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Edited by maistral at 2018-4-16 02:38 AM

How to play MM 101.

With the amount of marksmen that continue to play stupidly in Rank, and as I promised to @seven_cwc in order to assist hopefuls in this game, I decided to write a guide that will bring professionalism and bravery when it comes to playing MM.

If at times you begin to question yourself whether you are playing marksman correctly, whether you are playing the role how it should be played, don't be afraid and use this as an example to strive after.


The battle starts at [Prep]. First of all, you want to remove all the attack speed items as they are a waste of space; as many as possible. You won't need them anyway as the enemy will simply see your rushing attack. You should then use the gained space to equip as much armor as possible. Do not put boots, this will make you weak. Your goal should be able to make your marksman hero as slow as you can, preferrably 6x Bloodthirsty King. Your slow speed is supposed to terrify the enemy into dying spontaneously. Remember that every war is won by the better psychological warfare and in this case you already have a massive advantage.

Do not, I repeat. DO NOT PUT ATTACK SPEED ITEMS ON even if you have 6 slots. The attempt to use attack speed items, especially Scarlet Phantom will only distract you from rushing and annihilating the enemy. He is supposed to see you and be terrified, let him see you and your sight will destroy his fighting spirit; remember you are using psychological warfare.

Should I also prepare lifesteal items, especially Haas Claws? NO. Haas Claws is a waste of space. You can use the slot for putting mana regen and HP regen necklaces. Or even better, put more Bloodthirsty King. Your support players will gladly perform their healing duties. Nonetheless, you should always encourage them with a friendly "SUPPORT K0NT0L HEAL WKWKWKWKWK". You are already winning the battle.

Great. Start playing by pressing [RANK] now. After pressing START in solo queue, it's time to get something to drink or eat. Take your time, don't worry. When you come back and the 30 second timer has vanished and has kicked you out, start one again and watch some adult movie. When you are finished, go back to the game to find that you have been kicked again. As you want to project your devastating firepower, you should now press [ENTER].

Now you are taken to the team selection/banning phase screen. If you are the one assigned to ban a hero, always ban Sun and Rafaela. These two heroes are the most devastating heroes in the game, their mere existence will cause your attempt to victory fold immediately. If you are now at the hero picking phase, you should always say: "I MM OR I AFK." Your objective is to destroy the enemies' hearts, so you must be the MM carry hero. This should weed out the weak. You may also write "ANJ!NG K0NT0L WKWKWKWKWK". After picking, the time is running down. You should pick the retribution spell as it will aid you into victory. This will secure that the enemy will see you as a pro MM which will multiply their fear.

Finally you are at spawn. You should now begin mercilessly spamming "I will take the Buff". You may also want to spam "Excellent game" at all-chat. You can also opt to spam "WKWKWKWK", "K0NT0L", "ANJ!NG", "B0D0H", "V0V0", and other such words. People will disconnect because their eyes are bleeding, you are winning.

After taking around two to three minutes spamming texts of glory, you should check the lanes. Are three people going top lane? Join them. In general, go top lane especially if you are the carry hero. You will first destroy the top towers and then annihilate the shocked enemy at the bottom lane. It is an established military tactic to attack the enemy from a higher position. This applies to MLBB as well. MLBB is reality, everyone knows.

I cannot say this enough. Keep farming. Farming is your top priority as it will ensure that you will complete your 6x Bloodthirsty King set. If an allied Fanny is attempting to get a buff, steal the buff. Marksmen are top priority buff users and need mana reduction costs as it will regenerate their HP and increase their defense as well. If the Fanny manages to get the buff first, you should state in all-chat: "FANNY MENCURI BUFF I AFK". I strongly encourage you to also say "FANNY ANJ!NG K0NT0L WKWKWKWK". You should then go to the enemy side and farm their buffs too. It does not matter if you die, you should get their buffs as this will strike fear in their hearts.

Always ignore enemy marksmen, but you can shoot your skills aimlessly anywhere to intimidate them. If you got the choice whether to shoot the tank or the enemy mage when both are in range, kill the tank. Show the mage what will happen to him. Always kill the enemy that deals the least amount of damage first, this will ensure that the enemy will be strong for a longer period of time which equals more glory for you. If a massive clash occurs between your team and the enemy team, you should join them and go directly infront of the clash. If an allied tank attempts to take the front in order to take hits from you, leave that space and charge. Your ally is trying to take away your moment of glory. You should also greet them with a friendly "BODOH TANK IDIOT". If the tank rushes to your position and is followed rapidly by enemy ADC, do not relocate your position, and keep firing. Tank their hits. This will ensure you the greatest glory as you managed to take their hits while killing them. You are a lion playing with his prey. Then fall back and go AFK or farm and farm.

I will make this short. Always, and I can't emphasize enough, ALWAYS walk in a straight line. Don't change your path, this will fool the enemy. Thinking that you will perform evasive maneuvers he will attack too long, or attack too short and never hit you. Do you see what a stroke of genius this is?

Finally, this is the most delicate issue you are facing as this is related to ganks, either you get ganked or your team ganks the enemy fast. Look at the map. Do you see anyone? No? Go attack. They must be hiding; you should make your powerful presence felt everywhere in the battlefield. Your tank initiates a clash? Great, fall back and farm like hell. Once the enemy begins to show in the minimap and begins to attack your towers, ignore them. Ignore your towers as your defense towers will attempt to kill enemies, and will try to take the glory from you.  Keep farming. Stuck in a stalemate? Go kill the Lord especially if they have a Balmond. Balmonds are retarded and useless. "Apa itu defend?" you ask? That's the spirit.

Lastly, the enemies are charging. They managed to steal the Lord (these fools! They think they can actually prevail!) that you tried to keep on killing for two minutes. The time has come. This is your moment of glory. Charge into the lord and the enemy five-man team. Nothing can go wrong. You are winning this.

If you follow these guidelines, you might actually make it to the Leaderboards' Hall of Stupidity, if it actually exists.

Post time 2018-4-16 04:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank You ... "Kamu mmng bngst"
Post time 2018-4-16 03:01 AM | Show all posts
Edited by est.19xx at 2018-4-16 12:05 AM

This guide is probably the best I've ever read. It's so well written and properly described. You my friend are a true genius and master of MM an inspiration. However I must say you forgot to mention the current OP MMs, so I'll list them from OP to worst:1. Miya 2. Layla 3. Clint 4. Karrie/Bruno/Moskov/YSS and lastly the worst MM of all time 5. Leshly

PS I wasn't expecting an over the top sarcastic post. Did you make the Kagura one as well?
Post time 2018-4-16 04:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
how to not play MM 101, Brilliant, i learned how to play MM by reading on how not to. in a way this is a legit guide, maybe next time less sarcasm and more on the idea of reverse guidism.
Post time 2018-4-16 04:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
how to not play MM 101, Brilliant, i learned how to play MM by reading on how not to. in a way this is a legit guide, maybe next time less sarcasm and more on the idea of reverse guidism.
(sorry it accidentally spammed, cant delete it)
Post time 2018-4-16 05:25 AM | Show all posts
I guess you sir was born in The land of dawn
anyway, mm is not my kinda fav role. There so much pressure on their shoulder lol
I think the guide would be more fun if u put some pics on it
Post time 2018-4-16 07:00 AM | Show all posts
This is a nice and learning guide especially for those who needs to improve and starting to play MM. Thanks for the effort and doing this and creating this. Im sure a lot of players will learn and use this guide. I'd love to share this
Post time 2018-4-16 08:51 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-4-16 08:53 AM

Lol, sarcasm.

I do not think this is good guide because pro famous player like Warpath usually use cheaper mm item to make them easily fat during early game. Sometime using damage not usually win quickly except if you use YSS (he has melee damage too).
Post time 2018-4-16 09:54 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Wow! What a nice guide, thanks a lot man, i tried using your build for layla and it didn't work, but guess what? When i use Lancelot with 6 blood wings, i got 4 savage before the game even start! It goes like "Welcome to mobile SAVAGE!!!" thanks a lot dude
Post time 2018-4-16 11:01 AM | Show all posts
Edited by orangitu at 2018-4-16 11:16 AM


1. Fully read this very educated tutorial.
2. Contemplate it in everytime, even when I do my sacred poop activity
3. Try this tutorial in my fudging rank.
4. Tangina
5. I got lost
6. My fudging credit fall like a sh1t falling down from my ass h0le
7. People ask M00nt0n to ban me immediately
8. Mobile Legends delete my account forever

Did I miss something?

P.S. Nice ranting post ever btw
Post time 2018-4-16 11:09 AM | Show all posts
You forgot 1 element: the treasure crab.
There is hidden bonus for MM class, that is: when MM class kill treasure crab 7 times under max level and full items, you must be MVP for the team, regardless what score you have. You cannot die, kill minion, take down turret during the process or it will reset the count. Always avoid teamfight and push the lane during this process even enemies being wiped out because MVP far more important than everything else.
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