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[Mood] Rant Also who should mid???

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So earlier today I had one bad game with my friend, I was playing Kagura and we lost. The thing I dont get was that I got all the blame for it even my friend messaged me after and told me to not use Kagura again. TBH I know I'm not the greatest Kagura player,I never said I was but I dont think it's entirely my fault we lost the game. My team was made up of Miya (really bad choice for mm right now but apparently that doesnt matter), Karina (who declared that she would both go mid and jungle during the picking), Martis played by my friend,Kagura (me) and Tigreal (the person had other better tanks but for some reason pick tigreal).

The opponents were Lesley, Cyclops, Lance, Johnson and Natalia. My first mistake which I agree with was not getting the jungle items I just forgot when halfway through going to the bot turret lance and natalia are both taking the jungle creep there, I didnt expect their nat to even be there but I dont have any farming done so i'm being cautious with how I'm engaging. NOTE  for some reason I'm solo in bot like wtf not room to farm, and I have to defend against 2 assassin one of which is the most op assassin in the game. Martis comes when they realize 3 in top is too much since i needed help. I know natalia took a lot of damage but i'm only level 3 and have no ult I really am not a reckless play so I'm not aiming to kill her only to defend. Martis comes so I think ok I can go attack the jungle creep and get my ult which i do while martis defends... Martis decided he's some kind of magic killing machine and keeps attacking them like...If ur team mate has already retreated why are you still there? just leave its not about getting kills anyway...
Obivously Martis dies and blames me entirely like I had no ult and you had no right to be there still engaging lance and natalia away from your turret like you that powerful in the first 2 mins of the game...

I cant give a play by play of how the entire game went but Karina was losing mid so hard I honestly wish I'd fought her for mid ...she wasnt even farming like she should have been then when she died she blamed me again even though she's more farmed than me at this point and I dont get to farm because I have to jump into stupid team fights and try to help after they die...

Our tank even though they were a nice person and could see it really wasnt my fault even defended me a little because that karina was awful, they were still the first to retreat and run during any fight so cant say they were very good.


Miya blamed me too like she didnt die 7 times... I know I should have played smarter but  the way I see it no one on our team was doing so amzing that they had any right to blame me entirely and to tell me to not use Kagura again... I've had better matches with kagura but i also know I need a lot more practice and even in time where i was in a match where I knew someone wasnt a good player i didnt blame them entirely i just realised the entire team wasnt doing as well as they should.

I had a really rough day though lol I played like 5 matches with someone who only plays estes and it was sooo hard even though we had a tank through like 4 matched, after we lost the last one our tank gave up and just pick layla instead lol Even though the person is super nice, they only play estes in ranked and its really annoying in some matches where we need extra damage or protection and all we have a estes who ends up feeding more often than not when the meta is mostly for assassins now...ugh

ALSO Who should mid? MAGE, marksman...or assassin? I think mage should get mid, farm fast and easier in mid than in bot/top plus very good at defending and rotating.
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I don't know for sure if anyone from season 1 or 2.
There was a guideline where its clearly written only mage and assassin will do mid. But somehow we players changed that from season 2-3 and continues as mm for mid. But its changed in season 5-6 where officials nerfed mm and buffed mage(it was mage meta). So kagu, Harley, cyclops was doing mid instead of mm. In season 7 officials changed some stuff and so in season 8 we back to assassin meta. So if you follow me correctly, we are back to their original guideline where mid should be solo'd by adc who has high damage output like assassin and mage. Mm is not good till 3 items minimum and honestly if mm plays mid nowdays he/she will be sitting duck for gank. Mid should be done by those assassin/mage who has high damage output with good mobility. I hope you get the picture.
I am from season 3 and i laughed when i read those guideline says that assassin or mage should go mid. But official said that for some reason and now i know why.
And please do not take it seriously, sometimes we loose and we loose hard. But its a part of game right? So cheers.
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@Kerairose @BD007

It depends my friends. To me it's up to which opponent is going to mid. For example, if Gusion/Lancelot/Hayabusa/Harley mid, there's no way in hell I'm going to fight mid (I'm MM btw) with them because it's suicide. If enemy Kagura or MM is going to mid, I will mid because:

1. I'm using Irithel and it's real easy to dodge Kagura's umbrella, so this will crash her farm rate.

2. Enemy MM is going hardball which means he's going to get fat in mid game. Unless there's a Harley in team, I'm not going to give up mid because it's risky. If assassins or mages of my team fail to carry, I will be doomed as enemy MM and assassins are too fat.

If you're a MM player, it all depends on hardball or snowball strategy. If you're hardballing, you need to roam + farm + be main carry. If you're snowballing, you need to play passive and your only objective is down turrets.

There's a reason why MM is typically placed at mid; it's to level the levelling with the rest of the team because everyone knows that mages and assassins have good damage + farming rate by default, so the whole team gets levelled up at the same pace.

However, like I mentioned the above situation of assassins going mid, it's really a very very bad idea to use MM at mid. It's almost suicide.

I'm using Irithel so my role is quite versatile + she's quite a good roamer, so she can actually play both snowball and hardball strategy good, though she depends heavily on teammates.

Sometimes, if your enemy has two assassins, you can pick two tanks with decent CCs too to directly counter bursts. It just depends on which playbook or strategy your team can play. I even just finished a game with Diggie, Martis, Ruby, Gord and Irithel and we won spectacularly. Imagine Ruby lock enemies, Martis CC and Gord ulti while Diggie CC to stop everyone from running away, then Irithel finishes off anyone who tries to run away. It's a super harsh line up despite what everyone thinks nowadays (2 assassins or 2 tanks line up).

I find that Cyclops is great too and often underrated (and overrated for the wrong reasons). I let a cyclops mid and he rekt Gusion in no time (that Gusion was decent and not nub).

So it really depends on how confident you are in your role-wise and how much you can trust your teammates ultimately. If you see a Lancelot or Mage with 40-50% Win rate only, don't let him mid for God's sake if you actually have 60%++ Win rate, because most of the time mid is going to be lost. I don't like to assume every match to be the same as the last few ones, but generally that's the case. Carries shouldn't have 50% win rate even if they solo q. It's a sign of bad carrying..

And to answer your question, Miya should NEVER mid especially in this meta. It doesn't matter if enemy MM mid or not. Because Miya by default is a snowball MM. She sucks too much in early game that she is more useless than Layla. Seriously.

And Karina mid is kinda debatable since a good Karina taking mid is auto-win. Though I prefer Karina to play 2 1 2 formation since she's too vulnerable if VS other assassins at mid, so she needs someone to babysit her.

Kagura wise, I feel that she can play two playstyles too: pure damage or CC only. If she's CC only, she can play flicker and actually play top/bot, with her ulti only functioning as CC. If pure damage, she should mid and take retribution.

And if you're playing with Tigreal, it's generally advisable to get another tank player (same situation with Akai, Hylos etc) because he will be empty when he rushes and activate his ulti... You need another tank to babysit the rest of the team, because if not, some assassins might take the opportunity and assassinate squishies since they are defenceless.

And for God's sake Lesley with flicker should NEVER mid. NEVER. It's just a bad playstyle in today's age.

I'm sorry guys for the long wall of texts as I just write what I think at this given time, just my two cents on current rank strategies in general. I may be biased in the sense that I'm a MM player, but these are based on my actual experiences. I was once stubborn on going mid, and learnt it the hard way that it's not the way all the time (got rekt by Lancelots and costed the game for my team)...
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Edited by Xaverine at 2018-4-16 05:13 PM

short from me.
usually the carry must be in mid lane.
since it will be near jungle monster and faster in leveling. but, the important thing is the teamwork. teammates understanding about what to do when we have the current heroes in the team. most of the time players only care about "if i use this hero then my gameplay must be like this". for me this is totally wrong, we also need to know if we have teammates using this heroes and enemies using that heroes then which gameplay should we do. in the end, dont take it prrersonaly bro. I dont know what happen in the match but I realize that your teammates is fully of killer addict
Im surprised that the martis is ur friend.

@CloudDevelic bro, u cant dodge Kagura umbrella as simple as that. only if the Kagura is totaly nub I wont suggest any mm to go mid if opponent have mage in their mid lane.


no, I said no. if you can, why you not doing it in our last match. you was raped all the time by Kagura. ;p jk  Post time 2018-4-16 06:10 PM
@Xaverine yup..... I thought that other MMs like Lesley can dodge it the same way I did with Irithel but it's way harder. For me dodging using Irithel is possible because Irithel can move all the time  Post time 2018-4-16 03:14 PM
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i suggestion u giveup using Kagura.... 2 assassins is easy end of ur Kagura. how ur umbella can faster than Natalia or Lancelot?? tis is the point.... and Kagura AOE damage area is too small, u wan use for ur skill target who?? MM or Assassin 1st?? go stun it??

*and Kagura really hard to use, dont thinking play more than can master on her*
 Author| Post time 2018-4-16 03:25 PM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-4-16 03:01 PM
i suggestion u giveup using Kagura.... 2 assassins is easy end of ur Kagura. how ur umbella can fast ...

I never said I could take either assassin on my own as kagura...I know they can escape my ult and umbrella easily I was talking about a situation where my teammate didnt seem to know that...Also didnt ask for your suggestion on my bad game with kagura or if I should continue using her or if I can get better by playing more with her...but thanks for the advice i guess...

*If you ever need english practice msg me unlike you I think people can get better if they want to also I'm not as judgmental :)
 Author| Post time 2018-4-16 03:40 PM | Show all posts
Xaverine replied at 2018-4-16 02:37 PM
short from me. usually the carry must be in mid lane. since it will be near jungle monster and faste ...

I just needed to tell someone who understand what I was talking about because my irl friends dont play the game lol Its been hard learning to transition Kagura when I'm not going mid I normally need a good support but I see what you mean alot of people find it hard to adjust.

I'm surprised she's my friend too lol
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No MM thanks!

Who the * use MM now a days? MM is a walking fried chicken! GG


@Quezo that would For all the MM bashing is worth, I got to Mythic 3 last season by using MM purely. And I'm still kicking today. One more tier and I'm Legend, and it's Mythic again.  Post time 2018-4-16 04:21 PM
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Kerairose17 replied at 2018-4-16 03:25 PM
I never said I could take either assassin on my own as kagura...I know they can escape my ult and  ...

my eng only PRO in game... haha.
nvm, time for u wakeup, use other High damage AOE Mage.
i more recomment u use Vexana or Alice
 Author| Post time 2018-4-16 04:07 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-4-16 01:32 PM
I don't know for sure if anyone from season 1 or 2.
There was a guideline where its clearly written ...

The crazy thing is most players dont really keep up with the meta, they never seem to care to find out why their fav isnt doing as well this season, or why we might be more particular to a certain type of hero over the other. IDK why but I'm only now starting to realise that most people who play this game dont actually even understand the meta and how the heroes rotate each season...Like people who still pick heroes like estes who really is just gonna feed this season with this meta.

I think the key to mid isnt only the meta but also if the player is good at rotation and defence, if not then mid becomes a weak point in the game.  

Yep winning and losing is just a part of the game lol
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