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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part II)

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Edited by Halbikx at 2018-3-18 11:34 PM

-The Land of Dawn-

Chapter 2: Chain Reactions

  After a large explosion that was coming from the east, Karina, Grock, Helcurt, Hylos and his race all ventured east towards the explosion to check out what had happened. While on their journey, they saw a lot of animals running away from the explosion. They thought that Alice had came to the place again. Though it turns out to be something more different..

  When they reached their destination, they sensed a very overwhelming source of energy coming from a laboratory that looked like it was half destroyed. A large crowd circled around the explosion area. They saw someone lying on the ground, and another person, a girl to be exact, holding a large gun, though she was weeping over the peron that was on the floor.

  Turns out, the weeping girl was Layla, and she was mourning over her father's death that was caused by the explosion. While Layla's father was working on a gun that could use malefic energy, he absorbed too much and created a truly universal explosion, but surprisingly the impact area was much tinier than expected. Layla, who was kneeling on the ground, stood up and grabbed her gun. She spotted them, quickly running away into another direction.

  Due to the heavy amounts of malefic energy around that area, it was hard to find her since the malefic energy is known to be able to push people away swiftly. They stopped looking for her after a few minutes. When they though this was it, that explosion actually caused more damage than it should have.

  The explosion caused a ripple in the fabric of space. In another galaxy where Saber was created, he sensed the withering waves of the explosion, so he decided to check it out. He sliced through space and arrived on Earth, afterwards landing in the middle of Scholar City. Saber was a bit wounded by the impact of the landing, but it wasn't too much.

  One thing though, is that his flying swords could not activate, leaving him defenseless. A huge crowd encircled Saber, some are news reporters filming the scene.

  Rooney, being the mad scientist that he is, wanted to help Saber. He offered him help, in exchange for some highly advanced technology formulae. Saber agreed, and thus Rooney fixed Saber's swords surprisingly quickly. Saber in return gave him a formula for creating a portal. Although it was much too advanced for Rooney and his current technology, he was determined to solve this puzzle. Saber left, not before giving a goodbye gift for Rooney, which was a lightsaber.

  Saber flew across the world, searching for the explosion area. He found it in a matter of seconds. He saw Grock, Hylos and his people below him. He wanted to ask what had happened, but he feared that they would be ferocious against him. He hid behind a building that was seemingly destroyed by the explosion. He analyzed the scene, and concluded that it was caused by a large explosion, created from absorbing too much malefic energy.

  As Saber was preparing for takeoff, Grock saw him, so he approached Saber, asking what he was doing. Saber, who seemed a bit nervous at the time, told him that he was from another galaxy and traveled here to investigate on the explosion. Grock, out of pure curiosity, asked how the explosion was so big that it reached another galaxy so fast. Saber could not really answer that question as he was too unsure of why that explosion was so large.

  Saber said, "If an explosion that big could ripple the fabric of space, then imagine what could be lead from other galaxies to this little planet of yours. Be prepared, since an invasion might begin. For safe keepings, I'll stay here and try to protect you all if an invasion of aliens ever happen." Well, surprise surprise, that was exactly what would happen soon after.

  A few days after the arrival of Saber and the creation of that explosion, a weird portal opened up in the center of the impact area, and what came out was something literally out of this world. A swarm of alien-looking creatures emerged from the portal, holding a staff and was able to spawn these minion of theirs. Their leader, summoned a huge minion, dwarfing the other aliens.

  Of course, this meant no good to Grock and his friends, same for the people of the Earth. The leader of the invaders annouced, "Inhabitants of this planet, we are the Kastiyans, and we come from another galaxy. We are here to investigate the explosion and conquer this little planet of yours. Be prepared, because things are going to get worse once we summon our Nightmaric Spawns." Afterwards, they started off by pillaging the land of malefic energy, destroying whole buildings in just a few shots from their spawns.

  The leader, who was still in the center of the explosion, announced one last thing: "Grovel before your new king, humans! Because I, the leader of the Kastiyans, Zhask, is here to conquer and dominate your sad little land." Grock, Hylos and his people decided to fight back, though they were pushed back since they were immensely outnumbered. Helcurt and Karina on the other hand were hiding behind bushes, killing the Kastiyans one by one using ambush techniques.

  Suddenly, a large blue beam shot out, killing a few Kastiyans and a whole heap of spawns. Furious, Zhask and his crew went to the mountains where the beam was shot from to investigate and kill the person who shot it. As the invaders were leaving, Zhask looked at Grock, trying to scare him away. Though, Grock was still in confusion, so he didn't notice.

  Layla, who was out of breath running all the way from the mountains to behind Grock and Hylos, said "Good thing I escaped, or else I would've been a goner." They turned around, eyes widen, a bit surprised, and Hylos asked, "By any chance that you were the weeping human over at the core of the explosion a few weeks ago?" Layla nodded, and showed them her bruises and injuries, some were major like her arm having a big scar, though most of the injuries were minor.

  Grock helped her bandage her arm, then asked Layla to join them. Layla agreed, though she said she wanted to change her outfit, since there might be a chance that the invaders saw how she looked like. Befor, she had blue hair, a blue shirt and basically a lot of blue. Even her gun is blue. Now, she has blonde hair, a yellowish-brown outfit, and her gun changed from blue to a faint gold as well.

  They started to venture off again, this time going the opposite direction of where the Kastiyans were heading. Helcurt and Karina were both following them close behind. But little did they know, even more things changed when the explosion happened. Were they good or bad changes? Who knows.

  Chapter 3 coming tomorrow night :)

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nice, keep it up mate
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where's the chapter III? Was it released? or not yet? One of the reasons why I loved opening this forum..

@Halbikx , I am patiently waiting for the chapter III.
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queen.kira replied at 2018-3-20 01:28 AM
where's the chapter III? Was it released? or not yet? One of the reasons why I loved opening this fo ...

Soon.. I was planning to release it yesterday night but I couldn't finish it :(
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