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[Hero Techniques] A Silently Leaking Toilet Tank

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Edited by producer123 at 2018-11-10 10:58 PM

The Essentials of European Flushing and Other On-the-Road Lavatory Etiquette

Agreed. This is a strange topic for a post - indelicate, also. But in case you've traveled very much out of your immediate circle of relaxation, you'll even agree that there are things you want to understand as you depart home.

For the most part, you can travel across the whole United States and locate the very same stores, recognizable names, constant quality. With a couple of immaterial variations, you can go into any mall, even make sure it Santa Rosa, California or even Baltimore, Maryland and locate your favorite clothing store, which good-smelling candle store, and the location along with all the sports things. Not so in Europe. That is true for its bathroom facilities, too.

But before you can use a single, you have first to find one. Back in Europe, this is sometimes tricky. Sometimes you'll get lucky and place a marked sign: "Toilette" or comparable word, based on what country you are in. But generally, wherever you're in Europe, you only have to understand two letters: WC. This stands out for water cupboard. As soon as you locate one, you are good to go.

Baths in Europe, if in the hotel area or the railway station, used to confound me. I'd approach them with fear - not due to sanitation, or absence thereof. In reality, I've found them to be somewhat clean. No, instead my trepidation climbed from not understanding how to flush.

Go ahead and laugh - it's funny. I'd stand in the flushing toilet, eyes scouring the ceramic, darting into the walls, the ground, looking for some hint. Inevitably, every time the job would need a different process. Can I press, pull, stomp, reverse, or do nothing? But fear finally gave into entertainment and today, every time I use a European bathroom, consider it a chance to play with a twisted version of"Where is Waldo?"

Those Europeans! What a sense of humor! Perhaps they're laughing behind concealed cameras which capture the frenzied antics of unwary Americans. Maybe they're just smarter than people. Probably both. However, I don't envision that which we have to look like - those people that are utilized to the only silver lever reassuringly set on the face of the toilet's tank.

It sometimes takes me a while, but I always finally locate the elusive secret. I have successfully pulled strings dangling from overhead, then pressed buttons towards the surface of the tank, then pulled round buttons towards the surface of the shell, then pushed with all my power on full parts of the flushing toilet top, flush (no pun intended) using its surface. I have used my foot to stomp, my toe to envision. Occasionally, to my pleasure, I have just had to stand up. For more: Find the best flushing toilet => View website

Post time 2018-4-16 02:07 AM | Show all posts
Although i always prefer finishing 1 emblem first.
But in your case you have to become tank.
You can consider upgrading jungle if you want to.
But for tank , tank, support or magic emblem is needed.
For tank like jhonson, lollita, hylos you can use normal magic emblem too. So that you van upgrade your jungle emblem no pressure.
Post time 2018-4-16 05:17 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-4-16 05:18 AM

Maxing emblem is a vary long task to do,. I would just use the best emblem you have for the time being. And level up tank emblem ...

Let me ask you how much do you play with your team? If you do a lot of games  then level up your tank emblems. But if you don’t play a lot of game with your team. Level up the emblem you want to level.

Also  you have to consider if your team will find a tank player or if you’ll be it. And if you enjoy playing tank.
Post time 2018-4-16 11:23 AM | Show all posts
I would suggest you to focus tank emblem first.
or if you want, you can increase jungle to level 45 first where you can unlock all talent

Post time 2018-4-16 02:20 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How about your physical and magic emblem? Its good enough if you use akai and hylos. and its not hard to get that both emblems to be high level. if its already on 40+ level then I recommend you make your jungle emblem to max level first.
Post time 2018-4-16 02:29 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Bagaimana dengan lambang fisik dan sihir Anda? Ini cukup baik jika Anda menggunakan akai dan hylos. dan tidak sulit untuk mendapatkan kedua lambang itu menjadi tingkat tinggi. jika sudah di level 40+ maka saya sarankan Anda membuat lambang hutan Anda ke tingkat maksimal terlebih dahulu.
Post time 2018-4-17 05:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
buy.the.fragments every.week. got my MM lv40 by that. cant buy new heroes tho.
Post time 2018-4-17 03:08 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Jungle emblem tho
Post time 2018-4-17 10:49 PM | Show all posts
As far as I know, each Roles in the game is being provided by their own Emblem Sets/ Emblem Set.
Which means, it is based on what damage the hero deals or what type of hero it is.

Let's just say, for example.
Your Physical Emblem is level 44 while your tank emblem is only level 21.
Which emblem should you pick?

Of course you'd pick the Physical Emblem, its because it has the upper level advantage than the Tank Emblem. But if the Tank Emblem's Level exceeds the level of the Physical Emblem Set, then you should choose tank.

Each emblem possesses different types of statistical improvement that can be added to your hero's stats. So I'd prefer you to choose Physical (If you have one.) Or Fighter. If your physical and fighter emblem is lower than your tank emblem, then its up to you to pick which one you should pick : Either Jungle Emblem Set or Tank Emblem Set,
Post time 2018-4-22 01:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice Questions
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