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[Hero Techniques] [Hero Guide] Cyclops - The Starsoul Magician

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Edited by Demigra at 2018-4-13 03:30 PM


Cyclops - The Starsoul Magician
[Hero Guide]

Written by : Demigra

Who do you think is Cyclops ? What type of Hero is he? What powers does he possess? Is he powerful enough to company you throughout your battles in the land of dawn?
Well, let's find out.


Cyclops - The Starsoul Magician

[ 15000 BP / 399 DIAMONDS ]
Recommended Emblem - Mage Emblem Set

[Background] - Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little. He watched all days and nights and discovered the truth that planets were moving all the time. And this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous 'Starsoul Magician' in his homeland. Planetary movements will never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. 'I come, I see, I conquer!' Said Cyclops.

[Note] - If you are using Cyclops and wanted to deal a lot of burst damage upon your foes, then I recommend you to read this whole thread guide. His recommended Builds, his skill usage, and his whereabouts (Lane).

[ Skills + Function ]


Starlit Hourglass (Passive) - The deep bind of stars gives Cyclops the power to control time.

Current cooldown of all skills will be reduced by 0.5 second when his skills successfully hits his enemies.
This passive allows you to reduce your skill cooldowns by 0.5 seconds whenever your skill hits your foes. Enabling cyclops to recover his skills faster.


Stardust Shock (1st Skill) - Gathers the power of stars and casts two shockwaves of stardust, each dealing 220 Magic Damage to the enemy.
This is Cyclops' first skill, the Stardust Shock. Unlike any other mages, Cyclops' stardust shock can deal massive Magic Damage upon his foes. Especially when he's stuffed and had the upper advantage than his enemies. Spam and direct hit is needed when casting this ability. Perfect for killing Minions and dealing 2 shockwaves that deals massive amount of damage of all the enemies in its direction.


Planetary Attack / Planets Attack - Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short amount of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (Top Priority of the Skill is to attack the nearby Enemy Heroes first). Dealing 210(50%) Total Magic Power to its target. Useful when escaping or pursuing an enemy.


Star Power Lockdown - Cyclops wiedls the power of stars to his fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary powers to track down his enemy, dealing 600(+220Total Magic Power) Magical Damage. The target will be immobilized for 1-2s based on the target's flying distance. You can use this skill to track down your enemy if they are trying to escape. Especially, when its HP is to the lowest. This skill is perfect for performing a combo with both of Cyclop's skill the first Skill and the Second skill.

[ Builds And Functions]

          88-copy-1.jpg arcane-boots.png enchanted-talisman.png 41-copy-1.jpg lightning-truncheon.png ice-queen-wand.png

[ Battle Spell ]


- Retribution -

Hunter's Knife - We all know that Cyclops wields the power of stars and planets dealing huge burst damages upon his foes. Yet, he deserves to solo in midlane. In the beginning of the game, tell your teammates that you'll go solo in the Middle Lane. Buy first the Hunter's Knife in the Jungle Menu. Then go and feed upon the Enemie's minions and acqurie buffs by killing Jungle Monsters. Keep on doing this until your character levels up faster than the other team. This item also enables you to deal massive amount of damage to Jungle Monsters and upon the Enemy Minions. This item will then be replaced by your own item in the Late Game.

Arcane Boots - Damage Reduction is very useful too. The Arcane Boots can help you through your journey by supplying 40% Movement Speed to your ingame statistics while using cyclops. Its a boot which applies 15% Damage Reduction.

Enchanted Talisman - All mages requires high amount of mana in order to perfectly perform their skills. So I recommend you to buy this item. The Enchanted Talisman helps you by providing a faster Mana Regeneration and +50 Magic Power to your ingame statistics while using Cyclops. Most of the mage characters uses this in order to regenerate their mana faster.

Concentrated Energy - Lifesteals and Spell Vamps are proved to be very useful when it comes to Clashing and 1 vs 1. This item enables you to carry a +30% Spell Vamp. Whenever your skill hits an enemy, you'll be able to steal HPs. This is called a Spell Vamp. This is popular among all the mages and the mage assassins of the game.

Lightning Truncheon - The Lightning Truncheon provides 75% Magic Power and 30% Mana Regeneration into your ingame statistics while using Cyclops. Every 6 seconds of using a magical ability, a lightning will be produced harming 3 enemies around it. Dealing 150% Magic Power Damage.

Ice Queen Wand - For every skills that damages a certain hero, the target will be slowed down by 15%. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 3 times. Which means, you can slower down your foe if you are pursuing it. This is very useful though when you are in pursuit of a certain enemy.

[ Hero Usage / Tips and Tricks]

[ Early Game ]

Likewise, at the beginning of the game, tell your teammate that you'll go solo in the Middle Lane. Once the game starts, go to the shop and click the 'Jungle' Menu. Purchase the Hunter's Knife item then go to your lane (Middle Lane/Mid Lane). Feed on the first wave of minions first then go and kill the Spinners. It will grant you a buff which enables you to become sharper. Then go and feed on the second minion. Once done, go and kill the other jungle monsters as well and the same thing over and over again. Use Retribution upon the Jungle Monsters ONLY if necessary.

Feast upon your enemies those who are weak. Cyclops will become someone powerful, powerful enough to wipe out the entire enemy's team.

[ Late Game ]

Once you've reached Level 15 + Acquired all of your items, remove the Hunter's Knife item, then replace it with your own item (Depends on what Magical Item you like.) Do not forget to acquire buffs too, even if you have removed the Hunter's Knife item, you will still be able to kill Jungle Monsters somehow.

Go on clashing, charging and ganking with your team. Always remember to avoid stuffed assassins such as Fanny and Lancelot.

[ Cyclops Combo ]

[ Lvl 3 ]

When you've encountere an enemy, use your First Abilitiy. Once it hits, instantly activate your second ability and start rounding the enemy. Spam the first and second skill when necessary until the enemy is dead. Go and run into a nearby bush or go and run into a nearby turret. Use the 'Recall' Abilitiy. Once you've reached the base, wait for your hp and mana to restore back to maximum then return to your lane.

[ Lvl 6 ]

Once you have attained your Ultimate Skill, go and search for a prey that is weak, enough for you to kill it easily. Once you've found one, instantly use the Ultimate Skill upon it and follow the sphere that pursues your target. Once you've found the target, trapped, Use the same combo by spamming first and second skill. Always remember to avoid the enemy's skills ONLY if it is avoidable.

Do the same thing when clashing, but be sure to avoid the assassins, they can deal a lot of damage upon their enemy mages and mms. So its better to stay at the back instead of trying to carry your team by showing yourself in the front of the squad. You'll be lockdowned immediately if that will occur.


Note - Cyclops in this guide is only based in my own usage. If you're not comfortable and interested in this guide, then I recommend you to not follow this guide. I included farming with Cyclops and I think that it suits him very well. So all those Mage Users out there not using their heroes for farming, had a very huge difference than my role. I'm a Mage/Marksman/Assassin/Tank User, huge exception for Fighters cause I don't even know how to use them.

I usually use Cyclops whenever the team does not have a Mage. Like Kagura, Cyclops should be in the Middle Lane, its basically fine when you choose to go Bottom or Top instead. The important thing is, to keep on farming until you've reached the higher advantage than the enemy hero.

You can choose to replace your build, but never replace using the Hunter's Knife at the beginning of the game. It helps you to create massive damage while dealing with enemy minions and jungle monsters + Giving you higher experiences than a normal hero can attain.

Thank you for reading this guide. I can assure that this is not a complete, full one. I can make a Guide which can contain countless of words in it ^.^ (Only if I'm not Procrastinating).

Farewell <3

~ Demigra Out.

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I don't see much of these guides good job dude upvoted, supported, liked, lol
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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-4-12 09:45 PM

He very famous mage right now and Kagura more forgotton hero because. Almost all pro player include top rank player said Cyclops is the best hero (and also mage) in S8 right now (but he still not first pick hero unlike Gusion and Lancelot).

Such a good guide. I hope more player will notice that cyclops is better mage than Kagura.

 Author| Post time 2018-4-12 09:39 PM | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-4-12 05:07 PM
He very famous mage right now and Kagura more forgotton hero because. Almost all pro player include  ...

Indeed, but If I am to compare their level gaps, they should have the same power.
Like Kagura, Cyclops deals a lot of burst damages upon his foes. Kagura does the same too.
But Kagura's Escaping Ability is much more useful than Cyclops'. Her Umbrella can go to any spots in the map, allowing her to teleport in the every spot she wants to go.  

Btw thanks for rating my guideXD
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Buildnya bagus
Post time 2018-4-13 08:17 AM | Show all posts
I do recommend adding the autoaim function cheese with him with the guide. It allows him to poke and hit his second skill with the setting nearest then autoaim.
Post time 2018-4-16 04:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
you discourage me as a guide writer, i really thought my guides are professionally made but i got more to learn.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-17 10:54 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Demigra at 2018-4-17 07:12 AM
PjTyrant replied at 2018-4-15 12:26 PM
you discourage me as a guide writer, i really thought my guides are professionally made but i got mo ...

Every Guide Writer had experienced that before. Even I did.
I always suck at writing Guides , even when writing stories.

You know what?
I got this by reading dictionaries all day long and, also reading short pocketbooks and fanfics made by professional fanfiction writers in Wattpad and in the Fandom. Anyways, We can go along together if you want ^.^
Post time 2018-4-18 04:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Demigra replied at 2018-4-17 10:54 PM
Every Guide Writer had experienced that before. Even I did.
I always suck at writin ...

for sure, couldnt find you in the mlbb server in discord btw
Post time 2018-5-10 04:23 AM | Show all posts
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