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Author: Logan
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[Official Forum Event] #OfficialForumEvent: Moskov, you deserve to have him!

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Welcome guys!

I decided to make first highlights of new hero Moskov, check this out and let me know in the comments below the video what do you think about this :)

Here is my in-game info:

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Since you changed the date of the event and I technically sent my submission before that date I'm going to make a new one, this is exactly the same submission I'm just "refreshing" it:

Link of the video:
Video Title: Mobile Legends: Moskov MVP, he is insane! 150k damage and 24 kills!!
KDA: KDA: 24-1-15
The video was also shared on this forum: ... thread&tid=6957

My profile information and the video thumbnail:

My Profile

My Profile

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail
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I'm also "refreshing" my submission for the Fan Art category:
Minimalistic Moskov

Minimalistic Moskov Fan Art

Minimalistic Moskov Fan Art

My Profile

My Profile
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I guess I'll be the first to create a fan art xD

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What app did u guys used to record your games?
Post time 2017-3-7 06:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This is the artwork that I made just in 10min cus why not? Its not like I can draw or anything :3
Post time 2017-3-7 08:20 PM | Show all posts
Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-3-7 21:38

MOSKOV Guide, Tips & Tricks
Info: Im not GOD in using moskov I just want to share to you guys what I have learned for using moskov if you have some additional tips or some advice feel free to feedback and comment :lol:D



Passive ability: Spear of Quiescence

Moskov's basic attack can penetrate the targets and deal more damage to enemies behind them. Hitting enemies successfully will reduce the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death.

First skill: Abyss Walker

Moskov uses the power of shadow to teleport to the specified position, enhancing attack's penetration ability and increasing attack speed, lasting 2s.

Second skill: Spear of Death

Moskov strikes at an enemy hero with full strength, dealing physical damage and knocking back the target. If the airborne target collides with another enemy hero, then both of them will receive physical damage and be stunned. If the target knocks into obstacles, he/she will also be stunned. The enemy that's hit by the skill cannot go in stealth for a short while.

Third skill: Spear of Destruction

Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing physical damage to enemies along a straight line. For each enemy it hits, it will provide a buff of increasing attack power to Moskov, stacking up to 5 layers, lasting 5s.

PROS: damager, hybrid, agile,Epic ulti (Global Range)
squishy easy to kill (if you dont reposition yourself frequently especially during team fight), short range of auto attack

(Current Item combo that works well in my play style)
note: (some items will be change depending on any scenario and playstyle you want)

(Current abilities used that works well in my play style)
Screenshot_2017-02-17-20-24-48-cropped.jpg Screenshot_2017-03-07-19-19-20-cropped.jpg
note: (Since most likely all the marksman in ML is a little bit squishy I really like additional mobility(flicker) to moskov just in case if he's going to be flanked, but still its up to you what abilities you want to use)


this is sound silly but this is the essential way of making faster money and building items.

In PUSHING lanes: always position yourself inline to the enemy minions so you can utilize the passive skill of Moskov which is "penetration".

In JUNGGLING: always use your second ability "Abyss Walker " for additional attack speed for easy killing junggle monsters.
In TOWER BREAKING: also use your 2nd ability for additional attack speed, just position yourself perpendicularly.

Level up first 2nd skill (Spear of Death ) -> 1st Skill(Abyss Walker ) -> Ulti(Spear of Destruction)
or Level up first 1st skill (Abyss Walker ) -> 2nd Skill(Spear of Death) -> Ulti(Spear of Destruction) if you want mobility and attack speed

• Dodging and maneuverability: use your 1st skill (Abyss Walker) either in dodging enemy CC's or chasing them, this could be also useful jumping in a wall or an obstacle in a terrain (ALWAYS ALWAYS Position yourself behind on your Tanks on a team clash)

• STUN: use your 2nd skill (Spear of Death) be aware that this ability will be very efficient if you will use it wisely, engage immediately if the enemy is near on any wall or obstacle for additional stun, I found out that this ability has a longer stun duration so use it wisely. (I smell nerf for this one on next patches hehe ;P)

• SPEAR OF DESTRUCTION: the name itself already explains about the ability hehe.. well moskov is the 2nd hero that have global casting ability so you use it wisely, think of it that you are a sniper on the game NAME THE TARGET, GIVE THE EXACT LOCATION, AIM ON!, AND PULL TRIGGER! ONE SHOT ONE KILL! hahaha :lol;P well not litteraly, just like my yi-sun shin guide just be aware on the map and be cautious on any clashing situations you never know either you will get the kill or assist kill.

Always practice using Yi, you can't be so good with one thing if your are not doing and practicing it frequently.

Hope you like my Guide and Video gamplay THANKS TO MLBB Team for this amazing game! MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS! See you in the Game! PEACE YO!


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Edited by Ass_Dave at 2017-3-8 07:18

This is Ass_Dave's Entry to the Moskov event, including a Most In-Depth Guide and a GL Ranked Gameplay, both with Commentary.  

My ID: 18596434
My Server: 5201

Moskov Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Moskov 10/1/12 Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay
In case video does not load, please click on the link below:

DOUBLE Quadra Kill Moskov 11/1/7 Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay
In case video does not load, please click on the link below:

P.S. I apologize for entering quite late, because I have been practicing Moskov to make sure I am giving the right information for the guide. Also I am collecting the right gameplay footage for guide as well as gameplay. Hope you guys understand. :) Thanks.
Post time 2017-3-8 07:19 AM | Show all posts

I replied again by accident, please delete this message.

Edited by Ass_Dave at 2017-3-8 07:20

Sorry, I reponded again by accident. Please delete this message.
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