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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part VI)

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-The Land of Dawn-

Chapter 6: Inside the Waterfall

  The mist from the forest gradually thickens as Grock, Hylos, Layla, Miya, Estes, Saber, Karina, Helcurt, Freya and Rafaela venture deeper into the forest. The mist makes it much harder for them to see, but luckily Saber has his ultraviolet glasses to see the way. Using the UV light, he could spot the footsteps of the person that was riding a mount. It seems that they had fled to the north. Everybody followed the trail as Saber led the way.

  They slowly followed the trail that soon led to a dead end with a waterfall. The mist slowly cleared up as the water rapidly splashed down from the waterfall. Everyone decided to stop there and rest for a while. Saber on the other hand seemed to be confused. There was no way that the mount nor the person riding the mount was able to jump up above the waterfall. Saber investigated the site as everyone else was relaxing. Freya came to help Saber as well after seeing his troubled look.

  Saber flew up above the waterfall to only see that there is a whole new land filled with blooming flowers. Even though it looked very beautiful, Saber didn't let the flowers distract him. He could not see any footprints along the river that flows down the waterfall, nor does Freya see any signs of footprints around the pond. With this, Saber came up with a very outlandish yet clever conclusion.

  Saber concluded that the mystery person jumped through the waterfall. He said that there must be a secret cave behind the waterfall, and it is most likely the mystery person's hideout. Everyone seemed skeptical about his conclusion, as it sounded like something coming out of a comic book. Saber said that he could detect life behind the waterfall. Freya also said that she could saw movement behind the watefall, even if its very faint.

  Rafaela decided to test something. She lifted up her staff and prayed. Instantly, everyone felt much better and all of their wounds are gone. Rafaela said that she could sense life not only from her friends, but something from behind the waterfall. Karina, who was still skeptical, said that if there was life behind the waterfall, then her blade would light up. She put her blades near the waterfall and lo and behold, it lit up. Everyone praised Saber, Freya, Rafaela and Karina after their discovery.

  Grock, using the fortress tower that he is always carrying arund, blocked the water from flowing so that everyone could enter. Grock himself stated that he could not fit into the cave since he was so huge. He ended up waiting outside and kept guard of their surroundings. Hylos felt bad and decided that he would be out side with him. Although Grock kindly refused, Hylos still strongly insisted on his decision.

  As everyone got deeper into the cave, Karina's blades slowly become more and more bright, indicating that they're closer and closer to the person. Miya and Layla felt more and more crept out as the darkness lingers around the cave. Fortunately, Estes was beside them for their support, and they felt much less worried. Saber sensed movement and he suddenly stopped. Everyone froze behind him as well. He could sense that two creatures are coming closer to them. Karina's blades were also getting brighter.

  Suddenly, the sound of a loud and powerful roar echoed through the cave, and the stalactite on the ceiling of the caves begun to fall down. Everyone swiftly evaded the falling rocks, and they ended up deeper inside the cave and trapped by the stalactites. Since Hylos and Grock were gone, nobody had enough might to lift up the stalactites. They had no choice but to go deeper into the cave. Light became less and less bright as Karina's blades slowly dimmed down for some reason. Maybe the creatures are feeling away from them.

  At last, they reached an opening, which only lead to various entrances to other cave systems. They only have two choices- that is to stay together and venture each opening one by one; or, to split up and go into all of the entrances alone and group up at the end. They decided to split up after concluding that it would take too long for them to search each hole one by one. After all, there were only a few holes. They split up into pairs, and everyone went into their respective holes with their pair. Miya and Estes went into the hole furthest to the right. Helcurt and Karina went into the darkest hole as they are experts at maneuvering around dark places. Saber and Layla went into the lowest hole, since Layla cound not climb up high with her heavy gun. Freya and Rafaela went into the last hole together.

  Inside the hole that Miya and Estes went into, it seemed to be flooded with water that tasted surprisingly fresh. Estes could see water very slowly dripping down from the stalactites and fell into the water hole. They went around the flooded area and at the end, they came out to see an amazing site. Beautiful, shining crystals with numerous different colors are hanging from the ceiling, with a waterfall that is flowing down at the opposite side of the cave. A large pond is at the middle of the cave, with rocks sticking out of it. Fireflies began to fly out, making the site even more beautiful.

  Miya and Estes felt enchanted by the site, so they decided to explore the cave even more. They saw a few buckets lying around the walls of the cavern, some filled with water, while some were empty. They also spotted a table with nothing but towels on it. The towels seemed like the had been used recently. There were also some towels hanging on a string, with water dripping down into the pond. They instanly realized that this must be a bathing place for the mystery person, hence why there were towels lying around the area. With one last glance of the enchanting crystals, Miya and Estes quickly fled.

  On the opposite side where Freya and Rafaela are going, the cave seemed like it was getting brighter. They saw windows on their left, showing a beautiful part of the forest where rays of sunlight shined down into the grassy floor. The view looked spectacular. They continued their search after sightseeing for a little bit. They couldn't help but smell a kind of animal-like smell in the corridor. At the end of the cave, there seemed to be a room with a bed, a few picture frames, two feeding bowls, a chest filled with what seems like toys, and some claw marks on the wall.

  The room seemed very cozy and well-kept. It also smelled like a tiger for some reason. This is when they realized that this is the room of the mystery person's mount. It was very obvious already just from the smell. They walked out of the room with their information ready to be shared.

  Into the cave right beside Miya and Estes' is where Layla and Saber went. They saw a room full of equipment such as crossbows, arrows, a leash, some packed food, armor, an anvil and some potions. Saber picked up one of the crossbows and some parts fell onto the table. The crossbow seems like it is broken. Layla got curious of the potions, so she took a look at them. There were tree potions, a green potion, a blue potion and a purple potion. The blue potion was glowing brightly while the other two were bubbling.

  Saber thought for a while and concluded that this room must be the weaponry room of the mystery potion. The leash is to control the person's mount and the crossbows and arrows are the person's weapons. The potions are there most likely to heal them. Without a second thought, Saber and Layla left. Layla secretly took an arrow that was inside a quiver and slipped it inside her pocket.

  As Saber and Layla got out from the opening, they could already see Miya, Estes, Freya and Rafaela waiting for them. Everyone except for Helcurt and Karina were present. They thought something bad had happened to them. They all decided to go inside the cave of where Helcurt and Karina went inside of.

  What happened to Karina and Helcurt? Find out in chapter seven of this story.


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where is the chapter 7
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