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[Request] Hanabi needs a buff

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So, I played Hanabi in quite a few matches and I came to the conclusion that she needs a buff either on base damage in early game, make some passive effects trigger on her petals or a movement speed buff, it's hilarious to see that my basic attacks rarely do any damage while farming and that pathetic movement speed for a hero with no mobility doesn't help either. Item passives should work on her petals if not then r damage reduction on petals needs to be toned down, sure I can do team fights at early levels but by doing so only delays her items even more, as she needs atleast 4-5 items to be fully effective as an ADC and most games don't even last that long and her passive is kinda useless at times, most of the time someone bursts that shield first before using their cc. My proposal is to make her shield like Athena's Shield that procs every few seconds.
Any thoughts?
Post time 2018-4-21 04:42 AM | Show all posts
Last few days whenever i face hanabi i loose. Hanabi is a support mm and as all mm she is weak in early game. She is very strong in mid to late game and specially in team fight. She just needs 3 items. I am playing her too. But this is assassin meta and hanabi is mm so it will be hard to do mid with hanabi. But i do agree she needs a small buff. I dont know why the nerfed hanabi at first place in advanced server.
Post time 2018-4-21 08:31 AM | Show all posts
I think dev really want player use her as support mm and not as reap mm because all mm will be targeted at first place in early game. Every livestream I watched, I notice that even she get feed, she still okay to use and not give too much drastic effect unlike other mm.
Post time 2018-4-21 11:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I recently play as MM, just maintain your position and farm your items.
Post time 2018-4-21 01:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Bloodlust axe works with her petals though. I definitely tested it.
Post time 2018-4-21 01:29 PM | Show all posts
Idk much about her yet but I have play her 11 times. 9 classic and 2 rank, we have win the 10 match and lose 1 classic (because of 2 AFk in our team, so its actually 3v5)

tbh as a MM she is very good in mid to late game. cast her 1st skill then 2nd skill then ulti then spam attack. her lifesteal is good as well, I only use endless battle as the 5th items. I dont think she need a buff atm.
Post time 2018-4-21 02:09 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-21 02:15 PM | Show all posts
pastichka replied at 2018-4-21 11:09 AM
all who think she needs a buff those guys dont play with good team if you have a team play with tank ...

Not that I don't play with a good team, what I meant is her base damage is too low to farm fast. Correct me if I am wrong
 Author| Post time 2018-4-21 02:15 PM | Show all posts
pastichka replied at 2018-4-21 11:09 AM
all who think she needs a buff those guys dont play with good team if you have a team play with tank ...

Not that I don't play with a good team, what I meant is her base damage is too low to farm fast. Correct me if I am wrong
Post time 2018-4-21 02:35 PM | Show all posts
Edited by GuyWithFox at 2018-4-21 02:43 PM

I've played 16 games with her so far and have a 68.8% win rate... I've played 1012 games with Lesley and have a 60% win rate... it's a bit early to tell, but I fully expect that I will not be able to do as well with Hanabi as I can Lesley after a 100+ games even though I"ll actually get better with her as I play her more.


1. She's great in a team fight if no one focus on you
2. Some life steal early game is nice



2. She's so slow and has no escape and her lifesteal/immunity shield isn't enough to compensate for it, and you can't really afford to put the fastest pair of boots on her, and loose other stats, and using assassins or support emblem for extra speed means giving up a lot of damage, attack speed and life steal from marksman emblem.

3. Her Immunity shield is a clever idea, but all to often fairly useless in actual gameplay... to hard to maintain, to easy to loose, and you're dead once you do loose it. As stated in number 2, it just isn't good enough to make her great in the real game... The devs have this imaginary game they design heros for and it just isn't the same game we all actually play.

4. Ok you can take flicker, but giving up the extra burst damage from Inspire really hurts... Lesley you can actually put the fastest boots on, add windtalker and use her sprint and get away with taking inspire in a match, but much harder to pull off with Hanabi... windtalker isn't enough, heck adding the other 2 items and using the slow effect from thunderbelt or weakness finder isn't enough... she needs to be faster or have an escape... this game is about mobility, yet the devs refuse to give it to most of the heros that need it most.

5. Suffers from same problem most MM do... sucks early game. They need to even this out. If they actually want it to be this way, that's stupid... stop it, fix it... balance them out, because in the meta/draft pick games are won/lost early usually.

6. Her 2nd skill sux... nerfing it so it wouldn't give mana from monsters was dumb. Maybe make it give less mana then from enemy heros, but zero is stupid. Honestly I'd like to see this entire skill reworked into some kinda escape/repel move that also rewards mana, or drastically cut mana cost of 1st skill since it isn't really as useful as i think the devs thought it would be... since she has short range, even with her petals it's super easy to get steamrolled even by just 2 enemies.

7. Honestly with no range extending skill, or escape/repel she feels to weak without inspire, even with her petals in a team fight... just can't hang in long enough to do enough damage unless the other team ignores you, and that just doesn't happen much unless you play nubs.

8. To few item passives work with the first skill/petals... Sure you shouldn't be able to toggle it off and on and get true dmg from endless battle every time, but 1 shot of true damage from it every 10 seconds or something would be nice, or at least make the skill add some extra damage to basic attack when only targeting 1 hero, also would be nice if it didn't drain extra mana during a solo fight when the petals aren't even doing anything... makes her a hassle to play, cuz you gotta toggle on/off to much which is distracting and just means more chance her slow/squishy butt dies.

So many of the hero designs I like the most in this game end up being bad heros in the meta... like most mages and marksmen Hanabi just isn't fit to compete in the meta in the hands of the average player. Sure if you're a pro legend/mythic with a 60% + win rate in draft pick with some marksman experience you'll probably hold your own against good teams, and I'm not saying they should balance the game in a way that totally caters to nubs, but I think the average decent player is going to have a rough time of it with Hanabi, unless they fight nubs... you can own nubs with any hero. i th

I wanna like her so bad, but i think she does need a buff if not a rework... Before release I actually thought her 1st skill was separate from her basic attacks: like it auto fired, hit multiple heros and stole life while you could also basic attack, was disappointed to see that it just modifies her basic attack adding petals, but no extra damage to your main target... Maybe that is what the skill should actually do, though it would be easy to make that to OP.

Again this is another example of the Devs designing heros for this imaginary game full of "balanced teams" that doesn't actually exist instead of the real game we all play...because balanced teams usually suck in the real game.
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