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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part IV)

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-The Land of Dawn-

Chapter 4: Fate and Betrayal

  A new force has arrived to the Land of Dawn. Though, nobody knows who these people are. Who were they sent by? Where were they from? What was their purpose? They thought these people would bring peace to this world, but things went out of hand quickly after their arrival...

  A bright light shines down from the sky, creating a ray of light that slices through the thick, gloomy clouds. Three figures emerged from the light, slowly levitating downwards towards the ground. One had a silhouette of a halo on their head holding a staff, another has a shield and a sword that could become an axe, and the other had a sharp shining sword that is emissing a yellowish substance. Though, what they had in common were wings, each one of them differing in design.

  They could be seen clearly after landing on the ground. Two were girls, while the last one was a man. They each announced their names. "Let your wounds *ne as I, the Wings of Holiness, Rafaela is here to heal you." "Every speck of evilness shall vanish within my range, as I, the Light of Dawn, Argus has arrived to slay the evil spirits." "The Gods have bestowed this quest on us, leaded by me - the Valkyrie, Freya, to protect every living soul of this land." "We - the Holy Angels of the Land of Dawn is here to complete our mission." Their arrival sure was dramatic.

  Rafaela raised her wand up high, and in a split second, all of Grock, Hylos, Layla, Miya, Estes, Karina and Helcurt's wounds were gone, though no changes occured to Saber. Hylos approached the angels, thanking Rafaela in particular for healing them. Freya asked what had happened to this land which had a large hole in the center. Hylos explained everything, then Argus said, "So that was what caused that overload of energy. I felt so powerful!" Freya, surprised, asked who were those two creatures hiding in the bush.

  After hearing this, Helcurt and Karina came out of the bush, revealing themselves. Karina was shaking due to the presence of her enemies, Miya, Estes and Hylos. Miya and Estes immediately recognized Karina, and they ran behind Grock with their weapons ready. Grock asked why, and Helcurt with his big mouth explained it. Hylos, just remembering it all, also felt a bit angry, but since he is a forgiving centaur, he wasn't very angry. Karina felt her pressure going away after her fear being explained, but it came flooding right back knowing that her enemies are just right in front of her.

  Argus interupted, asking if they could speed up their 'reunion' in a haste so that they could continue their mission. Freya said Argus isn't very patient. After all, he enjoys killing evil things with his almighty sword. Argus wants power more than anything. He has his own little resolution to find the mythical Draconic Armor. Argus immediately cried out that it wasn't a little resolution, and thus Freya and Argus were fighting about it, while everyone was watching in confusion.

  Rafaela stopped them, saying, "Remember why we are here." Freya and Argus apologized, quickly returning to their positions. Grock asked if they wanted to join them on their mission. They said that an invasion of aliens has taken place a few hours ago. Freya gasped, quickly agreeing to help them, while Argus couldn't hold his excitement to slay all of the invaders. Grock also asked if Karina and Helcurt wanted to join, though Miya, Estes and Hylos weren't very keen on the idea. Grock said to be open minded and forget about their past so that they culd reestablish a new future together as one united race. And so they agreed, recruiting five new members.

  While they were preparing to fight the invaders, Argus spotted Saber with his swords and lightsabers. In curiousity, Argus asked if he could use those. Saber said it might be too adavnced for him but Argus thought otherwise. He grabbed one, though he could not figure out how to activate it. Saber showed it to him, and Argus asked just what he was. Saber explained that he is a laboratory escapist from another galaxy. Argus was surprised. He asked Saber to teach him new fighting techniques, Saber agreed, and so they started their training together.

  After two days of preparing, they were finally ready to face the invading Kastiyans. They ventured into the forest, where the invaders headed off to find the person who shot the beam. They were found in another town, though this time they were pillaging a much smaller and peaceful town. They killed off many of the residents and most of the buildings were destroyed. Grock and his allies hid behind several bushes and trees, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Layla plotted a plan to distract them while they could launch a sneak attack.

  Layla went to the other side of the town and shot her beam, afterwards Saber quickly flew away with her. While the invaders were distracted by the blast, Grock and his allies striked from behind, launching a devastating attack on them. Grock made walls around the area to incase them, while Karina and Helcurt were silently killing them off one by one. Miya shot them from the top of a tree, all of them landing a bullseye. Layla shot her rays of malefic projectiles on them, while Estes healed her as she went on. Argus, who was on a massacre, killed of almost half of the invaders. Freya and Rafaela were together wiping them out quite fast as well. The plan miraculously worked.

  While fighting, Argus spotted a sword that was full of pure energy, and he was blasted away by it. He slowly went up to it, craving the overwhelming power that was being emissed from that sword. His whole body turned dark the moment he touched the sword, and now he became one with the sword. The sword got full control over him, making him evil. He started to fight ultra fast, slaying each and every enemy. Without noticing, he was now fighting his allies as well, blinded by the magnificent wonders of this truly powerful hell of a sword. Rafaela tried to heal Argus, but she couldn't do anything since the sword was too powerful. Argus, realizing his mistakes, ran away alone, leaving his comrades behind.

  After that horrendous incident, only one invader remained after the attack, and that is the leader, Zhask. Saber, low on energy, used his last Triple Sweep move on Zhask, but he managed to escape even though he was severely wounded. While everyone was chasing after Zhask, Rafaela and Freya were worried about Argus. And so, Freya decided to end their mission.

  After the fight, Saber said that he has to find Rooney to refill his energy, and soon he left to find Scholar City where Rooney lives. After Saber left, they were left with Freya, Rafaela, Grock, Hylos, Miya, Estes, Helcurt, Karina and Layla. They decided to go somewhere else better to find more adventure.

  As Saber was flying to Scholar City. he would never know what gets him next...


  Story continues in chapter five.

 Author| Post time 2018-3-26 08:59 PM | Show all posts

I would but I tried it before to write other stories but it didn't quite work out since I lost my motivation to write any more. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


and then just share your creation in sosial media. must there will read yours  Post time 2018-3-27 12:33 AM
Post time 2018-3-24 03:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Much appreciated for the work :), can you post the link to the other previous chapters you made?
Post time 2018-3-24 04:58 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Been waiting for ages! Keep up the good work
Post time 2018-3-25 11:07 AM | Show all posts
make it in wattpad too
 Author| Post time 2018-3-26 09:39 PM | Show all posts
HagunCloud replied at 2018-3-24 03:46 PM
Much appreciated for the work :), can you post the link to the other previous chapters you made?

You can just check out my threads in my profile to find the other chapters. Happy reading!
Post time 2018-3-29 09:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice work. Nice story.
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