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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part III)

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-The Land of Dawn-

Chapter 3: The Awakening

Weeks before the invasion and when the malefic explosion was created, a lot more things happened. Amidst Nost Gal, the frozen warrior, Franco has been released from his eternal freeze. The ice cracked due to the explosion, freeing Franco. Hundreds of years ago, there was a dispute over who gets the territory of Nost Gal between the Vikings, Aurora's ancestors and Bane, lord of the seven seas. Aurora's ancestors didn't have strong weaponry like Bane nor were skilled in fighting and pillaging like Franco. But, they had one power, and that is their ability to control ice.

  When they were nearly conquered by the Vikings, Aurora's mother froze them, and none of them were able to escape the harsh freeze. Bane, who though they would pose a threat to his army, immediately retreated, waiting for the right time to strike one more. Franco, who is the only survivor now, is going to take back his once great army after being free from his icy cage. Bane also has felt the explosion, and after learning that one of the vikings is now free, he now plots a plan to dominate Nost Gal.

  This is when the Blizzard War happened. Franco and Bane are alone, since all of their armies are now dead. Aurora on the other hand has a few comrades. Franco and Bane decided to team up and work together to fight Aurora's army. The fight was not very intense, that's because of the  cold harsh winds of Nost Gal and the limited amount of people fighting in the war. Aurora, the leader of her army, was fighting for her life when nearly half of her army was destroyed by Bane's cannons from his pirate ship. One of the cannons hit the ground Aurora was standing on and she fell down. Bane, standing near her, holds his blade up, and slice..

  Aurora survived by freezing Bane on the perfect moment, though because she got her hand decapitated by Bane, she created an artificial one with ice. Aurora immediately surrendered her land and retreated with only a few of her people left. Once a young and prestigous queen that could control ice is now a cold and heartless queen, seeking eternal vengence. Bane and Franco rejoiced their victory, splitting the land half. Bane had to leave not long after so he can conquer more islands after his slumber of a hundred years.

  Aurora now resides in the icy woods south of Nost Gal, near where the Moon Elves lived. She only saw ashes and remains of broken buildings. She thought that the Moon Elves were completely wiped out. Though she didn't know that they actually won the war, though they left their old place.

  To the northern part of Africa is where the great Megalith Wasteland resides. In this land, food is very scarce and the conditions are the polar opposite of Nost Gal, being scorching hot. The Megalith Clan is one of the only few clans of people in the Megalith Wasteland. Hilda, who is a very skilled hunter in the Megalith Clan, has just become the new leader a few weeks before the explosion happened. Her clan was rising up very quickly. Though, things went downhill after the Malefic Explosion happened.

  When the Malefic Explosion bursted, it created a very loud sound of course, and it shot out large waves of Malefic Energy as well. This caused the monsters in the Megalith Wasteland to be scared and they migrated away from where the Megalith Clan resides. Hilda wasn't happy about this. Finding food to eat in the Megalith Wasteland became much more challenging, so Hilda decided to embark on a journey to find a better place for her people to live in. After choosing a new leader for her clan, Hilda went on her mission alone, thus arriving in the Land of Dawn.

  Back to the southern part of Nost Gal, where the Moon Elves live. Hours before the explosion, the Moon Elves were being pillaged by Alice's army, declaring that she now owns this sacred land of theirs. Though, the leader of the Moon Elf Army - Miya, did not give up hope as she held her head up high and shot her arrows through the enemies' veins. She killed them one by one, but when she faced Balmond, she had some difficulties, making her needing to retreat.

  Things weren't looking good for the Moon Elves, but just then, a large explosion happened, awakening the king of the Moon Elves, King Estes. He supported his army with his powers that were blessed by the moon, giving them a clear victory at the end, killing most of Alice's soldiers and making them retreat. King Estes has now been awakened, ready to protect his people at any time after an eternal slumber of over two centuries. Miya has vowed herself to protect King Estes, even if it means risking her life. King Estes has also made a promise to stay by Miya's side and support her at all costs.

  Now united, Miya, Estes, and the rest of the Moon Elves have went to find a better place to live now that their old place is destroyed. When they accidentally wandered into Malefica, they saw numerous destroyed buildings, much like their own place. They saw some weird alien-like creatures lying dead on the ground, which were the dead Kastiyans that fought to dominate Malefica after the explosion. This is where they saw Grock, Hylos and Layla. Grock also spotted them, giving them a big wave. Hylos, a little bit surprised, gave them a warm welcome.

  King Estes immediately recalled the times when he fought alongside Hylos, trying to overcome their difficulties against Alice. Hylos, suddenly having his memories flooding back, also remembered their time when they were together. This was the sole reason why Karina was scared of Hylos. Hylos and his people are allies of the Moon Elves, which the Night Elves had a passive-aggresive history of them. Karina strayed farther away from them, fearing that she could be spotted by them while Helcurt was forcefully dragged by Karina all of the sudden, which was what Helcurt was doing to Karina earlier on.

  Going back in time, almost 200 years ago, a great war between the Moon Elves and the Night Elves dominated the land of Africa and Asia. The Night Elves were winning against the Moon Elves, even with the leadership of King Estes. At the end, they had no choice but to ask the centaurs for help, which was when Hylos was just a little centaur. The centaurs fought alongside the Moon Elves, giving them a big advantage and a victory at thr end, leaving the Night Elves to surrender. The Night Elves went to the southernmost part of Africa to live their lives in, while the Moon Elves lived in the southern part of Nost Gal.

  Karina, who was told the story of when the centaurs helped the Moon Elves in the war, became very angered towards them, sometimes even fearing them. Karina has vowed herself to never get close to a centaur as they are her enemies. She thought that if a mere race of centaurs could turn the tides of a war completely around, then they would be very powerful indeed. Even though now the population of centaurs has decreased, Karina still fears them to this day.

  After meeting with Grock, Hylos and his people, Miya asked what happened here in Malefica. Grock stated that there were invaders coming from another galaxy who were keen on conquering our planet after the explosion got to their planet. Miya froze a little, but seeing that some of the invaders were lying on the ground dead, she was a bit more relieved, thinking that they aren't very tanky in particular. Layla said, "Actually, I shot a beam which killed some of them." Miya was impressed at the strength of Layla's gun when she said that. She asked if Layla wanted to join her army, though Layla refused, asking Miya and her people to join them. Estes agreed, stating that the more allies there are, the merrier.

  Though, a new force is coming to the Land of Dawn. Will they be good? Or are they evil? Find out in part 4.

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Reading this is making me ship Helcurt and Karina.
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keep it up
 Author| Post time 2018-3-20 10:24 PM | Show all posts

Thank you! :D
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I like the story! Keep it up!!!
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Holy Jesus.
I freakin' love it!
Please continue <3 You have my support!
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Me likey, but no RL places please, I prefer hard fantasy.
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