolet om means Mister Telolet Mister, Telolet is sound of truck horn
Post time 2018-4-27 12:08 PM | Show all posts
I experience this last night. Calling the teammember "vavi" (pig), and then n##b for no reason. We just keep going on at the game. Or maybe my team mates actually mute the chat. Nonetheless, we won the game, and that toxic person only got bronze medal.

IDK its on purpose or not, but we go for team fight while she/he was killed. The when she/he is back, we nearly win the game, wiped out the enemy, just clear way to hit the base, but she/he went "retreat". Like, WTH dude. LOLOLOL

They are everywhere.

*budak-budak tak mumaiyiz kot yg perangai macam haram ni.
Post time 2018-4-27 01:48 PM | Show all posts
It might be because of the increasing amount of players, the more players we have the more toxic the game can be. Though another factor could be it's because it's vacation and mostly, kids are the toxic ones....
Post time 2018-4-27 03:51 PM | Show all posts
You know what,,, 100million download...
Post time 2018-4-27 10:06 PM | Show all posts
Imagine how much players are overwhelming the game.
Like ; Its a flood of users right now. And those floods of users consists of :

15% Normal Users
30% Cancers
55% Toxic Players.

100 Million Downloads.
Why won't you try to contact and make up with teams in the official mlbb discord channel? Pretty sure a lot of players in there are in need of a teammate.
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