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Author: Kerairose17
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[Mood] Rant Also who should mid???

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Edited by Xaverine at 2018-4-16 05:30 PM
Kerairose17 replied at 2018-4-16 02:40 PM
I just needed to tell someone who understand what I was talking about because my irl friends dont  ...

Thats why others will blame you. since most people still thinking that Kagura is most powerfull heroes atm because she's mostly in the ban seat on draft pick last season, they will blame you when you cant carry the team and/or doing solo lane. even though they should be blamed too because of feeding or bad gameplay.
btw have you try Alice and Vexana after rework? both of them is strong enough atm. If I need to choose between Vexana and kagura, I'll go with Vexana. she's more easy than playing Kagura.

she? so martis player is a girl? and you are? If you are a guy then I can understand why your friend blaming you. All fault will goes to you.

@titan666 I would agree with you. as a meta players they should help each laner, if they cant do that then its better to pick supports/tanks role.
and I dont think that tanks can be mid laner.

Post time 2018-4-16 11:32 PM | Show all posts
Edited by xXBLACKSUNXx at 2018-4-16 11:35 PM

Only good ganker, usually assassins and mages(hero who can farm and clear the wave fast, good damage and movement speed and also a stun maybe) should go mid, mm are just useless. In a recent game i was going mid as Hayabusa and then my team Irithel(GM) start trashtalk and say *marskman must be mid, report haya* (OMG where he lived all this time?Stone age?!?!?). In another game i played as Lancelot, my team Natalia taken top buff and I was going for bot buff, but only in that moment i saw my team Grock and Angela already taken(WTF, then both been executed... )
These n00bs make the game toxic and my question is: is so difficult to go to watch a freaking video on Youtube and learn the basics?!?
Post time 2018-4-17 12:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would give the mid for good player that know when to farm, and when to roam, and when to retreat.. Buuuuuutt now the meta is kinda insane in which almost every assassins go mid, so i would only give the mid to good assassins/mage player
Post time 2018-4-17 07:01 PM | Show all posts
Hmm, don't worry, it also sometimes happens to anyone, at least for me. I pretty confidant using Natalia because I carry the team at most of the games. But sometimes, I play very very bad. I don't know why. And I got Bronze because I always dead. My squad-mates even mad at me and blame me, "I don't know how to play Nata, but I know you play so bad this time, blah blah blah..." (though *I think* they know I was better than that). And it made me thinking, "Am I really that bad? But I play like usual, or actually I'm not playing it right all this time?" any stuff like that, and it made me down for a little

Ok for midlaner topic, agree with everyone else here. Current meta puts many assassins in midlane, Lancelot, Hayabusa, Gusion, due to they high burst damage at early game (except Nata). That's impact to MM as they can be killed easily, so they need to go with tank or fighter.
Post time 2018-4-18 02:07 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I often take the mid when I'm using pharsa because her of ult extends the tower danger zone by "don't step at it or you will be got struck by a sky laser" zone (literally I just stick to my tower ,spam my ult and poke the enemy assassin/MM to back to their base, my team MM will be well fed because can do farm + jungle more often and be more safe if the they were got covered by a tank. gord, vexana and Alice are nice too, overall any hero that can outrange the enemy and farm from the safe distance ,mid is very vulnerable place because it is a perfect place for ambush tactic  ). Lapu, Lance and gussion (a burst assassin that has a blink, stun, immunity and instant blink, I recommend it due there's a lot of bushes for ambush tactic, I often kill on spot enemy's MM using lapu with this tactic, blink will also will be useful for escaping if you're being ganked, hayabusha seems nice but I'm not really sure because I don't have a chance using him on ranked match)
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