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[Complaint] I'm quitting MLBB - fed up of being bullied

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Edited by oichidan at 2018-4-1 07:13 PM

Hi everyone.
I decided I would quit playing MLBB for good. Here's the problem.

I don't have that much hero in the game. I won't spend any single diamonds to buy a hero. I stack up battle points and buy the hero I'd like to use. I have Layla, Zilong, Rafaela, Alice, Odette, Nana, Tigreal, Balmond, Saber, Miya, and Eudora. My tier at this moment is Epic IV.

Most of the time I play the game, I use Rafaela. Why, you ask?

Simple. In ranked games, all other players often take the major roles, such as Marksman and Assassin/Fighter. I who lack heroes, especially the meta ones, would have to pick what role is missing to complement the team. That explains why I play as Rafaela for more than 500 matches, and went from Warrior III to Epic IV solely using her in ranked mode matches.

However, the constant stream of bullying got on my nerves. I usually got over it, but today, I think I would just put an end to it for good. Oh, god, all those bullyings because I used her... Would I pick other heroes? Yes, if there's a slot for it. People are just like, "I want to pick (insert hero name here)", with a considerable win rate and match count. Of course I won't be as selfish as to pick a hero from the same role. I won't stick to a carry hero and just use whatever hero I can in my disposal to complement and support the teamwork.

Usually, the roles that remain are a tank and a support. Me using a tank = feeder. Me not using a tank = plays good but got bullied like so many times, both in and out game.

Eventually, I came to a realisation after playing MLBB for only a season: that I'm not good at working in a team. I don't have much resources to complement the team composition, let alone counter the heroes the opposing team uses. I want to play MLBB in my way, using a support hero like Rafaela, which is my favorite, and being confined to conform with so many things I don't have got on my nerves. If I were to pick a hero from other role, people would just be protesting me for picking 'their' role. If I were to pick a hero from the ones I can actually play, people will just bully me for picking Rafaela.

So that's it, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I bid you farewell.
I hope no other players are particularly feeling the same way as I do. I want everyone to enjoy playing this game without the strain of being bullied by some players in or out the game. In addition, I want everyone to have a sense of 'freedom' to pick whatever heroes they like to use in-game, not being strained to what the trend is going. You play the game, and you make the game the way you like.

Aldian H.
118395189 (2520)

[Edit: If you're particularly feeling the same thing, feel free to vent in my thread. I want you to know that you're not alone. Let's support each other. If you want to give advices, please do. Some players out there needs support in playing this game, and I do want us to support each other.]

[Edit 2: I'm actually saving some coins to buy a new hero after the season reset. If you're wondering why I don't have much battle points, it's because I spent most of them on emblem upgrades. I'm longing for Kagura. She rocks. But man, this happened. I can use -all- the heroes I own (except Balmond), and some others too thanks to trial cards and weekly free rotations. I just don't have the chance to get to use them, particularly because people just so want to pick the hero so I have to just pick whatever is missing. What happens if I forcibly pick the said meta hero? Consider the players' attitudes and you can guess what happens. Usually, I'd end up picking either a tank (which obviously I would choose Tigreal) or a Support (usually Nana or Rafaela). The thing here is that the attitudes of the players here, it's amazing.]

[Edit 3: I'm from SEA, just to be clear. You take their buff, they'll go AFK. You die being dived in your turret, they'll go crazy in the text chat and eventually AFK. You use a hero from 'their' role, they'll go crazy and eventually AFK. You got ambushed, and you'll see they'll be busy farming.]

[Edit 4: Again, I'll make things clear. Not all players crave for tier or rank, and I among them.]

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Of all heroes, you have to main Raf.


Even the mods bullying this guy picking rafaela, I'm speechless  Post time 2018-4-27 06:16 PM
Post time 2018-4-1 08:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dude I like the old heroes you dont need to buy new heroes just give sometime playing at classic matches using other heroes I play tank and support most of the time in ranked game because other players stick to their favorite hero which is mm most of the time and dont want to adjust and and they are the real sucks because most of the time damage dealers are useless without them.just remember this"MM4EVER user always say "they need a tank" and dumb ass greedy say "more kills more pro".They lack the knowledge of MOBA game.
Post time 2018-4-3 03:38 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts


YEEEAAAAHHH!!! I SUPPORT THIS IDEA!!!  Post time 2018-4-8 03:53 PM
Post time 2018-4-1 04:20 PM | Show all posts
Owh, you are just like me before this. Ten month ago, I quit this ML for same reason. And now play back this game because there are no interesting game (all game are same and quite boring except shooting game) could I play right now. ML is my first MOBA game ever I play.
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Edited by Eggplant at 2018-4-5 12:17 PM

Honestly, from a Mythic player with 900+ stars point of view (ign is Eggplant). It's good that you quit, you're doing people in ranked a favour.

For the record, I've never raged/diss/swear at anyone in game(except my squad), but one of the things that grinds my gear is people who doesn't own meta heroes, and is deadset on one particular hero. E.g. Instant first pick Layla lock.

You said you don't care about ranks and don't aspire to be someone great, why play ranked then? Go classic and pick non meta all you like.

You also said you constantly carry with Rafeala, yet you are stuck in Epic IV? Contradiction much?

Yes you play this game for fun and all, I get it, but you're doing it at the expense of 4 other people's sadness. I don't even feel sorry for you that people raged at you, you probably deserve it.

Imagine playing soccer with your workmates in your department against another department, and you decided to go "Sorry brothers and sisters, I will be goalie in the middle of the field because that how I enjoy playing soccer". Good grief.

Sorry to stir up your bubble mate, but you won't be missed. Good bye.
Post time 2018-4-2 04:40 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Just do what you want. Don't let this game affect you too much.

I for one is intent on using Aurora even if someone already picked a mage (of course, I already said I'd use Aurora while at the banning phase). Of course they'd call me a cancerous player, but what do you know.

I ended up carrying them, they ate everything they told at me. And I'm at Mythic (at least, last season).

Just enjoy the game. While it's good to know a lot of heroes, if you are really a dedicated player, IMO you will always have a go-to hero that you can use so effectively that you can carry games.
Post time 2018-4-1 06:25 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So you like to play support? Just like me. I have been playing this MLBB for a month and now I am in GM3. Rafaela is a good skinny thin goodess but I dont like her one of ability that drops some fairy dust (A or B ability I forget) which is weird and useless. Rafaela, imo are very underrated. Yes, the team will protest you to change because most of them wont trust Rafaela.  Meanwhile, I am a Estes player which is also underrated support. I know how you feelin about been bullied in the game. So as Estes, I play as good as possible, I gank with fighter most of the time. Even the result that i lost the game, at least I can get gold medal or MVP.  My play style is assisting and i kill when there's a chance. When the team bullied me in the game, I just dont care because in the end they will regret seeing the score that I am the MVP because of my assist point. After the game I know that they will add me and beg me to support them to the next game. I say, I am not a pro player I just play as good as I can.   The point is, as we are the support player and bullied player, I can only suggest that be yourself, dont listen about players that underestimate you,  play as great as you can, dont get tilt when the match become worse and turn of that annoying chat feature in the match....those really help.   Play duoQ...get a good friend. You are Rafaela and you need a good fighter to be supported. I have a good Hilda player and he loves me to support him with Estes. Hilda and Estes synergize each other which makes Hilda gets legendary or maniac along the match.   So, this is only my respond to your salty feeling. However if you still want to leave MLBB, this is your decision. I understand you.
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Edited by est.19xx at 2018-4-1 04:36 PM

Isn't it your fault that you don't have meta heroes? You got to epic which means u played long enough to collect enough BP to purchase better heroes yet you choose to buy Alice. If you can't learn to play than one role, I am afraid you have nothing more to accomplish, Epic is as high as you can go. AFK and trollers are everywhere but despite that many players went far beyond Epic by playing Solo Q dealing with those Afk and trolls as well. So, take a moment to realize your flaws, learn to play then and only then you can truly say your team is holding you back. As of now, your hero pool suggest that you are the one holding them back. Sure, you can be a good Rafaela even a global Rafaela but that Angela in the other team is doing the same things you are doing but better. Think about it
PS I don't mean to offend you in any way.
Post time 2018-4-1 04:18 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i know this problem and i feel you :') to prevent this i usually take classic match rather than ranked because in classic as long it reasonable enough for team,you can choose anything
Post time 2018-4-1 03:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I offer you 2 solutions : 1. Don't play solo, 2. Learn other heroes, and git gud. I suggest that you don't quit mlbb just because the bullying, epic is still cancer as all we know. If you're from SEA, tough luck. The players there are selfish mother*ers ( you take their buff, they complain and go afk. You blame and flame them for their bad gameplay, they get angry and go afk.) As i said, don't play solo, play with ppl you know, it's alot better and much fun that way. I would personally trust a 500 match rafaela with decent wr (60%+) as it shows that they are not trolling and knos what they're doing. One of the most impirtant thing in higher tiers are the meta (a.k.a. the op heroes and combos / strat of the current patch.) If you can, follow them. If you can't, counter them and play heroes one tier below them. Imo rafaela scores C in her the tier list and can hit B with an amazing player, but it's so freakin hard to make her work. A bad composition with rafaela will mostly end up with defeat. I recommend u learn how to play tanks better as they are the most sought ( the current meta consists of 2 tanks) or you learn higher tier supports that ppl accept better ( e.g. diggie ). Play more and through the process, learn. Reach for higher tiers as there will be less and less toxicity in the community. ( unless you play in NA lol mythics there play with epics). For rank : meta heroes and heroes you're good at, for fun : all the other heroes. :) that's it, and i hope you reconsider your choice on quitting. ( or come back next season and hope the game is not broken yet)
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Edited by queen.kira at 2018-4-1 03:29 PM

No.... You can't just leave like that. I know how tough it is, when you are lack of heroes... But if you are emotionally abused, I can't ask you to stay. You need to rest and find peace... I do hope to see you again here in the forum and play MLBB.  

Just a reminder... You are strong and the QUEEN is proud of what you have achieve. KEEP it UP!!
 Author| Post time 2018-4-1 03:37 PM | Show all posts
queen.kira replied at 2018-4-1 03:27 PM
No.... You can't just leave like that. I know how tough it is, when you are lack of heroes... But if ...

Thank you. I might consider returning, but hardly.
Thanks for sympathising also.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-1 03:43 PM | Show all posts
HagunCloud replied at 2018-4-1 03:30 PM
I offer you 2 solutions : 1. Don't play solo, 2. Learn other heroes, and git gud. I suggest that you ...

Yeah, playing solo was the worst choice I've ever made.

I learn other heroes. Trial cards and weekly free rotations, starting with custom and ending up in classic. In fact, I'm saving up money to buy a hero after the season reset, but man, this happened.

And yes, I'm from SEA. I so agree with you, more if it's from my country. It's hard to find people I know who want to play with me, probably because I lack meta heroes in my tally. Tough luck.

I might reconsider, but hardly. Priorities in life, I'm not spending most of my time and draining myself emotionally just to play this game. If I can have that much resource to play an online game, I might have been doing something else in my life. Though, thanks for your suggestion. I'm sure there are players out there who are fed up with the constant stream of bullies, flames, et cetera, and your suggestion would help them out.
Post time 2018-4-1 03:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-1 03:49 PM | Show all posts
ThomasArt replied at 2018-4-1 03:46 PM
You have Nana right she really good. Has good damage and cc. You can use her if you really need to ...

I pick her especially if someone's using Fanny in the opposing team. Also, I can use her too.
She's a good counter if there's a Fanny around. Turn her to a cute cat and let the others do some animal abuse

But yeah, SEA players challenge here: attitudes.
 Author| Post time 2018-4-1 04:19 PM | Show all posts
Timonthy replied at 2018-4-1 04:18 PM
i know this problem and i feel you :') to prevent this i usually take classic match rather than rank ...

Thanks for sympathising :')

Besides, we can use a hero we're learning and say that we're learning to use the hero. Classic is there for a reason
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