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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part V)

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-The Land of Dawn-

Chapter 5: Big Dreams With Small Starts

  When Saber returned to Scholar City to find Rooney so he can recharge his lightsabers, he saw another person with Rooney who was sitting on a wheelchair. When Rooney saw Saber, he quickly introduced the person in the wheelchair.

  "Saber, you might be wondering who this is. Let me introduce you to Bruno. He has always dreamt of running around the fields and kicking a ball into a net. He came to me for help since he was disabled, and you came at the perfect time! Saber, help me create a machine so Bruno can be a happy boy. I'll give you anything I can, so can you do it?"

  Saber agreed, but he said he wanted to get recharged first since his energy was low. After recharging, he alongside Rooney worked together to make a pair of prosthetic legs for Bruno. They also made other accessories like glasses and a suit for protection. The whole thing looked very futuristic and promising. When they were finished, Rooney was already full of excitement to see his creation being used. Bruno put it on, but he still was unable  to walk since he had to get used to the suit first.

  At first, the suit felt uncomfortable, but long enough he should be able to get used to it. It didn't take Bruno long to learn how to walk, run and jump. He was as happy as he could ever be to finally be free of his dreaded wheelchair. He could now finally live his dream of being a soccer player. He used to admire the people who kicked the soccer ball so accurately that it goes into the net. He wanted to be like them, and he dreamt of it ever since he was a child. Even though he was stuck in a wheelchair, he had hope one day that he could be just like those people on television and his friends as well.

  And that day - is today. Bruno thought it would be easy to kick a mere ball into a giant net, but once he found out that there was more to that, he almost gave up hope. But he remembers that deeply in his heart, he will become the best soccer player in the world, no matter what obstacle he faces. Soon, he learned advanced soccer skills that only some elite players could pull off. Then, he discovered a secret technique, allowing him to win almost every game. But alast, there's a catch to all this.

  Bruno could not express his gratitude towards Rooney for achieving his dream. So, he vowed himself to protect Scholar City, escpecially Rooney from any evilness at all costs. A large ceremony was held at the center of Scholar City to celebrate a new guardian of the city. When he got more and more popular, people started giving him nicknames, the most popular one being 'The Protector'. Bruno knew he had to live up to this name granted by the sole people he protects. He promised that he would never leave any living soul behind and to always protect anyone in need. The city became more peaceful after Bruno's arrival, him defeating all crimes and evil that could potentially ruin the city. Rooney even created a special ball for him, making him even stronger.

  At the ceremony, a particular little fellow was trying to get Rooney's attention. That person, or birdy, so to speak, was none other than young Diggie. Diggie holds the ability to control the flow of time, but people underestimated him just because of his size. Although tiny, Diggie had big dreams. His biggest idol is of course - Rooney. He admired how broad his ideas are, and he wanted to become just like him, a popular yet smart scientist. Diggie wanted to meet Rooney very badly, so he stalked Rooney all the way to his laboratory after the ceremony ended.

  At the lab, he saw two other people beside Rooney. One looked very robotic, and holding two lightsabers. Another was the person who was just being celebrated, Bruno. Diggie being the egg-head he is became jealous of them and wanted Rooney to notice him, and only himself. So, using his little bird house clock, he froze time and pushed Saber and Bruno into the trash bin area and proceeded to unfreeze time. Confused, Rooney asked what happened to Saber and Bruno. Diggie acted like he didn't know anything and just shrugged. A few seconds later, Saber and Bruno approached Diggie and picked him up, asked him if he moved them into the trash bin. Diggie, acting like he didn't know anything, just shrugged.

  Rooney told them to place Diggie down and asked what his name was. In a burst of excitement and nervousness, he shouted out "DIGGIE!" and then quickly ran away. Saber, Bruno and Rooney just stood there, watching Diggie running off into the distance. They chuckled a bit, and went back to their discussion.

  Diggie ran all the way from Rooney's lab to the center of the city, gasping for air as his heart pounds rapidly from both nervousness and running. He started to cry a bit, thinking that he made a bad impression on himself. He literally shouted his name into his biggest idol's face and ran off like a little coward. After a little while, he decided to go to Rooney's place so he could apologize to him. Upon reaching Rooney's lab, he slowly knocked on the door and waited for them to open. After a few minutes of waiting and anticipation, the doors finally opened, with two people coming near him saying goodbye.

  Diggie quickly ran and hid at the side of the lab, He thought that he probably knocked too lightly at the door. Once Saber and Bruno left, Diggie dashed into Rooney's lab and introduced himself. Rooney got scared and turned around to see just what is happening.

  "Horology is my craft, and Diggie is my name!"

  Rooney recognized Diggie as the funny little birdy that ran away just now. Rooney felt empathetic so he let Diggie stay for a bit. Diggie felt so excited that he could burst out flying. Diggie first said that he was his biggest idol and he wanted to be just like him. Rooney asked what talents he had, and Diggie replied that he could control time. Rooney is very impressed and asked if he was the one who pushed Saber and Bruno away in just a blink of an eye. Diggie nodded and Rooney made Diggie his personal apprentice. Diggie became so happy. Since he is now Rooney's little helper, he decided to move in with Rooney.

  While that happened, Saber was flying back to return to his friends. He found them wandering around inside a forest. Before landing, he saw a figure riding on something. When he tried to approch them, they swiftly ran away into the darkness. They felt weirded out, and decided to investigate. They saw many arrows that are stuck into trees. Then, they heard a loud growling sound that seemed like it came from a tiger. They also heard faint explosions nearby. When they arrived, they could only see broken trees and lots of arrows. On the ground lied some strangers with masks, their hands holding a blowpipe. In the misty distance, Saber was able to see someone riding off their mount, holding what it seems like a crossbow.

  Karina and Helcurt wanted to find out more about this anonymous person so they left the group behind to try and find the mounted person. After a few hours of searching, they could only find arrows bombarded at tree trunks and some footprints of a tiger. They ended the search when Grock and his friends found Karina and Helcurt. All things said, they got into some hot water of trouble. But alast, they couldn't find that mystery person.

  Who could that person be? Find out in chapter 6.

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