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[Hero Techniques] Wild Wild Guide for Clint

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-4-24 05:13 AM

I was once happy, i was so glad...

i had sunshine, right on my back.

but then the mage meta showed Up, and i felt useless.

but not for long, because.... the future is gonna give me a rework, probably.. maybe.

never, but hey atleast this Guide is coming up.

Howdy! Ahola! Asta lavista! Shalom! and welcome to another Guide coming at you from the West coast! of East City!! . . . i never took geography classes, dont judge.

so today i got a neat treat for you guys, im taking out the Trashy marksman of them all, Clint Westwood, and tbh i had no idea who Clint Westwood was so i decided to look him up on Youtube.

Great.. now i gotta search what the heck a mule is.


Clint plays like his origin, that of a western cowboy with a lot of buck for his bang, he can easily 1v1 other marksmans in a showdown thanks to his dirty ways, and does massive burst Damage killing his enemies.

clint has 2 guns, his hand gun that he keeps in his holster and his trusty Big gun at his back that he uses to burst heroes, now old guns in the old west could only shoot 6 times and everytime a cowboy took a shot they would have to * it, so obviously clint isnt a dps hero, he rallies on dirty trickery and then Burst his enemies before they realise what they got into.

_~Hero Skills~_

Quick Draw
for every skill cast clints next basic attack will gain 20% extra damage, extra range and will pierce in a line in front of him, you can tell how long you have your passive up by staring at the glowing blue light at the hilt of his big gun that clint keeps at his back.

Opinion: the reason why he rivals lesley, he has enough range to poke enemies from safe distance and the 20% extra damage affects useful on hit affects that allows clint to go burst mode without losing an edge in the damage department.

Strategy: having this passive requires you to focus on Damage, that 20% boost adds value to Damage items so your losing if you trade Damage for attack speed.

use this skill in rhythm, skill, passive shot, then a normal shot, skill and repeat, this way you can stock your skills efficiently without spamming them out, plus your gonna use on hit affects items that have a 1.5 cooldown like the Endless Battle, the extra basic shot gives time for the cooldown to wear off, but if you want to dash loads of damage as soon as possible then spam.

Blind Smoke
you throw a smoke grenade that affects a small area, anyone caught in it will be slowed by 60% and have their hit rate reduced from 25% up to 75% by skill lvl.

Opinion: the reason why you never 1v1 clint if your not a mobile marksman or a mobile dps hero, its just so dirty to see someone miss you so many times and they wonder why they didnt win, clint is just so infamous that people forgot what his smoke does.

Strategy: simply pop it out on someone who is about to jump in on your team, it will affect their speed so they cant move out of it for a bit and they will lose a lot of hit rate making them harmless, its just great to have since dps heroes are late game monsters, just make sure to aim and save this skill and not waste it for your passive if theres a fed dps hero in an upcoming team fight or when your about to 1v1 a marksman/melee dps hero.

Heel Rope
you throw a chained rope that slows enemies who are caught, Clint takes a step back wherever he shot the rope in front of him.

Opinion: this skill is pretty alright, sure it copies yi shins thing but for clint this has more flex and utility for his kit.

Strategy: theres 2 ways you will be using this skill, to either engage or disengage enemy heroes, for engage you will be using this to close in on the gap between you and the hero you want to fight, thanks to your passive giving you long range you will be able to give in a few shots before they run out of your range and thanks to clint being a burst hero, those few shots will hurt.
The downside of using this as an engage is wasting it as a disengage tool so by surprising enemies by closing the gap, if your caught in their surprise you will die, thats why i keep a flick up before going in reckless incase i get caught.
for disengage its pretty simple, just shoot it on the enemy chasing you or get the best angle of escape, sometimes you will use this just to out manuever skills that were bound to hit you.

Neat Trick: You can use the skill to jump through short walls.

Clints Ultimate, he shoots a grenade skill shot that hits the first enemy it lands on dealing up to 350 base damage with 50% Phys attack scaling, clint can keep up to 5 grenades that he can fire every 2 seconds.

Opinion: clints second powered up basic attack in the form of a skill shot, while sure the scaling is 50% but the base damage adds up to it, so lets say you get 500 Attack thanks to you lvling up and getting items, you will lose 250 Attack on your skill but gain 350 from your base, making it just as strong as your boosted basic attack, with your passive its like your firing 2 basic attacks in 1 shot, not that impressive but keep in mind you got 5 of those in your belt, so you will keep up those surprise bursts often.

Strategy: the ultimate barely ever runs out, you will always have it up unless you recklessly use it for everything, use this skill to get your passive up, doesnt matter if you miss or hit a minion or an obstacle in the way, having your passive up will make up for it, speed is key, you dont have attack speed so you want your mind not to be occupied by getting your skills hit, your passive will do its job and you always have multiple ults up so missing them isnt a problem, just keep on the aggressive and rhythm.

Needs: Clint will need damage amplifiers, on hit affects that greatly affects his Passive shot, Damage for every item he gets and Crit because again it amplifies the damage he puts on his Ult and passive shot.

No Need: you wont need PEN since Endless battle does true damage, and you will trigger it often thanks to clints ult being up all the time, and CDR, at first i thought its important somewhat but after playing without CDR i realised he doesnt, just be slightly conservative with his skills.

Main Items

Endless Battle: a great first item that gives clint a slight better edge compared to other marksmans when they get their first item, allowing clint to be relevant mid game, it has Mp Regen that helps his Mp sustain since he spams skills alot for his passive and an extra 85% True Damage on his next basic attack after using a skill, with 20% of clints passive its as if your shooting 3 basic attacks in 1 instant second ALSO! you get extra movement speed when using a skill followed by a basic attack, giving clint an easy shot in and run out or easy chase.

Fun Fact: Endless battle True Damage passive triggers along clints Ult, so anyone caught by the piercing also gets true damage, so it doesnt just trigger on one person.

2x Berserk Fury: Clint needs Damage and because crit is high powered, most crit items substitute crit rate for less or no damage at all, except for berserk fury having the highest crit rate with 65 DMG, the passive also amplifies the Damage further by 40% giving damage even more value, thats why having 2 berserk fury is important on clint since he doesnt rely on attack speed, and since attack speed means you will crit more often, clint will need high crit rate from his items, the only downside is that the unique passive from the second fury doesnt count, but your just missing on more attack speed from phantom and windtalker dealing damage based on attack speed also. so really you will lose more buying those items unless your building attack speed clint.

Dps Burst

A build that substitutes high burst for more consistant rate of damage, you will sometimes use a skill to trigger your passive to deal a slight burst in between your speedy paced shots, your burst will be weaker but its a good way to shut down enemies who are about to die before they do anything.

Scarlet Phantom: for the attack speed.

Haas Claws: since you wont burst and run from safe distance like a normal build so you need more sustain, and it has high DMG so it adds to the burst.

Berserk fury: final item to bring clints high burst Back on track making this build good for both long range burst and mid range DPS.


this build will allow you to deal loads of Damage and be somewhat tanky yourself, you will have 2100 Extra HP worth, and Resistance against physical and magical but thanks to Magic Res item having 60 DMG, and the Defence item having extra true Damage stacking with Endless battle to 135% you will not lose an edge to the damage you can pull out.

Items: you wont have your beefy items early or mid game because you still want to get your 2x berserk fury to be relevant in any fight as early as possible, instead buy the items that leads to the end items whenever you find them necessary, example if you find the enemy team with 3 magic attack team get a magic res cloak for 220 gold, same goes to physical.

Boots: your already somewhat tanky, now the only thing stopping you is CC, plus it adds extra magic res clints weakness since his smoke skill only affects basic attacks, which is why warriors is bad because heroes will miss so you wont get the extra armor.


this build will make full use of Clints Burst damage, to deal the highest Damage possible in an instant.

Items: Sword of the 7 seas will lower the defence of anyone hit by your skills by 25, the debuff lasts 3 seconds giving clint extra burst, the sword also has 75 DMG which is the third highest DMG in the game with 300 HP which is nice, you can trade the item for malefic roar if the enemy team has more tanks, and then get Blade of Despair because, well You know why.

Boots: rapid is the cheapest boots in the market and clints fury items arent cheap, he doesnt rely on attack speed in this build either so yeah.

- Emblems -

pick Damage or Crit rate for the first line, second line Crit DMG Increase, and for the final line get weakness finder for the Dps Burst build, and weapon master for Full Burst Build.

Reason: the high light is the Crit  Damage increase, not the High End Emblems, but since they do make a difference you will want Weapon master for full burst since your focusing on high DMG Items, and Dps with weakness finder because it lowers Movement speed by 90% which is a lot.

get this if your going with the beefy build, first line pick whatever, Armor or Res for extra Beefy or DMG, Second Line get PEN, final line get Disabling Strike.

Reason: fighter adds to the tankiness without hindering Damage, Disabling strike also makes it harder for enemies to disengage so you can land extra burst shots as they try to escape.

~ Spells ~
Flicker: so you can be safe to use your heel rope skill to engage, and use flicker if your caught with heel rope in cooldown, it also adds distance with heel rope for an easier escape.

\_\~\Game Strategy/~/_/

Early Game: use your passive from safe distance to poke, lane safely until you get Endless Battle, once you get your first item be a little more aggressive with your pokes and go in once their low enough with your rope heel to close the gap by surprise not giving them a chance to escape from your instant burst.

Mid Game: having Endless battle still wont get you up there to 1v1 early bullies like jawhead, lance or other assassins, farm around jungle monsters and lane minions to get berserk fury after that start going for obvious kills if their on the way (in the path of your farm route.) best way to get around is by using rope heel to jump small wall gaps so use it to your advantage to speed up your farm rate, or escape danger.

Late Game: you now deal tons of damage 90~100% from Crit, 85% from true damage, and 20% from clints passive, in total you will deal 300% basic attack damage along with your Ult that also triggers Crit, your Burst is insane so go around and make plays, use your rope heel to jump in by surprise to close gaps and shut down enemies but play safely because again enemies can shut you down just as fast, so just like a real cowboy, its all about who draws their Gun first.

in team fights take a good angle to shoot multiple enemies at once, you can use your rope heel to position your self in a convenient spot to do so.

Best Companion
Martis, since your a marksman you will always be behind him for safety, and thanks to martis skill which draws all of the enemies in a neat line in front of him, clint has an amazing angle to shot line his passive on all of those martis drew in.


after playing clint long enough im starting to believe he is pretty OP, i might even use him more often in rank, he rivals lesley with her burst, and he may not have a full advantage because most enemies besides the marksmans will use their skills to do damage, so Blind Smoke hit rate reduction is somewhat useless, but thats just a small disadvantage compared to his ult triggering his passive often and his heel rope giving clint a nice mobility and engage, and really clint is just fun, his a fun hero, his probably the second most fun marksman to use (given him and lesley are the only burst heroes -irithel doesnt count-) and thats probably why i decided to make a guide on him and im glad i did, because i got to experience clint and have a new perspective that he is actually good, and now im sharing it with you guys, in hopes that clint will get that spotlight he deserves.

*~End Introduction~*

Thank you All for reading! this guide took a while for many reasons, one being the server being laggy since hanabi was released, second because i kept getting wall blocks trying to make a video for clint, my phone is just not built for video editing, the Gifs used in this guide are from the video, hopefully ill upload the clips together to make a montage in the near future, ill be uploading it in this thread.

Ciao for Now!

PS: comment below for any questions you have, or if you got a build and or strategies to share about clint.

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As always, an entertaining and good guide!

I really like spamming ulti for the sake of the passive tbh, and I feel that getting regen boots is a waste of gold and space since swift boots always work better for MMs.... But yea I need to really master my mana consumption.

Anyways, not many people knows that Clint clear creeps and farm fast too, since many like to be trigger happy on opponents whenever they see them.... Just ignore your enemies and clear wave.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-23 10:52 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2018-4-23 10:41 AM

As always, an entertaining and good guide!

not done yet, thread under construction come back later once its done.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2018-4-23 05:34 PM | Show all posts
can you pls test whether endlessbattle & thunderbelt stack or take turn to activate with passive?
Post time 2018-4-23 08:45 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the guide! I will take my time reading it now ^
 Author| Post time 2018-4-24 02:38 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
RexRagnum replied at 2018-4-23 05:34 PM
can you pls test whether endlessbattle & thunderbelt stack or take turn to activate with passive?

i would assume they both activate in one shot but sure ill do that
Post time 2018-4-24 09:52 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Im top local clint. Clint is mm hero who usage rate is the lowest compare to other mm. Even if you are top player, its kinda dangerous to use clint in this current meta. Since assasin can easily shut you down (fuc* u asasin) and double tank formation is hard to kill. Not only clint, but this is true to all mm (lesley doesnt count because she's hybrid marskman assasin). Pick clint only when you sure you have good tank and team. And make sure you play late game. Play safe, always behind your tank.  
Post time 2018-4-24 11:12 AM | Show all posts
Why not Demon Hunter Sword? There's Endless Battle, there's Demon Hunter Sword. They are the inseparable couple
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