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[Hero Concept] New Hero Idea: Kik & Fiz | Brotherly Warriors

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Kik & Fiz | Brotherly Warriors
32000BP or 599Ds

         - Once there was a moment where the Warriors of North and south pole will be born and that moment occurred. Kik grew fast while fiz was left behind.. Still, they did not met each other.. But the time that they will meet an arising northern and southern energy will bless them with fighting power which then will be used to protect their relatives and community.. Unfortunately, one day a war occurred between the North and south pole.. The reason is unknown but the Myth says that the Townsmen are debating about the golden prize of each mastery.. Kik and fiz.. After the war was uplifted Kik and fiz Finally met at Island 603 near land of dawn which is the center of the world.. An unknown island.. There, the power was blessed and they noticed one thing.. The two noticed that they can't be separated in a mile. A gravitational pull gets them back together.. So they supposed to go together and pursue their dreams to fight in the Land of dawn.

=<Passive>=:North and South
             - Getting hit by Fiz will create a North Mark. While Getting hit by Kik will create a South mark, All marks stays for 3s. North mark will pose additional Phys DMG if the enemy is hit While north poses additional Phys Pen.
(When Kik and fiz are together only Kik will only leave marks)

=<1st Skill>=:Punch!
              - Kik will initially Kick Forward and after Kik, Fiz will Punch forward. Getting hit will inflict phys DMG and stun for 0.5s, And if the same target is hit again it will add Phys DMG and 'Knock Out' for 2s
Knock Out - Similar to stun but the duration can be reduced by mashing the attack button.

=<Knock Out>=:Throw!
               - Kik will Throw Fiz in a specified area . Fiz will stay there and do what Kik does(Fiz and Kik will do basic attack but with half damage)[If Kik walks.. Fiz will also walk to that direction]{Fiz has a health bar after 0.5s You can cast:
      - Kik will Jump towards the location of Fiz wherein they Reunite themselves.

                - This Skill can only be casted when Kik and fiz are together. Fiz will grab an enemy in a small radius and throws him/her mid-air, Kik then Uses Fiz's head to launch himself mid-air and kick the enemy down in front of them. This inflicts two damage.. One from Kick and Second from landing.

=<2nd Ultimate>=:Flurry!
                - This skill can only be casted when Kik and fiz are apart. Kik will Perform a powerful horse kick in front of him wherein enemies hit will be knockbacked to Fiz(no DMG). Fiz then performs a Flurry of punches in a conical area in front of him and dealing continuous damage and slowing down enemies, after 2s Fiz finishes with a powerful Uppercut which deals damage and Knock up effect.

=<Possible combos>=
                - Get near to the enemy, Basic attack to mark and then used Kick!, Use Throw! and aim at the enemy's landing spot. After that do one basic attack to mark again, afterwards Use Flurry!. While the enemy is knocked up use Jump! To reunite and use Punch! To ensure 2 hits and knock out the enemy. Finish with some basic attacks.
                - Ganking, Use Throw! At the enemy. Then use Flurry! Follow up with Jump! and Kick! Successfully escape or Chase and use Punch!.

=<Situational events>=
                - Escaping? use Throw! Followed by Jump!
                - Chasing? Same^
                - Clash? Target the Painful enemy and use combo
=<Recommended Battle spells>=
                Retribution for farming
                Flicker surprise combo, mobility
                Petrify extra CC
                Iron wall for diving
Entrance:Kik and Fiz At your service![Both]
In-game:{Kik}My feet are strong enough to break bones!
{Fiz}My fist contains bullet power!
{Both}Ready to be defeated?
Skill casting:
1st Ult:{Fiz}Hiya!...{Kik}Kick!
2nd Ult:{Kik}Ha-!...{Fiz}Fluuuuurrrryyyy!!-HAH!
{Fiz}Sorry Brother!..

=<Creator Notes>=
               - Ugh.. It really bothers me how my format is.. Boring.. Sorry guys for this.. My post have no designs, my laptop is broken currently and I make these in my leisure time at work sorry for the inconvenience. Please leave a comment down below if you liked this and if there are floss or broken feature tell me down below how can I improve these ideas it would be much appreciated ;). Thank you! Please check out my other ideas: Vala, Yuki, Innoh, Hwebis, etc. I take 1 hour to make these (^=^') but it's fine Love ya guys<3 I'll post the next one in 70 views or soon since it's flooding threads in creative exchange.. It doesn't get viewed recently.. (=.=) But for the Supporters I'm glad to make these for you! Also I see format credentials..

-¶uni$h€π("Ideas are building blocks of Innovation")

∆!Disclaimer:I would like to point out that *I am not copying the skill concepts of these heroes from Magic rush if you either look at the game the skills are hella different. I only use them as illustrations and to give audience the idea of what I'm talking about*. And the artwork is NOT mine it's from a game made by moonton and elex.

=<Picture Legend>=
Kik - Blue
Fiz - Red
The Art is not that accurate from what I think
Removal of weapons and Winter theme  will help though!

<===={Kik & Fiz | Brotherly Warriors}====>


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