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[Hero Techniques] Karina The Dominos Queen (Guide)

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-4-15 02:41 PM

Hello Is This Dominos?

Great ok so i would like to order... the ADC Special and the Mage surprise please.





they Hung Up!


Hello! and welcome to another beautiful season of Mobile Legends where heroes pop out every 2 weeks apparently making it hard for free players to catch up.

so being a free player my self i decided to try the oldest Mage Assassin that started the mage assassin trend before Gusion... and now Selena.

and well here are my thoughts and Guide Enjoy!

Karina is basically a Dominos Mascot wanna be, her kit is all about going in on the lowest HP hero and ask if they ordered pizza, if not she kills them and takes their money anyway.

jokes aside, i am actually serious about the dominos, no not the pizza brand but the pieces that you line up and topple over on each other, Karina works the same way, her Kit allows her to jump and kill the lowest hero and then jump to the next lowest Hero.

in a way shes the after battle hero that only jumps in when the fight is over and theres weak enemies, your team mates simply were there to set up the pieces so they can fall easier.

to play her it takes a consistent knowledge of your strength compared to your opponents weaknesses, you need to go in fully confident that you can make that piece fall because if not the dominos affect fails and well theres no second chances, you just become useless and die easily.

~ ! SKILLS ! ~

Passive: Combo Hit
her passive allows her to deal 10% of an opponents missing health on every 3rd hit from either skill or basic attack.

Opinion: this skill will help you deal the finishing blow after you loaded all of your skills on your opponent, making sure that they will die if they didnt.

First Skill: Elusiveness
for a short period of time you become immune to basic attacks and gain 30% extra movement speed, your next basic attack will deal Magic damage and Crit, the immunity falls after you attack. If enemy hero dies this skills CD will reset.

Opinion: This skill will help you roam the map easier, spam it mid to late game to catch opportunities, and easily go in on a fed ADC (Basic Attack Long Carry) without taking any damage, its also a great utility tool to escape basic attack reliant heroes, "Basically" if the enemy team relies on basic attacks... their screwed.

Second Skill: Dance Of Death
You spin around dealing Magic DMG around you once, if enemy hero dies this skills CD Resets.

Opinion: Not Much To say, its just an extra Damage skill, and while sure it has a better magic DMG scaling then the first skill but it lacks the crit, crits do 50% Extra Damage so 75+50=135%, 5 percent more then the second skill and the crit also affects the base DMG giving it almost the same base DMG as the second skill...

Ultimate: Shadow Rush
you Leap at an enemy dealing major Magic Attack Damage, if enemy hero dies by karina this skills CD Resets

Opinion: This Skill is why Karina is known to be the Dominos queen, Distance is not an issue, imagine a giant dominos piece falling all the way at you and then thanks to you dying Karina gains an extra Ult which equals more distance to Jump at the next piece, like a dominos affect you became a bridge for her murder spree.

honestly it doesnt matter, as mentioned in the second skill opinion their not different from one another by DMG and they dont have lower CD as you lvl them up, just max whatever makes you comfortable, maybe max second since it can attack multiple enemies.

\-\_\Building Karina/_/-/

- Equips -
Karina never has an issue with CD she jumps in and resets her CD with every kill, so its only natural to focus on Burst DMG for an easier kill to reset your skills, just make sure to get the starter jungle item for 15% EXP on monsters as the game starts and sell it after reaching lvl 15 (or when you need an extra spot for item)

Vs Mage: Vs Mage will probably be your Main pick most of the time since Nowadays the meta is magic Dmg tanks, assassins alongside the usual mage, you want to get a Disaster Truncheon, but since it has 25 magic PEN getting the usual devil Tears and Concentrated energy to keep yourself over 70% HP for the extra passive doesnt make sense, instead get glowing wand and you will easily get 55 total PEN which is just Enough alongside extra perks, you will only lose Spell Vamp which isnt a big deal you wont be around for the long fight and going back to base recover then spam first skill to go back into the action is pretty easy to do.

Side Note: once your done with lightning truncheon prioritize Exotic Vail (Glowing Wands Side Item) its a cheaper version of the glowing wand with the same Pen Amount, thats why glowing wand is built Last so you can focus on Holy Crystal.

Main: One Day when the mage meta breaks this will be a decent main build to use.  . . and i bet equips will be updated, so for now use this when theres only 1 mage in the enemy team, concentrated energy will keep you healthy enough to get devil tears full Potential.

Burst: this build is like Main but with Holy Crystal after lightning to continue the Burst Equips, the downside is no Pen for mid game so only switch to this build when you see yourself doing well early game, since your not giving enemies time to build against you.

Main Items

Calamity Reaper: for the Extra 120% True DMG after your first skill along with nice bonuses like Mp Regen and 10% CDR.

   Magic Pen Boots: You dont want CD on a hero that has low CD already and resets whenever she kills, so just make sure you get those with extra PEN.

Lightning Truncheon: The Passive does 150% Magic DMG on your first skill hit that spreads to the nearest 3 enemies, its a great burst to ensure you get the kill plus the enemies hit next to your target will be even easier to kill once your done, plus more MP Regen so now you can spam your first skill and go around the map without worrying about Mana.

Holy Crystal: third highest Magic Att Item with 25% Boost on your total magic Attack PLUS! 15% more on your second skill cast, so 40% on your second skill, enough said.

Left Out Item

Berserker Fury: if your new to karina.. and you are why else would you read this, dont try berserker fury, yes it does work on your first skill since it always crits, but your missing on magic DMG that also affects your ULT and second skill, speaking from experience..

Star Shard: Sure its cheap, gives you 30% extra EXP from monsters and boosts your retri to slow and lower an enemies Res, but it has 30 magic attack, your paying for the mp regen which you dont need thanks to your first 2 main items having mp Regen, and the scaling only gives you 5% Magic Boost after killing 10 monsters. its better to just get the dagger as the game starts for 15% EXP instead.

""~ EMBLEMS ~""

get Custom Mage but if you dont have it on lvl 30 get assassin.

Assassin: First Row get Movement speed, CDR is pointless so dont get it (read under Equips to know why) Bounty Hunter to get extra pay for the kills it will help you scale faster, Karina totally needs it.

Custom Mage: first Row get magic Attack for easier kill early game, and Magic Worship for higher burst on your first victim to guarentee the kill.


Retribution: to scale faster by killing jungle monsters to reach into the action sooner, and to steal, late game tho it becomes useless.

Flicker: incase your assassination didnt go well and now your stuck in the middle of enemy territory.

Execution: to widen the health bar you can Consume out of your enemy making you less of a picky eater.. or killer.

@How To Play@

early game is crucial for you to get yourself into the game without hindering your team, you want to increase the burst you can do to your target not limiting yourself to only some picks in an important fight, so get that buff, and jump into a winning lane (lane with your teammates bullying) for that gold crab and a potential kill maybe then get to lvl 4 and pick your first target, your first target is important for you to scale to the next phase, best way to pick your target is by tapping a location on the map and spot a persistent enemy with around 50% HP, get assistance from your ally laners to bait or poke them enough for you to pounce and take the kill swiftly.

what you did early game decides what you can do now, who your targets are how much can you burst a targets HP bar until its 0 and so on, just remember not to get consumed by peer pressure to do something reckless, look at map and pick your targets wisely then manuever towards them unseen.

late game is where the dominos affect takes full throttle, simply go behind enemy lines unseen while a team fight is happening and destroy the squishies hiding behind the tanks, from there you pounce your way to the front line and take out the remaining force with your teammmates, the bottom line is patience and trust that your team will survive long enough to draw away the attention.

your map is your best friend especially as karina, always tap on the map to see how much hp your targets have, or else you will jump in unaware how much they have giving your position away without any kills. it happens to me often, whenever im peer pressured or too lazy to check, i end up trusting that my team did some damage only to find the enemies with over 90% HP.. yeah dont trust your team, trust the map.

\Final Opinion/

  Karina is OP, she can take out enemies in a flash then pounce to the next, shes probably the best Fed Carry you can have to kill everyone in an instant, BUT her kit heavily rallies on her killing her first target, if by chance you couldnt kill your first target you simply become a sitting duck with all your skills in Cooldown, thats why getting karina fed is so important so your DMG will increase enough for you to topple over heavier pieces to carry out your rampage, honestly after playing karina long enough i realised how much potential she has if she does get fed so i made sure to feed our karina last game and sure enough she did her job.
Hello is this the manager? yeah your employees hung up on me i just wanted to file a complaint... hm? oh yeah i just wanted to order 2 Extra large killing sprees with extra Bloody sauce.


i hope this guide helped you all understand how karina works and if you guys got questions or builds to share with comment below! ill definitely read them and share my opinion and answers.

with that said, cya all in the next guide, ciao for now!

Thank You All For Reading!

Post time 2018-4-15 06:40 AM | Show all posts
Even though the guide is a bit incomplete but i really like the joke and skill analysis. Also analyzing her flaws is really a good thing. Maximum guide only talks about good thing. But if you know your hero's weakness, you can take care of him/her right?. I appreciate your effort and looking forward for complete guide. Keep it up.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-15 06:46 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-4-15 06:40 AM
Even though the guide is a bit incomplete but i really like the joke and skill analysis. Also analyz ...

i took a shower actually and feel more rejuvanated, definitely gonna complete it now, its just difficult on a phone.
Post time 2018-4-15 08:59 AM | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-4-15 06:46 AM
i took a shower actually and feel more rejuvanated, definitely gonna complete it now, its just dif ...

Looking forward mate.
Post time 2018-4-15 10:02 AM | Show all posts
It would be better if you'll be able to provide item builds for Karina depending on different situation ;3 I would like to see that as a Karina main xD.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-15 10:44 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2018-4-15 10:02 AM
It would be better if you'll be able to provide item builds for Karina depending on different situat ...

updated it as far as that, Im now updating how to play her.. and hmm ignore the final opinion part apparently my phone jumps mid typing sometimes when i edit, its really annoying.
Post time 2018-4-15 06:29 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide. She become more powerful lately. Next time, you must analyse Alice because she quite immortal and powerful mage. When, I watch from MPL tournament MAS/SG, Alice truely immortal even she can beat against full pro team (use by yourself team "Tyrant" and always ban your hero "Martis with his Tyrant skin"). Sorry just kidding.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-15 09:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-4-15 06:29 PM
Nice guide. She become more powerful lately. Next time, you must analyse Alice because she quite imm ...

alice isnt powerful as much, she is just ULT reliant. nowadays players use mobile heroes that can easily run from alices ult, she can be powerful if you got coordination with your team to CC lock them so they wont run away
 Author| Post time 2018-4-15 11:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-4-15 06:29 PM
Nice guide. She become more powerful lately. Next time, you must analyse Alice because she quite imm ...

also dont tempt me to buy martis xD im saving up for hanabi.
Post time 2018-4-16 12:54 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Bahwasanya bagus gan

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