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Master of Guessing

Publisher: uMons | Publish time: 2018-3-23 07:00 PM| Views: 9297| Num of Comments: 49|Thread manage logs

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Edited by uMons at 2018-3-23 09:52 PM

Master of Guessing

Hi there! Been long time since forum has made an event isn't it? Alright alright. Now, we want to make an event for you guys! Only forum users are allowed to join and hohoho no worries. . .  There will be prizes! Since this event is from the Official Forum Mods, we'll be gifting skins to the winner of the event!

For this event, it's easy. Here are the instructions:
1. Give your feedback about this event

2. Answer the question of the event

3. Provide your game information in this format
ID number: 1234567890
Server number: 1234
Your answer/s: xxx
Reason of your answer/s: xxx

4. Who's fastest will be the chosen one, who got the most upvote will be the chosen one, who is the most creative one will be the chosen one, and of course the one who get the most correct answer will be the chosen one as well

5. The end of you time to participate is 28th March, 2018. The winners will be announce on 30th March, 2018

6. If you don't submit the answer according to the instruction, then byebye, off you go
You will not win the event

That's it. Easy?

For this event we'll be having 3 winners!

1st winner : 1 skin worth <800 Diamonds and a forum medal

2nd winner : 1 skin worth <500 Diamonds and a forum medal

3rd winner : 1 skin worth <300 Diamonds and a forum medal

Can you guess the hero and what item of this cropped image belong to?


Latest comments

Ar3neKn1ght Post time 2018-3-23 09:51 PM
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-3-24 09:56 AM

Feedback: This guessing event is very tricky. Hopefully I really get free skin. LOL

ID Number:112117861
Server Number:2559

Question. Answer-->Reason
1. Odette- Princess Swan-->Look, her beautiful necklace. Odette said,"Lancelot, noob".
2. Cyclops- Starsoul Magician-->Look like a moon in the end of Hourglass. Really?
3. Karina- Shadow Blade-->Her headband. Ooo, you will be better person soon.
4. Aurora- Heartbreak Empress-->Empress Heart Crown. Yes, I am not copyright skin you know.
5. Nana- Slumber Party-->Doll and Book. After that, I fell sleep. Zzz...
6. Clint- Rock and Roll-->Microphone but he not holding it. Let roll, but he not Johnson.
7. Miya- Modena Butterfly-->Her headband look like a bird. Where her bird?
8. Fanny-Blade Dancer-->Her belt or her waist. Now she will become dentist with Gord Legend soon.
9. Rafaela-Wings of Holiness-->a brooch or a mini skirt. Rafeala Tragedy


Ops, I didnt notice that thing. hahahaha. Anyway skin even better than diamond.  Post time 2018-3-23 11:04 PM
ye might want to re-read the reward carefully there ;)  Post time 2018-3-23 10:49 PM
rikai Post time 2018-3-24 08:04 AM
Feedback: i love this event its fun lol i checked all hero accesories and a saw many nice and fun thing lol (thanks)

ID number: 735219
Server number: 2001

My answers and Reasons:
1. Odette (Swan Princess) -> odette's necklace, I hope i can buy one for my future gf lol
2. Cyclops (Starsoul Magician) -> cyclop's hourglass, the size is same as cyclop size
3. Karina (Shadow Blade) -> headband? Or crown? Idc karina still hot
4. Aurora (Heartbreak Empress) -> her crown oh i love this one!!
5. Nana (Slumber Party) -> her book(maybe fairytale book(?)) and the pillow at her neck
6. Clint (Rock and Roll) -> his microphone, get ready to moshing guys
7. Miya (Modena Butterfly) -> her headband, In my first view i saw it as crow lol
8. Fanny (Blade Dancer) -> her waistband or something to storage for her cable
9. Rafaela (Wings of Holiness) -> a brooch wew shes hot
D.ace00 Post time 2018-3-23 08:19 PM
Do i repmy here with the answer?
BlueZero Post time 2018-3-23 08:39 PM
D.ace00 replied at 2018-3-23 08:19 PM
Do i repmy here with the answer?

Yes, you have to.
Scythe Post time 2018-3-23 09:01 PM
Id Number:79088540   Server Number:2148   My Answers: 1.Odette-Swan Princess 2.Cyclops-Starsoul Magician 3.Karina-Phantom Blade 4.Aurora-Heartbreak Empress 5.Nana-Slumber Party 6.Clint-Rock and Roll 7.Miya-Modena Butterfly 8.Fanny-Blade Dancer 9.Rafaela-Wings of Holiness.  Reasons of the answer: because I can find the cropped pictures matching with the pictures of the whole characters.
ImANub301 Post time 2018-3-23 09:04 PM
1.Odette-Swan Princess(her necklace)
2.Cyclops-Starsoul Magician(his hourglass)
3.Karina-Shadow Blade(her headwear)
4.Aurora-Heartbreak Empress(her crown)
5.Nana-Slumber Party(her book and stuffed animal)
6.Clint-Rock and Roll(his microphone)
7.Miya-Modena Butterfly(her headwear)
8.Fanny-Blade Dancer(her thing where she puts her blades in)
9.Rafaela-Wings of Holiness(her underwear?lol)
Reason of answers:
I know mostly of these because I have been always admiring the wallpapers of heroes and their skins

Scythe Post time 2018-3-23 09:04 PM
This is great event actually, I never know that this forum can do something as rewarding as this, I hope to see more in the future. PS. Hahaha, I'm the first to answer. PPS. Sorry if the answer is like a paragraph, I reply from and Android device.


it's alright ;)  Post time 2018-3-23 10:48 PM
thorwashere Post time 2018-3-23 09:05 PM
Id number: 132608459
server: 2661
Answer of the question
1. odette ; the odette necklase
2. cyclops ; the drum on the back
3. karina ; the karina crown
4. aurora ; the aurora crown, skin starlight
5. nana ; skin slumber party
6. clint ; I am not sure, but maybe starlight skin
7. miya ; skin legend
8. zilong ; armor of zilong
9. hylos ; property on its body
REASON: Im not sure about answer number 6, 8 and 9. But its my answer. Great event.
greeddgrimreape Post time 2018-3-23 09:09 PM
ID number: 30224020
Server number: 3038
Your answer/s:
1. Odette - Swan Princess
2. Cyclops - Starsoul Magician
3. Karina - Shadow Blade
4. Aurora - Heartbreak Empress
5. Nana - Slumber Party
6. Clint - Rock and Roll
7. Miya - Modena Butterfly
8. Fanny - Blade Dancer
9. Rafaela - Wings of Holiness

Reason of your answer/s: I find those cropped images on their respective avatars.
1. Her dress.
2. The Clock on his back.
3. Hair Dress
4. Her crown
5. Book and Pillow
6. Microphone
7. Hair dress
8. Belt / Container of her cables probobly
9. Brooch or her dress
ImANub301 Post time 2018-3-23 09:37 PM
I forgot to put my feedback, so I'm putting an additional post instead of editing my original so it wouldn't look suspicious.

This event needs more than 9 images and harder images


wow okay ;) noted  Post time 2018-3-23 10:48 PM

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