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Just a few things I had to say in regards to what vell said in his new vid about MLBB. I'm not trying to hate on Vell he tries to show people the bigger picture about MLBB and share his opinions and since I started playing MLBB last year I've been watching his vids (mostly the tutorial not the drama stuff)

So in the vid Vell talks about how MLBB makes money, which is solely through people buying diamonds. So tbh I have spent money and bought diamonds in the game it was of my own free will and I have no regrets.

He points out that by doing the math it would take about a year to get every single hero in the game, but people cant wait that long to get a new op hero which is always better than older heroes so they must spend money to get diamonds to get op heroes.

Even after only being a player on mlbb for a few months I've gotten 2 heroes free along with multiple skins for absolutely nothing lol I'm sure lots of us have been able to do so not to mention the heroes I got from fragments infact this season I got 3 new heroes without spending actual money on MLBB.

Infact out of all the MOBAs currently available MLBB is most noted for giving away heroes and skins for free and having more methods in which to get heroes without paying money. Not that choosing to pay money for a game you enjoy is a problem it really isnt.

He also said it would take a year to obtain ALL the heroes in MLBB however that not how people play the game at all infact its more common that people are selective with the heroes they use. I'm not trying to collect them all though I have a lot and some I dont even use lol. People normally go for the type of hero they main like mage player will take more mages and assassin may collect more assassin. I know I have more mages than tanks and that was on purpose although now I'm trying to branch out with my heroes so I can become a more effective player.

Ok his next point was that because MLBB sends or tries to send you to a stream of a top player when you have a losing streak so that :
-You will want to become as good as those players so it will keep you playing the game
-something about getting sponsors for mlbb? (i had no idea what this is about or what proof he has here)
-YOu spend money to send diamonds to your fave streamers which is bank for mlbb.

1-true but i never watch streams on mlbb lol who even does? majority of player watch their favs on youtube or twitch. I also never go watch a stream during a losing streak lol
2- Someone explain what he mean here like idk what he's even talking about
3-I'm assuming people know they spend real money on this game like idk anyone who doesnt actually understand how money works also you can just send hearts if you dont want to spend money its still the same thing and you get hearts for free.

He also says MLBB is promoting underage gambling which I'm not gonna comment on those are to me choices like the only real valuable thing you can possible get from the guessing is Chou and you can get him if you save battle points but thats just me.

Rigged match making is the next point and I dont mean to make anyone made but I really dont know if i can believe it without proof like hard proof...I think everyone has bad matches and bad gameplays I know I have.

He says there are no tutorials for new players directly from the game but thats not actually true there are multiple youtubers who've dont videos specifically for MLBB which get promoted on the app all of which are tutorials. Not only that but when first starting off if any play is serious they can just go to youtube for tutorials or even this forum.

Yea tanks shouldnt jungle but most tanks can still help other heroes jungle it not wrong for that to happen.

He also kinda makes it sound like he's the only youtuber that knows how to play the game...I know he doesnt mean it like that but honestly there are so many ways people can learn to play the game if they dont like you vell and what you say they can just go to other channels that doesnt really talk about moonton so much but focuses more on the game.

He also said watching the top players wont make you better and he maybe right i mean if you just watch the way a really good player plays dont learn anything from it and then just try to play again well yea your gonna take a long while to improve. I've been watching Gosu General streams recently and he's so helpful he talks about everything to do with the game not just being a marksman but any questions he will answer and he gives good tips on how to play in certain situations. Infact my favourite thing I've learnt from General's streams where how to make better team compositions.
Also betosky is another favourite streamer of mine, he plays well and he too will answer questions he even solo's like crazy and still wins a lot but he also loses too lol

He's also not the only player that hate layla or know's she isnt good in the meta. General has expressed the same exact sentiments in his stream when a teammate picked layla he even showed how to build a team around that and help that player not become a feeder( they won that match btw)
Betosky also made a vid recently about playing layla in Ranked games which explains how to play her efficiently in Ranked games so your teammates dont lose.
Shimentakezo is another popular youtuber who has made a vid about layla its pretty funny you guys should watch it.

He also says that moonton dont want you to learn how to play the game will thats why they send you to streams of their top players. I dont think this is true. For one there's a guide section on the home page of the game and it leads to a page filled with guides and tutorials on how to play certain heroes.

His last point is about how he's bad for business for moonton because he explains how to play the game but vell you arent the only youtuber who does this. Hororo chan is a great example she's made tutorials that have been featured by MLBB,AssDave,Shimentakezo,jessnolimit,betosky are just a few youtubers that have done great tutorials as well.

Lastly I dont think Vell's channel and his fans? are toxic I like vell and like i said I'm subscribed lol but I do think this video is pretty farfetched and stretching to reach a place i think the people who solely watch vell's channel feed off of. Idk if its ok to post this on here but yea what are you thoughts on Vell's points in his recent vid about moonton?
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Honestly watching top players' streams help because:
1. You see and watch how they farm, so you can actually copy their farm rates.
2. You see what they do at certain timings into the match (e.g. going to ganks, when to push etc)
3. A lot of teamwork skills to learn from

It's stupid to suggest that watching won't make you learn anything....That's egotistical. I know top players play with squads, but by watching, you can improve your teamworking skills as well as your farming in general. I know it helped me to Mythic under 300 RG.
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I didn't like watch complaint video. Just useless to player. I more likely watch FB livestream video because there are more informative, know counter to this hero (they will explain) and we will see more underated hero use in right way (make them become more better than old meta) compared to YT video.
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I just know Lancelot very weak against Saber, Helcurt and Hilda even pro Lancelot in any video. This is truth. I always saw this when Lancelot fight against these hero. Like Martis, he weak against Chou. (Very true guide)
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too long winded for me to read them all but i'll watch the video later.  i do watches his video time to time but i can't take everything he said seriously since he's in na server and the way they play their game is quite different from us sea players.
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I read your whole thread and no offense but I totally disagree with this "Infact out of all the MOBAs currently available MLBB is most noted for giving away heroes and skins for free and having more methods in which to get heroes without paying money. Not that choosing to pay money for a game you enjoy is a problem it really isnt." - I love Mobile Legends out of all MOBA games but let's be honest, they aren't. There is another moba game out there that gives out free skin every month, skin that can be achieved in many forms of events/methods without really using money, shards (in ml, we call it fragments) that are easy to obtain to purchase skin/hero.

Yes, that's a 1 moba game. Easy peasy skin/heroes there.

Also, I think I stopped watching Vell long time ago, after Ruby release? I forgot the reason.. I think it was because of welp he thinks he is the best damn player out there or something.
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I dont watch that video but i agree with your point. Also the devs recently made switch place function in draft pick mode so that you can switch with your teammate and let them pick a hero you dont have, this will focus players to training with their heroes and no need to buy meta or new heroes immediately
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CloudDevelic replied at 2018-4-20 03:04 PM

Honestly watching top players' streams help because:

Sorry but watch Raja streamers which are top globals, they usually use 2-2 and they dont even care if people notice about it. is not always a good decision to be inspired by those players unlesw you want to learn how to 2-2 though.
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Edited by Kerairose17 at 2018-4-21 02:08 AM
manuelle_28 replied at 2018-4-20 09:19 PM
Sorry but watch Raja streamers which are top globals, they usually use 2-2 and they dont even care ...

I mean not every top global player is doing the right thing but i never listed players that do wrong things i dont even know who those guys are. the players i watch like Gosu General point out when other players do 2-2 and report them thats up to moonton to fix lol there are morally good players and then there are others but it still doesnt deter from the main point watching top player will help those looking to play a fair game ...
Post time 2018-4-21 02:53 AM | Show all posts
I must be living under a rock because I only watch shinmen for his wit, short but informative videos..and hororo. The rest I don’t really bother with because...just too much bores me to death
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