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[Query] MLGGuides RQ (Recruitment)

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-4-22 04:22 AM


Hello im PjTyrant and im opening up a writing group for those who want to make a difference in mlbb's community, by the name of MLGGuides.

we are also recruiting editors to jump our platform to youtube for demonstration in our threads so video editors and picture editors would be great to have on board.

The Requirements are!


having a good experience in your hands about moba games and enough experience to know how every hero in mlbb works is what we need from every guide maker in our team.

-Build Enthusiast-

our moto is never copied always home made, being able to make a build by your own fair judgement on heroes synergy to its equipments with a top on whats best for early, mid to late game to make proper order.

- Isnt Afraid to Experiment -

guide makers should never be afraid to experiment if they got good ideas in mind, they also need to be able to try out new heroes so never shelter yourself to heroes you like or feel comfortable with, get out of your comfort zone.

- Writing Opinion/Thought -

The common problem writers have is their inability to write why they chose this build and their thoughts and opinions to every matter, readers want to know why you chose these paths you took with the hero, and a thorough writing to strategies, and opinion over the skills, your personal opinions affect a good reading, so have an open mind to share what you think at all times.


we will contact you in discord so leave your name and code for me to add in the comments below! we will give you a thorough interview to test your capabilities and if your an editor dont worry about the requirements just comment and we will interview you as well.

Post time 2018-4-22 11:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
just sharing ,things that I already experimented and succeed.  Akai+scarlet phantom as the first item (+ lv30 MM emblem ) = OP in early game, just try it in a custom match, you will see that frikkin panda can literally burst down anything , including the fearsome Lancelot (by frog>jump> basic attack > stun effect end >  petrify > frog > basic attack/jump again combo). Just a little boring math section , akai with 4300 HP at lv 7, his 2nd skill has 5% HP additional damage/basic attack buff effects, case: attack speed 0,85 (simplify to 1 without scarlet) and 1,5 after passive  ( with Scarlet) . without scarlet in casting 2nd skill will be 160 (attack point) + (5%×4300) = 160+215 /hit = 375/hit , akai 2nd skill effect is 5 second- aim jump 1 second = 4 second effective basic attack , 375×4 hit =1500 damage (375 final Dps non crit) . When we use a scarlet 160+30 (additional damage) + (5%×4300) = 405/ hit  , now this is the interesting part , 1,5 attack speed (after the passive was  triggered which is usually always  be triggered in first combo) in 4 seconds , and we will get 6 hit (or 8 in practice actually if we also get the swift boot )  in 4 seconds !!! , 405× 6 =2430 (607 is the minimum final Dps non crit), but mention that akai crit chance is 10% (from Scarlet) , + 5% (lv 30 custom MM  emblem + scarlet passive 5%) = 20%. Crit will double the akai damage so 2430×2= 4860 (1215 maximum Dps which is really impossible lol) is the maximum full crit damage in 1 combo or . if we calculate it with 20% crit chance, akai could get at least 1 crit in 1 combo (20%/100% × 6 =1,2 ) ,so the calculation would be (405×1,2×2) + 405×4 =972+1620 =2592 minimum (damage+20%crit chance) in 4 second or 648 dps before armor to a squishy assassin  (look at you lance) , this is really huge for a tank in early game, I can solo turtle in about 20s after get that Scarlet without any item behind. turtle has 10 k HP so roughly my akai cast about 500 damage per second and using no ulti for an unexpected scenario (probably because the turtle has an armor attributes) ,here just one of my MVP/MLG moment using akai (poor lance, I rekt him in every encounter) #RIP resolution.
, move to the other role, I find that  Odette with a feather of heaven as her third item are good too , it helps her take down the tower and kill the jungle monster faster. And pharsa with Ice queen wand created a huge  psychological terror for the enemy team during the team fight , because everybody will stay away from the danger zone due afraid of her 15% slow effect (could stack up 2 times, and it will because her bird will also trigger the stack to 30%, + her bird adds an unknown slow effect,) , lapu with fury also could solo take down the tower faster after activating his ulti, by only changing the battle spell could add an unique role effect as pusher lol. I prefer endless battle +scarlet instead a standard  bloodlust + hunter strike because I think lapu were versatile enough to fill 3-4 role (pusher, initiator and semi tank, also often  ambusher/ganker )
 Author| Post time 2018-4-23 01:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
JAGDFUHRER replied at 2018-4-22 11:33 PM
just sharing ,things that I already experimented and succeed.  Akai+scarlet phantom as the first ite ...

i mean as troll builds it makes sense, its just akai will lose tankiness for dps burst, which makes him more of an inconvenient fighter, but then again besides his ult akai is somewhat useless so i can see it work to make akai fearsome even after or before the Ult.

odette with feather doesnt go a long very well, odette is known for her ULT, the feather only loses the edge her ult gives out, the attack speed also doesnt help her at all, odette already has her passive bouncing note to deal some damage.

pharsa with that wand, it makes sense, i actually thought that item is a must on her.

nice experimentations and math tho, you should try out for the team.
Post time 2018-4-23 04:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-4-23 01:31 AM
i mean as troll builds it makes sense, its just akai will lose tankiness for dps burst, which make ...

Is there any group for it ?, hope I can meet an assassin main , I have some problem when I'm using an assassin, my GPM always fall behind if I build a 2nd tier jungle item and obviously always losing my lane, when I was decided to not build it , I win the lane but my assassin fall behind the enemy assassin in gear due less farmed with a jungle monsters. I copied and tried some of the top global gears but I feel uncomfortable with it, it is simply ineffective and inefficient [ in item price / possible max GPM in solo lane] if I build like that items like them , maybe because most of them were playing with their squad or premade team, so a good coordination and map control is guaranteed by their backups, so they can farm , jungle and build their items faster , get a savage and post it in youtube like a typical superstar , while I always solo queueing my game (and losing the game due often encountering a feeder lol)
Post time 2018-6-9 02:15 PM | Show all posts
Hello, PjTyrant, I'm interested in making guides. I'm a photo editors and currently learning to edit videos. My discord is Mic#7266.
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