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[Share] Broken Expectations (Hanabi)

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Post time 2018-4-18 03:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-4-18 03:40 AM

Hanabi sucks.

when waiting for hanabi i was in glea, because honestly marksman dont excite me at all.. they all are just so linear with what you build, and as a person who loves to make the BEST MOST AWESOME BUILD OF ALL TIME! for any hero that has amazing synergy Kit that compliments equips. marksman are just... skills dont matter, you auto attack!... whooo... the skills just boost your auto attacks or gives you mobility

thats why i actually wanted lesley and currently is playing Clint, heroes that rely on their skill kit to do damage, you dont have to build attack speed/crit to be relevant in the game, clint can be Beefy as he wants thanks to his passive boosting the true damage from thunderbelt and eternal battle by 20%, LESLEY has high range attacks and built in crit every 5 seconds all You need is fury, and Armor Pen to make her a one shot hero. AMAZING SYNERGY.

when hanabi was about to come out i was so excited because she had a built in growing life steal that gets to 25%, a shield! that grows by her max HP so max HP gets 20% extra boost. (1000 max hp converts  to 200 shield)

first skill that bounces around like brunos ult.

in my head i was like omg... marksman with seven seas sword, defence shredder 300 hp (60 shield) lots of attack to boost her ult.

i had an orgasm.

she came out.... im disappointed


so i did do a 1v1 AI fight to experiment, i first tried out her first skill.

what kind of on hit affects does it trigger. and the answer is non.

the first skill isnt actually considered a skill or even a basic attack, it only triggers physical life steal and crit..

so demon hunter swords passive doesnt pop (including life steal) windtalker only affects the basic attack you throw along with your skill..

deadly blade doesnt affect the bounce followed by your basic attack so only the first person gets affected.

spell vamp doesnt work. (honestly didnt care but good to know)

and seven seas sword doesnt shred everyones armor.


her first skill just doesnt do anything but amplify your basic attack.. like every marksman, meaning those cool ideas i have cant happen because you will be too busy trying to make her relevant as an Adc meaning attack speed crit and life steal. you could build wings of the apo, and golden rose sword.. but besides those why bother?

i had so many cool ideas and she just doesnt make them work.

Max Attack speed Tank: building all of the max HP items that has attack speed, corossion scythe, seven seas sword to amplify the damage, and to top it off wind talker (does damage by how much attack speed you got) and you got yourself a fast running tank that deals massive damage, but.. first skil doesnt trigger windtalker to accompany the bounces more frequently and the sea sword i already explained ahem.. not a good build then.

thats just an example, what im trying to say is, build her like you would build any marksman, and shes good.

so  hmm.. if anybody wants hanabi, ill trade for lesley, i mean hanabi is still OP, i just dont like how dull she is.. ahem.. or you know gift me  lesley and ill be your best friend forever.

Thanks  for  reading..
 Author| Post time 2018-4-18 03:39 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ill give You guys a chance to make hanabi interesting and valid, share your build ideas and ill be as negative as i can, i experimented with her enough to give valid and in point info about how equips work with her.

but Im still a critique, a build afficionado so ill give you a thumbs up if you succeeded, i wont be Stubborn about it if your build looks good
Post time 2018-4-18 03:40 AM | Show all posts
I will buy Hanabi tho. Thanks for sharing this
 Author| Post time 2018-4-18 03:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
just to say something i didnt talk about in the guide, hanabi is just a reworked miya, better ULT same slowing skill that refunds mana, built in life steal with arrows that bounce to more then 3 enemies.and 20% shield. now nobody will play miya.
Post time 2018-4-18 04:46 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-4-18 06:51 AM | Show all posts
I am not really a marksman player but she actually interest me, I mean, in all the marksman that came out Hanabi gave me the most interest So, I don't know, whether she is bad or not, I guess I can't stop myself from buying this hero.
Post time 2018-4-18 06:52 AM | Show all posts
Edited by irezer at 2018-4-18 06:54 AM
PjTyrant replied at 2018-4-18 03:50 AM
just to say something i didnt talk about in the guide, hanabi is just a reworked miya, better ULT sa ...

Miya is my main, and will keep continue to play with her. For Hanabi, she's one of my waifu and can be in my
top 5 main hero. o,o
 Author| Post time 2018-4-18 06:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
streetsneeze replied at 2018-4-18 06:51 AM
I am not really a marksman player but she actually interest me, I mean, in all the marksman that cam ...

if you didnt buy her yet then your just like me before i bought her.
Post time 2018-4-18 07:02 AM | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-4-18 06:53 AM
if you didnt buy her yet then your just like me before i bought her.

Welp, you sound pretty disappointed I mean she looks cool so that's a +1.
Post time 2018-4-18 08:52 AM | Show all posts
I didn't buy Hanabi for sure unless pro player use her a lot in rank (in 2-3 weeks). Lesley still my heart. I still analyse some new heroes like Uranus and Selena (Some player said Selena not quite OP but she maybe can be meta hero).
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